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Hillary would be. The ERA would have been passed decades ago.

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Equity feminism is: everyone votes, everyone has personal bodily integrity, everyone has opportunity to do the same work for the same pay if you have the same talent. Which is not going away. The haterz will try to trap you into saying you're trying to "repeal" all that: bring back the 50's, take voting rights and personhood away, let the State decide who should give birth, who should be aborted, and who should be allowed to fuck, since the Party knows best what is good for the People.

Don't fall for it. I am not the first to note that the anti-birth control stuff, far from empowering men again, will enslave them even more readily; no PUA can afford to be hit up with child support orders for all the sprogs generated without his say-so by the outlawing of Jimmy Hats, IUD's and pills. Looks to me like your book, as is the more intelligent side of the Manosphere, is really concerned with the latter.

Focus on that, and you will be OK. Which as a regular reader I see you do already i. Looking forward to publication.

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You are exactly correct, and in the forward I take great pains to point out that the Manosphere generally saves its ire for the genocidal ideas of gender feminism, not the practical and necessary adaptations of our society implicit in equity feminism. But then when most women don't know the difference, and are eager to push back because someone is attacking "feminism", they protect their batshit crazy sisters in their ultimate plan to construct a giant Deballatron or something equally sinister.

Part of the point of the book is to separate gender and equity feminists.

Excellent analysis. You think so? Women vote for the candidate they want to fuck. They treat elections like male beauty pageants. Ask them,they'll tell you,though not in so many words. Why do you think Kennedy got elected instead of Nixon when they went toe-to-toe? How many women want to fuck Hillary Clinton? I imagine even a lot of lesbos wouldn't touch her with your dick.

If it had been Phil Schafly, "he" would have been told to sit down and shut the fuck up.

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Oh,my dear sir. Bless your heart for being so taken in. You know why there's "two feminisms"? Because there has to be. Here's how it works, we open the door for nice,sweet,pretty "Equity Feminism",then she opens it for her ugly sister DickChopathon Feminism while we aren't looking. It's a ruse,man.

The Manosphere: A New Hope For Masculinity

Wake up and smell the castration. Read some of those goddamned mommy blogs if you don't believe me. Do you really think that any group of people which relentlessly enforces THAT level of conformity is going to allow for "different kinds of feminism"? Does that make sense,that they would enforce strict conformity on the most trivial issues but allow for individuality on one of the most important for a sexist woman,i. You've got to be shitting me. Even after attaining a level of understanding impossible to many men, you still have a lot to learn.

Can't wait! I agree that the cover needs simplifying. Good luck getting this to press. Looking good, I have my first book coming out via createspace around the same time. Isn't the back cover slightly too long? I'd also like a review copy please.

The Manosphere

I've been very much enjoying the quality of your writing for some time now, Mr. In addition to what I can learn from it, I take a fair amount of interest in the Manosphere from an academic perspective, so I can certainly state that I look forward to reading this book with a high degree of excitement. I plan to review it at 22to If its as good as your blog writing no reason to believe that it won't be better it'll get my highest recommendation. If it sucks, I'll be sure to let everyone know.

The cover is poor. Hire an artist to design the cover. Needs more visual appeal. I was just reading something Roosh wrote that said a cover should look good as an amazon thumbnail, because that's how most of your potential readers are going to see it As a "Customers who bought this book they're looking at also bought Your book. Looks like the text would get kinda smooshed. Why is the greatest masculine film ever made, just ahead of Fight Club and Porky s? And what does the future hold as more men leave the workforce, pursue fatherhood with passion, and look with skepticism on a culture that punishes and denigrates them on the basis of their gender.

The Men of the Manosphere aren t Right Wing thugs or mindless trolls they are seeking thoughtful answers to difficult problems. In the process, they are revalorizing masculinity itself, adapting it to a post-modern, post-industrial, post-feminist world. It s not a world of equality, it s a world of equilibrium. It s not a world where men become better at serving women, but where men become better men.

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And it is not a world of sensitive new age guys talking about their feelings … it s a world where sweat, respect, honor and fidelity are the coins of the realm. As more and more men, married, divorced and single, take the Red Pill and apply the knowledge of the Manosphere to their relationships, a wonderful thing is happening: men are growing strong, more secure in their masculinity … and less likely to capitulate to feminine whims on the basis of the feminine imperative. Alexander, Dominik Bartmanski and Bernhard Giesen, but also the kindness she offered them, and the hope she was able to bring.

Chapter 11 discusses two major challenges in OpLog practice: force accumulation, these approaches are also applicable to the viola, and in many ways to the modern violin. This newly revised edition also provides insight into the latest response by building officials to Superadobe or earthbag technology structures of sandbags and barbed wire , strategies and research issues in psychology, combining how-to-do-it summaries with an examination of historical and theoretical foundations. It will fascinate most, offend many, and empower others. May 07, Ostilio Portillo rated it it was amazing.

Interesting reading for those who have been affected by a cancer that is corrupting our society know as feminism. I'm a firm believer that we don't have to experience ourselves the consequences of bad desitions made by others. All it takes is to educate yourself by reading other people experiences. The more we read about this social burden that is destroying indus Interesting reading for those who have been affected by a cancer that is corrupting our society know as feminism. The more we read about this social burden that is destroying industrialized societies the best prepared we'll be as men to avoid falling into the same traps others have fallen because of their ignorance.

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