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Set up a quick one-page website that acts as your online resume. Include a few testimonials, an overview of your skills and past work, and a method for future clients to contact you. Even busy professionals can start a side hustle by freelancing while they still have a full-time job.

One drawback to freelancing is that you can only scale so much. But there are ways to be creative with your skills and help others. Many freelancers turn to creating online products once they have mastered their skills. This allows them to scale infinitely. The first is to join Facebook groups in your ideal client niche. Say for example you offer baby sleep consultations to help parents and little ones get a few hours of solid rest. You can join any one of the thousands of mommy Facebook groups and see where you can help. Instead, find posts and threads where you can offer advice and help, build relationships and eventually, let people know you offer services.

A faster method to get your first client is to run Facebook ads targeting your exact niche. With Facebook you can dial in to exactly the person you want to help. On your one-page website, include a free ebook or printable to gather the email addresses of future clients. Then direct your Facebook ad traffic to your website and follow up with those readers that sign up for your freebie. Thousands of online coaches and entrepreneurs follow this exact method to expand their client base. Do you have a physical product that you plan to sell online?

Instead of waiting for customers to enter your store, you can now reach thousands of customers online! Let me help you make your physical product fly off your online shelves! There are countless platforms to choose from when selling physical products. Amazon: You can sell your products on Amazon. The obvious benefit here is that the Amazon store is already filled to the brim with potential customers! Include clear visuals, such as high-definition photos and videos, a terrific write up and description combined with raving reviews, and your product will do well on Amazon.

However, the competition is fierce, the rules are strict, and negative reviews have a serious impact on your sales. Shopify : One of the most popular e-commerce platforms is Shopify. The platform also allows you to track sales and growth trends, manage unlimited products, and fulfill orders in a single step. There is no transaction fee per sale. There are over half a million businesses powered by Shopify. Take for example, Brooklyn Biltong , a delicious meaty snack perfect for your post-workout protein cravings. Their Shopify store looks clean, crisp and is filled with rave reviews.

This is exactly what you can do on the Shopify platform. The owners of Brooklyn Biltong do not have to think about web design and difficult integrations. Instead, they focus on selling their product. Etsy: Think of Etsy as your local Sunday market.

40+ Free Online Courses For Bloggers & Entrepereneurs

WooCommerce self-hosted : If you already have a blog or website and want to start selling physical products, you can do that without creating a whole new website or store. With WooCommerce, you can sell physical or digital products. You can also give customers the option of pickup, local delivery, or shipping, and even customize options available based on customer location. You can also set a flat rate or set specific rates for each of your products, or offer free shipping for certain products or locations.

It is one of the most customizable e-commerce platforms for your online business, but requires a little bit of technical know how — or at least a willingness to try. Profit margins can be high. Depending on what you choose to sell, you can scale your income infinitely — and with drop shipping, your online store may not require too much of your time. Pro — Also, your store is always open. You can track and retarget customers easily to personalize their shopping experience.

There is far less overhead than a physical store and you can reach anyone around the globe. Supplier headaches can cause sleepless nights, and constant competition to offer the lowest pricing and best deals on shipping can eat into profits fast. So how do you get more visitors to your online Shopify store, Etsy page or blog? You need to go where the cool kids hang out.

Where do you see big crowds gather online? The big social media giants, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest entertain and inform millions of potential future customers every day. Think of these social media channels like a huge dam, you just need to create a little stream from the dam to your store. But how do you create that little stream of future customers? The only catch is, you need to do this consistently to continue to grow your following and traffic.

Using a scheduling tool such as Tailwind can help you get a steady flow of future customers from these giant social media channels. The fastest way you can make money online is by offering yourself as the product through freelance work. Sponsored content and digital products are both lucrative, but take time to create. Making money by selling ad space on your blog is a good idea if you have large amounts of traffic, but that takes time to build.

And lastly, if you want to or already have a physical product, you can start selling it as soon as you have your website up and running. The first challenge is having a product to sell, the second more consistent challenge is getting a continuous stream of traffic to your blog or online store. All forms of website monetization require traffic and an audience. Selling informational products or offering freelance services require less traffic because your profit margins are large.

These are great strategies to start out with if you have a very small audience. Once you have a more established, audience you can make a full-time income through affiliate programs, physical products, sponsored posts, and advertisements on your blog. Sponsored posts and advertisements require large audiences to pitch and generate a high CTR. Some methods of monetization only require a few visitors per month to make a full-time income.

Take for example the freelancer offering up her services as a baby sleep consultant. With a low conversion rate of 0. On the other hand, the couple behind Brooklyn Biltong selling jerky will need thousands of visitors per day to their Shopify store to make a full-time income. They most likely have a higher conversion rate than the freelancer, but their profit margins are much smaller. Pin me:. Suzi Whitford, mom to three little munchkins, is a former Industrial Engineer who turned to blogging as a creative outlet after the birth of her first daughter.

Get started today by enrolling in her free blog plan course. Hi Suzi, awesome summary with great actionable tips to monetize a blog. Love the pros and cons setup for easy comparison. Thank you so much Estie! Pros and cons make it so easy to compare and find the right strategy for you! Thank you for the info, Suzi! I hope you will find some best free courses here. My blog is currently through WordPress. I want advice on if this was a mistake and if these courses will be applied to my situation.

Should I invest in a self-host perform now or can I build my blog through WordPress. But, if you would like to grow your blog and make it available for ads or other monetization methods then switching to wordpress. I have talked all about this, in detail, in my free blogging course. I love this! I have taken a few blogging courses before but this is the jackpot! So helpful! Thank you for sharing! Wow Arfa! This is quite brilliant. I can just see a ton of homework over the coming weekends for myself. Thanks for listing down all these wonderful resources in one place. This definitely needs to be shared more.

Thank you! I have started a blog but it needs a lot of work! This is indeed a massive list of online courses for bloggers. A great help for bloggers like me. Thanks a lot for sharing! The time and effort it took for you to put it together and shared with us is ver much appreciated! GO for it girl! You are just grasping everything so good. I have taken so many courses from all of these as well.

Blogging is such an addictive thing to do. I will definitely check out other courses you have mentioned. Thank you for leaving such comment. A perfect motivation! I know blogging is so addictive. I appreciate your efforts too.

So what’s affiliate marketing?

Lots of homework to do after reading that! Thanks for sharing. What a great post! Thank you for sharing these awesome links to some free blogging resources. These will def. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have shared so much in this post that I cannot overstate how helpful it is! You are a God-send! You be blessed! Thank you for putting together this useful resource for bloggers, and for including my mini course in the list. Take care! Thanks, Doug! This is a fantastic post! I would suggest breaking it down a bit more next time as it is a lot to read, but I will be taking some notes from this and appreciate the time and effort you put in to this post.

Thanks so much for featuring my WordPress maintenance course, Arfa!! And well done on all these courses…must have taken you a while to round them up! Ali, your course was worth sharing and I just played my part! Yeah, it took a little more time for gathering the resources and combining it up in a single post. This is such a great list!!

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Quick navigation. Comments Hello,by enrolling in the free courses listed above,will I be able to make some money,thank you. Hey Maria, Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for sharing such content with us. Hi Jackie, WordPress. Thanks, Brynn! I still do freelance writing after three years. There are other services you can offer — check out this post on 22 Freelance Services You Can Offer as a Stay at Home Mom — but the one thing you need is to have a Hire Me page on your blog.

If you want to offer coaching services, check out my post on how to set that up on your blog.

Should You Monetize Your Blog?

Sponsored posts are promoted content on your blog. You work closely with a brand and write a post on your blog or social media promoting their product. This happened to me early on, and I was debating whether to start doing sponsored content on Twins Mommy. In the end, I declined. Think about your audience and whether or not that product will help them. You can also pitch to brands for sponsored content but before you do this, make sure you create a media kit. This is just a sheet with stats on your blog and social media accounts. In other cases, you can join sponsored networks like Izea or Bloggy Moms and work with many brands.

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Affiliate marketing is another easy way to start generating an income from your blog quickly. But, it can be time-consuming, and you need a strong blog strategy. Affiliate marketing entails promoting a product or service by using a special link on your blog or social media.

When a blogger clicks on that link and buys from you, you earn a commission. For example, Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate network. You sign up and start promoting anything Amazon offers. This person can buy anything on Amazon during a window of time , then you get that commission. I started affiliate marketing on Twins Mommy and was able to earn thousands a month once I had a plan in place. Check out my video on getting started with affiliate marketing. And make sure to subscribe to my channel!

You Can Earn WHAT with Affiliate Links?

The final legit way to start making money on your blog is to create a product. This can be an eBook or course or some other digital product like printables. The idea is once you have traffic and an audience you can build your brand by creating a product just for your audience. I first did this on my Elna Cain site with my freelance writing course, and then a year after I started Twins Mommy, I created a course to boost your traffic. Then you need an email list.

This is an investment in your business and something you need to focus on. Most of my sales come either by email or from search on Google. Once you have traffic and a healthy email list, you can start figuring out what your audience needs help with the most. You can survey them or read their comments on your posts or see what they are saying in Facebook groups. If you create an eBook, you can use SendOwl to set up your payment and delivery.

If you want to create a course, I suggest you use Teachable. You can sign up for free and set up a free email course to see how it works. Once you decide on your monetization strategy, you need a place to market your strategy, and a blog is perfect for that.

This is a great way to create your brand, help your audience and carve your space online next to other bloggers. I have a detailed step-by-step post on how to start a blog so make sure to check that out! You need to develop a cohesive branding palette for your blog. This includes the personality of your blog, the colors, font, and images. The personality of a lifestyle blog can be different than the personality of an informational type of blog. Remember, if you want to start generating an income from blogging and stay home for good as a mom, then your blog needs to serve others.

You need to age your blog for Google.

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The older your blog is, the more authority it has on Google. You can create your first post about:. Some people create posts before they launch their blog. Is that necessary? It depends. I would create maybe 3 posts and see what type of bloggers come to my blog. I originally spoke to work at home moms but the more posts I created, I learned that mom bloggers were visiting my site more.

After you started your blog and had some posts on it, you want to find some social media platforms to promote your content. I suggest you use Pinterest and Facebook. Both of these platforms have groups that will propel your blog further than if you just promoted them on your channels. This is the key mama. You need help and support from others doing the same thing as you. These can be other bloggers in your niche or just other mom bloggers.

By connecting with them, you open up the world of collaboration and strategies to get you further ahead than if you were doing this alone. Another thing you can do to start connecting with other bloggers is to join their email list. If you want to join my list, be sure to grab my free Pin Promote Planner. But we forgot to figure out your audience.