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You need to go into any Eclipse Free one in Shopping Street, for example and make 10 powerful attacks and 10 flying attack. First ones are made by charged E, second ones by jumping and taping E in midair. You can get them in dungeons randomly. But most likely you already have them with you.

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If not you can try exchange in Pawn Shop, fail cooking some recipes or chack battle info in NiAR to find Greeds which drop them in one of dungeons. Spartan Training Questgiver: Ms. Saki Reward: Gems, Courage points After getting into swimming pool you will be asked to help with training. Choose "Be Cool" to participate. This quest requires you to win twice in swimming mini-game do you remember ToCS? You swim faster if you get more hits in the row. It's actually not very hard mini-game and it will allow you a lot of misses. If you lose you can Retry. You need to revisit Cave of the Fallen Dragon for this one.

You need to bring her "Tyranny Wing". Just bring it back and quest will be done. She will give a sketch and a clue to find a girl. Do you want to find her yourself? I give you one more clue: check the map and find locations which are west from station there. It's a shrine maiden from Kokonoe Shrine, the one selling amulets.

Once More Into the Brooch He lost Chihiro's brooch, so we suggest to help with the search. Brooch will shine on one of the boats. Story time which will give you Armored Soldier [1]. Ruined Castle of Darkness. Time to be a star. Choose these answers: - Be Bold! Actually, you need to visit new Free dungeon to complete quest. You need to bring him Crimson Oil. Then talk with Tsubasa in Arcade at Houraichou. He will chellenge you to get medals above the number you have at the moment of accepting this task.

You can either buy them or play in games to win them. Then talk with Tsubasa again. To get missed item you need to check Temple of the Evil Mist. Don't forget to bring it back to her. After you've finished everything above head to Star Camera for the story. You will be able to visit one more optional dungeon: Temple of Twilight. Talk to her to start quest. If you answer correctly you'll get bonus to Wisdom. In Search Of Go to Station Square and talk with Sergeant Takahashi. Next is Nemoto and Yaeko at Brick Alley.

Then catch Morimiya Resident walking around. But talking isn't enough. You need to check Scarlet Labyrinth. It's the one where you learned to use Mitsuki's barrier to run through poisonous clouds, so take her with you.

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It's a riddle-full quest, so if you want to try it yourself - go for it. Visit Kokonoe Shrine and check ema charms. Then go to the Candy Store on Shopping Street. Check the tree near entrance of the Grove.

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  6. Summer Shilling. Let's PR! You start it in the Enrance area of Acros Tower. Then go to the Pool. If you win you'll get bonus Courage too. Armor of Righterous Client: Mayu Reward: Gems, best armor for girls or boys, Mayu [4], access to best footwear crafting Talk with Mayu to get this hidden quest. She will ask you for 'Golden Element'.

    It could be received later in the Eclipses of this chapter. Quest will give you the best armor in game, but this armor is gender-specific. Now is time for bonding trophies. You know, night before last battle is the best time to deal with your bonds But good news you can see all "last" friendship episodes as long as you have message card with the person.

    You will get a corresponding trophy for each of these events. Shiokawa [3] - Clubhouse Friends to meet: Towa - X. Futaba [2] here. Her episode will happen later and give trophy also a bit later, but you need to trigger it now. You need 5 of each: mead, ambrosia, solar eggs, lunar mutton. If you don't have them you can get them from Pawn shop or running some Eclipses. Then ask guys in Houraichou to hear about Underpass. Talk with Nurse in Memorial Park to hear about hospital.

    Go to Underpass and after short fight you'd get Akira [3]. Same for Hospital for Wakabe [3]. Next stop is Abandoned Factory for Haruna [3].

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    Then visit Pawn Shop for first ingredient and go to Nanahoshi Mall to talk with Sadie to get second one. Then choose answers: - With a smile - Smile of relief - Seriously. Check Station Square down of stairs. There will be Old Man to talk to. Talk to the family in Sky Lounge. Talk again and choose: - How has it been, after so long? The Show Must Go On! Visit Acros Tower to get into Theater. After that, return to Memorial Park. He's in the alley behind buildings. Visit Antique Store to talk with Yukino.

    Go to the Grove in Memorial Park. You will be promted to call a friend for help. You need to find kids without balloons. Just don't forget bus stop and check all shops to find everyone. A Great Pumpkin Yanagi Reward: gem, Mr. Talk with him and call a friend. You need to visit other shops on the street to get staff - blacksmith, grocery and candy store. Get back to Yanagi's to finish quest. I Sing the Brew Fest Electric! Hama Reward: gem, Mr.

    You can call one of the friends to help you here. Look at the mini-map to find spots where you will need to place posters.

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    After you put them all return to Cafe. Nice Boat! Dance for Me, Morimaru! As always you will get Wisdom if you answer correctly but do you need it?.. You cleared game once so now you can go for it again with a bit of bonuses! If you try to load your After Story clear data you will see this screen: Actually each string here was supposed to have price in points.

    In earlier games you got 5 points for every time you clear the game allowing you to choose more things next time, but It will give you a nice idea which things you can ignore.

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    Especially check battle trophies. They usually don't need additional work, but you still can miss some like use of some moves or kill bonuses if you're good without them. Also, note which bond trophies you're missing and friend notes you haven't filled. If you don't get chest trophy after clearing last additional dungeon check Battle info for all dungeons. Thanks for reading until the end and good luck in game! Kargor 31 Aug pm. Chapter 6: I'm still on my first playthrough, and I got the message card from Shiori after the friendship event.

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