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I was born of the water, for the water surely will take me to the soft sands of life or death,. As I touched the gentle rolling sea, with the soft spray of salt water drenching me, but not my profound thirst,. As my body surges past the line of departure, I hear screams in silence, as my cargo of warriors kneel and pray,.

Deep in the recesses of my soul, mind and heart, I hear commands shouting the responsibilities for the souls onboard,. I desperately look for that marker to my front that will safely be my guide into the roaring surf and then away from that hell incarnate,. I can hear and see the bursting bombs and projectiles ping the metal with the thud of target hit,.

March 11th Poets: Maritza Rivera, Jennifer Wallace, Michele Wolf

While I leave the soft foam beach, I can feel the heavy crushing powerful sea pouring over me where I stand,. At last the sea is calm as I turn toward the open waters, and again into the gentle rolling swells,.

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Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist? I have so much admiration for Wolf in the fact that he exposes us not only to PTSD, but the challanges of those who suffer from this dreadful diagnosis. Through Wolf's words, you see the pain, the love, and the humor, of a very talented artist! If you have not viewed his photography, or read his blog You are missing out! My father had PTSD.

I have PTSD. If you have made it this far, go ahead and buy this book. Proceeds will help fund a national poetry and photography exhibition.

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This book has given me personal insight into the mind of a man, a father, a partner, a soldier and a police officer This book helped bring me healing. I am very thankful these words were written and published alongside the photos. While PTSD affects not only verterans, the fact remains that many troops will be coming home soon, creating an even more widespread issue. Learn what you can to help support the troops coming home.

The Way of the Wolf - Villayat 'Snowmoon Wolf' Sunkmanitu - Häftad () | Bokus

Don't turn away because of fear or ignorance of how you can help. Join the 'Words of a Wolf' Facebook page! To me, this is definitely a keeper and something I will read again and again. This book arrived at a time of immense grief for me having just lost my dad. Well done Wolf you have made the world a better place not only with your pictures but have now made it better with your words.

I felt deeply moved reading Words of a Wolf. This is a great book, well written and illustrated. The images reflect the emotions felt when writing the poems and it is very moving.

I am a german living in france and like a ex soldier from the foreigner legion, i feel very concerned over this desise. Location:Bournemouth, England. Age 17 August Words of a Wolf I looked into this originally becuase I love wolves. A deeply insightful and moving collection of poems From hard-hitting poems that offer stark honesty into life as a sufferer of PTSD, to calm, uplifting poems offering a sense of relief and hope away from the pain of this condition.

Age 19 September Age 18 June For a person who is a novel lover and read poetry only when had to for school readings I really enjoyed this book!! A discovery I originally bought this book to support a worthy cause. Wolf has a clear agenda, to raise awareness of PTSD, it's something I know a little about through studying the war poets at school and reading Pat Barkers' Regeneration. As much as I loved their writing there is still a detachment, tragic, but it didn't feel personal.

Words of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran

Wolfs' book makes it personal. I didn't think I would have much in common with a war vet and his experiences, but I was surprised at how much I related to the poetry. You don't see an ex-soldier, you see a human being, the words and beautiful photographs in this book will make you laugh and cry.

Poetry of a veteran trilogy

He delivers a poignant message without ever reverting to preaching and I can't wait to see how his poetry develops. Age 31 March Behind the armour I worked with the author on an edit and was subsequently asked if I would write a foreword. Lozen Location: Surrey, England 16 September Poignant words from the heart and soul Wolf's poetry is beautiful, straight from the heart and soul of a man who has been to a dark place, but through his words and photography together with the teachings of people from Native America has found a coping strategy for his PTSD.

An Insight deep into the soul of the writer This is one of those books that you don't just read once, you come back to it time and time again. Karen Tryfona Corfu, Greece 07 April There is something in "Words of Wolf" that will touch everyone! I sat down and read this all at once, which is difficult when you have two children running around the house:- Thank you Wolf for sharing your poetry with us.