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After his brother Huero died he has changed a lot. He ha My book it called "The Fallen". He has had got into many fights with other students and even a teacher!!! Martin has been expelled! His mother is under a lot of depression and is know dealing with this too. After a while Martin and a group of friends are going to get revenge on the man who shot Huero. But a friend of Martins,Frankie also is like the main leader got into a huge argument and now wants to fight.

So martin needs to figure out a way to get revenge on his own. And i,m pretty sure its hard to get revenge when your friends are against you. So Martin is still depressed. Martin keeps on being depressed because of his brother death and its adding to the problem of the story. His depression is affecting the story because it's not letting him think straight about the choices he will make. This is leading up to person vs. When Martin decides he has to let go of his brother death he does the right thing to forget about getting revenge. As for school he found out that the principal has gave him a second chance of getting expelled.

And Martin and his mother are full of happiness once and for all I have to to say my favorite part of the book was when Martin got a second chance in school and didn't get expelled. I liked this because it makes the reader know how it feels to get a second chance and the relief it shows on Martin. An interesting thing I learned from this book was that sometimes people need to move on from the people they love.

I learned from this because I have experienced the depression of someone dieing. The character changed a lot in the story. I know this because in the beginning of the story Martin was depressed and was letting it out by fighting and showing violence. Martin didn't even care if he got in trouble or did something wrong. But know that he has learned that life is not easy and he needs to move on,he is happy that he has changed. I thought the ending of this book was great because he finally find out how to let go of depression.

In conclusion I rated this a 4 star book because it was a book I liked a lot. I like this book a lot because it makes the reader feel as if they were in the book them selves,with all its emotion and drama that happened during the events in the story. I would recommend this book to any people who like drama and who like a little action. So if you want to read an interesting book with drama and some action read View all 10 comments. Sep 29, Precious rated it it was amazing.

Have you ever read a book that just keeps you wondering to find out what's gonna happen next? This book is filled with emotions and drama and a young boy named Martin trying to get threw high school. Just about a week ago his little brother Huero got shot and Martins mom going threw depression. He's about to get s Have you ever read a book that just keeps you wondering to find out what's gonna happen next? He's about to get suspend from school. Martin best friend, Frankie wants revenge on who every shot Huero as much as martin does, but the problems basically go on.

I understood why Martin was mad because his brother died but i didn't understand why he took it out on everybody like for example this girl named Vicky because Martin really likes her and they were doing good but then Martin got into one fight and he pushed her away like when you push the scraps of food on your plate into the garbage.

At like the middle of the story i understood why Martin pushed Vicky away because he didn't want Vicky to get caught up like he was. My favorite part was when Martin started to act more friendly instead of antisocial because it made him seem like the bad guy in the story but really when Martin was lost and trying to find who he was and when he did i was very happy. I rated the book a 5 because i love the Bluford series, it my second life.

I would recommend this book to people who like a good action drama book and a good life lesson. Now the book maybe ending but the series goes on!!!!!!!! Oct 18, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Martin The Main Characters world is crumbling before his eyes. A Fight threatens to end his sophomore year at Bluford Highschool. But at home things are worst.

His Little Brother's killer is on the lose and with no evidence to prove that his killer did anything he can't be arrested. But the crazy thing is that the bullet that shot Huero was'nt meant for him it was meant for Martins Friend Frankie. So Frankie and Martin and their boi's are out to get the killer but then Martin backs down and Frankie the most feared homeboy does'nt like that and Beats Martin down leaving him with a concussion and if Martin does'nt tell whats going to happen another life will be taken.

His Time is running out and he is left with a desperate choice that can say him or destroy him Apr 18, Javier G. Personal Response What I thought about this book was that it was a very interesting story. The story helped me understand what people went through who were struggling. The main character in this book went through many struggles at home and at school. I have helped many people in the past who had been struggling in many places. Plot Martin, the main character, whose world was going to end was on thin ice with his sophomore year from getting expelled at Bluford High School because, of all the figh Personal Response What I thought about this book was that it was a very interesting story.

Plot Martin, the main character, whose world was going to end was on thin ice with his sophomore year from getting expelled at Bluford High School because, of all the fights he had been in. At home, the problem was worse. Frankie, the most feared person in his gang, was looking for him because Martin snitched on him. Martin had to risk it all to either save his life or ruin it.


A girl named Vicky liked Martin, but he did not want her to get involved in all of this because Frankie would try to get her and hurt her. Recommendation I recommend this book to boys from the age 14 and up. It has some violence and talks about drugs. Girls should also read this book so they understand the hardships some people have, and they look at people who think are mean what they really go through. View 2 comments.

Jan 26, Giovanny rated it really liked it. Have you ever read a book and can not stop reading it well you should read this one. My book is called the fallen this is a very cool book. Martin goes to bluford high school and faces many obstacles like with this girl names Vicky, controlling his anger and most important getting kicked out of school which he does at the end of the story sa Have you ever read a book and can not stop reading it well you should read this one.

Martin goes to bluford high school and faces many obstacles like with this girl names Vicky, controlling his anger and most important getting kicked out of school which he does at the end of the story sadly. But he gets back in maybe so like I was saying those are just some of the obstacles that he has to face. By the way with book is Realistic fiction and its is person vs himself why because he is trying to controlled his life and maintain in but it is hard for him considering his mom is depressed cause of his little brothers death and he his depressed of his little brothers dearth he blames himself for it because he was watching him at that time were he dies.

This story mainly takes place at either the high school or the police station because he gets send to the police station a lot in this story. Next, this book martin face many obstacles and here is one big obstacle that he faced in this story. His brothers death. His brothers death is the main conflict in this story because he has a group of friends that are really bad the badest one is named Frankie and the rest Im going to let you find out if you read this book.

Hector was originally trying to shoot Frankie because Frankie made hectors cousin Caesar lose well not lose maybe break his two legs now Caesar is in a wheelchair why it doesn't tell us in the story all it tells us is that Frankie did something at a party to Caesar and made him like that then hector got mad and tried to shoot Frankie but instead sadly martins brother got in the way while bike riding and he took the bullet but hectors bullet aim was off so after martins brother got shot.

The time period is present because he talks about it has its happening.

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Third, I wish that in the story he would have settled stuff differently because violent is never the answer and this book always is talking about how he is fighting to solve the answers. Which is to me not be bright considering this is a fourth grade book and it basically is talking about how he fights all the time.

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This book is a great book also because its a very intense book and how someones family members dies and how he went threw it but he solved his ways in a violent way instead of a good bright way but i understand his brother died and he is going threw a lot right now but at the same time you should never hit someone for no reason. Also I do like the fact that this story kinda talks about bullying because this kid named Erick one of martins friends staneded up for martin and Erick was getting hit by the football team and martin started fighting the football team which in my opinion was a good way to stop the football team from hitting Erick some more.

This book taught me a lot and the one thing it taught me was that if you see someone getting bullied stand up for them and don't let them get bullied and hurt. Fourth, this story always makes my day or made my day yesterday when I read the hole book. In the text it states how you can overcome obstacles without having to use violent which in this case isn't really a good book for that because he always got into fights. This book makes you wonder what happens if I get bullied what happens if you get bullied what do you do you don't hit people you tell someone and that what he did one or two times but the rest he fought.

This book you can really think to yourself and go on a adventure. This book will make you wanna read and read till the end and then read it again. Also that what I love about this book. Finally, my opinion I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars because its teaches you some really great lessons and how to sometimes stop bullying and how this kid named martin faces his way with dealing with his brothers death also I don't think I munched this but martin is 16 years old. I was recommended this book by jarious he said it was a good book and he was right.

At the end of the story martin his mom and martins girlfriend Vicky which a a nice brown and tan Latina they still went to bluford not his mom and martin did not get expelled because of his reasons why he should not get expelled. All out for me this was a really good book and I really recommend this book to the people that are having a hard time when someone in their family has passed away.

Jan 16, Regino Leon rated it really liked it. The Fallen Martin Luna who is a boy who had moved into Bluford after his little brother, Huero is dead. Angry and upset it is later revealed that one of his best friends is the reason his brother is dead. They were about to shoot the guy who killed his brother when Frankie, one of his friends and homies reveals he might be the reason his brother is dead.

Martin and Frankie get into a fight, with Martin losing. Hes then sent to the principal's office where he is being question. He calls the cops w The Fallen Martin Luna who is a boy who had moved into Bluford after his little brother, Huero is dead. He calls the cops without telling them about his friends. The next day a girl by the name Vicky goes up to him and questions what happened. Martin tries to push her away for her own protection.

She then gOt upset and walks away. They meet up in Mr. Mitchell's class who is an english teacher. There he sees Vicky getting harassed by her ex-boyfriend, Steve. Steve then turn, his attention to Martin. Martin then stands up to his smack talking getting ready to fight when Mr. Mitchell comes in. After class, Martin and Mr. Mitchell have a discussion about Martins future.

After a couple of days Martin meets his friend, Chango, who he use to help get weed with. Chango tells him that Frankie is out to get him. Martin knew this was going to be war. Martin then starts thinking to himself and tries to go after the killer. Martin is paralyzed by the fact he is surrounded. Thats when the cops show up. They take him to the police department.

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A couple of days later he is in the locker room. Steve is the ring leader of all of it. Martin then snaps and starts to swing. When he gets home, Vicky shows up and they begin to talk. They spend the rest of the day together. He feels something when he was with her like a reason to live. He then gets planning on how he's going to stop Frankie. When Frankie brakes in Martin breaks his arm and calls the police. Martin Luna is a young Latin boy in high school who is a gangbanger and a fighter. He has deep emotions for his little brother, Huero, who was shot instead of the person they actually wanted to hit.

Huero was Martins little brother. He was nice and happy little boy. He was shot in place of Frankie. Vicky, who is a young Latin girl who Martin has a connection with, gets pushed away by Martin because he wants to protect her. This book usually had a daytime setting to it except for the end. I would recommend this book to people who love action but with a little romance sprinkled in. Aug 19, 1DerickM rated it really liked it. In my book "The Fallen" , we start off with our main character whose name is Martin.

He is a bit of a trouble maker and finds himself going to the principles office multiple times. For him, trouble seems to follow him in various ways. First he is forced to move schools because of all the trouble he caused in the past school along with his mother which is the only person he has. Here he wishes he never came and wishes to have never met Frankie his crews leader now enemy coming after him.

Being a In my book "The Fallen" , we start off with our main character whose name is Martin. Being at Bluford for a short amount of time Martin finds himself in the principles office with a smashed head and blured eyes. The reason for this is all behind the shooting of his little brother Huero who died a while back and Martin feeling revenge feels as if he needs to find justice by himself.

But then punks out and Frankie the short tempered leader bangs him in the head and heads over to take care of Hector himself. Feeling really bad Martin tells officer Ramirez a clue on wat his crew might do to him. Later on Martin finds out Frankie might not be his boy anymore because of the fact he ratted them out. Coming home from the hospital was a drag and Martin wanted to know nothing about what happened that day but as he walked to his door found his bandana and at once knew he was gonna be chased. Martin knew what was coming, he had to think fast and act quick, he wanted to hurt nobody else he cared about because of him thinking it would be better that way.

But before he could do anything else he had to visit Hector the acused shooter of his brother , he didnt know why he was going at all he felt as if his legs took over his body and decided to make there way towards his place. Upon arriving there he came straight up to where Hector lived and saw his entire crew, but little did he know there was that one guy he remembered as Frankie kicking in his back because of some past event and now saw him sitting down on a wheelchair for the rest of his life!

As soon as he saw this his body went numb, at once thinking about Huero knowing not much was a difference between the two of them. Responding none of the questions being asked by the crew he was harrased and prepared for the worst. But quickly after a police car came up and rescued poor Martin. From that moment on he knew he had to change his ways for him his future mother and especially Huero. As for Frankie he could try and do something but Martin was different stronger, and wise he knew what he was capable of and was ready for anything. Overall this book is basically a story telling readers that no matter what happens in life we can all overcome our conflicts, even if we only have but one person supporting us.

I agree that this book is for everyone that is looking for a thrilling and attention grabbing book! Its an amazing journey about how even the worst of trouble makers can make a big change in their lives and overcome all obstacles. Ending with this I recomend this book to whoever looks for an adventure that you will enjoy! Mar 19, Trevor Wetzel rated it it was amazing.

This book is part of the Bluford Series. I enjoyed reading this book and I enjoy reading this series as well. The series gives me a taste of what life is like for other types of kids my age. I have not been able to witness the kind of childhood these kids have to grow up in. In this story, Martin Luna is the main character.

Martin is beat up by a kid named Frankie for giving the police information about him. Frankie shot and killed Martin's little brother, Huero. Frankie is coming back to attack him again when Martin goes to police to get help. The police don't help him though. He ends up fighting Frankie and the final chapter of the book determines his future at Bluford High.

He has a hearing with the School Board and they rule him able to continue to attend school at Bluford. Martin believes Huero was looking down on him from heaven and giving him help. The main character of this story is Martin. Martin is a high school student who has had a troubled past. He has been in lots of trouble and has had to transfer to many different schools.

The other characters are Huero, Frankie, and Ramirez. Huero was Martin's younger brother who was shot and killed by Frankie. Frankie is a leader of a gang who wants to get back at Martin. Ramirez is the police officer who helps Martin with Frankie. The setting of this story is mostly at Bluford High School where all of the characters attend school. The school is set in a "not so good" part of the city.

The Fallen Chapter One Audio Book

The second main character was Vickie. Vickie was not nearly as a large role, but she changed the storyline which makes me believe she should be a main character. She was a very caring and compassionate person. A lot of the boys always commented on her female characteristics. Setting: The setting took place in what seemed to be a large city. Mainly in the Bluford and Zemora districts. The city had some large Mexican and black districts which made me assume it is Los Angeles.

I didn't want to jump to assumptions, but from my experiences that sounded pretty close. Thematic connection: The most prevalent theme in this book would be choose friends carefully, or stick with the close friends that actually care about you. This theme is well seen towards the end of the book when Martin is trying to get rid of Vickie to protect her. She was such a good friend that she didn't care about herself.

She cared about making sure Martin was alright. Recommendation: I would recommend this book to middle school boys. I think there was too much violence for most girls to like. It was not at a very high reading level, so that's why I recommend it to middle school boys. Jan 23, Norberto Leyva rated it it was amazing. In the previous book, Martin lost his brother in a drive by. This story starts about five months after the death of his brother. He tells a story about Frankie and his gang and how they are causing trouble for him.

Steve the Blueford High School football player is always picking on Eric who reminds Martin of his little brother. Martin gets suspended, because he started fighting with Steve. Frankie ends up finding Martin and Martin is hiding with a bat and hits Frankie knocking the gun out of his hand. Over the summer Frankie was in a fight with Cesar and broke his jaw.

Towards the end, the school decides he can stay, but must behave and take anger management classes. The main character is Martin who is a sophomore in high school. He is dealing with the death of his brother and trying to find answers. He also has to deal with the football players who are always causing problems for him.

It takes place in modern times. A primary theme is a search for justice. I would recommend this book to either boys or girls in high school, because the events are relatable. The action takes place in a high school and deals with issues teenagers can relate to. Apr 07, John Jorgensen rated it really liked it. Plot: In this story Martin Luna is a teenage boy who is involved in the shooting of his brother. The main mission of the story is to find out who shot his brother and why. On his journey, Martin was feeling pain from his dead brother.

After standing up for one of his friends, Martin is threatened to get expelled from school. After confronting Plot: In this story Martin Luna is a teenage boy who is involved in the shooting of his brother. After confronting an old homie, Martin finds relief for his brother and can get a new start. Characterization: Martin Luna is a teenager whose brother had gotten shot because of an old gang member. Mitchell is a teacher who saw the real side of Martin. Caesar is a gang member who Frankie crippled because he went after Martin.

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Vicki is a girl that Martin likes, but tries to protect her by pushing her away. Chaga is a loyal crew member to Martin and will always have his back. In order for Martin to get expelled from Bluford High, he would have to attend the school. It took place in the fall just after school started. Martin just got moved to Bluford High and just started his sophomore year.

It took place in the present time, due to the fact that they use trains to get around in the big cities. If it would've tooken place in an earlier time, things wouldn't be like they are in the book. I would recommend this to these people, because it would make a connection to them and they would enjoy reading the book.

Oct 23, Michael Batiz rated it it was amazing. Other kids who knew the…more [close:] so far this book is about two kids who are getting harassed at their school and the teachers aren't doing anything to stop it. Other kids who knew them are talking about how they had strange behavior towards other students. The to kids parents found many notes they wrote about how they can't take t anymore and how someone is going to get hurt. Also they found suicide notes talking about how their going to end it all in a battle of gun fire.

View all 3 comments. This was a good book. I thought it was well thought out and planned. The plot of this book was a kid was in a gang and one of the members got in a fight with someone and crippled him for life. Franky beat up Martin and Martin decided to tell the police someone was going to kill Hector. The police figured out that he was talking about Franky. Franky found out that Martin told the police and was going to try to kill him. One day Martin was home alone and Franky came with two of his friends to kill him. Although his two friends were closer to Martin so even when they saw him they didn't tell Franky.

Franky didn't trust either of them so he went in a room where one of them checked and Martin was waiting for him with a bat. When Franky came into the room Martin broke his right arm that was holding a gun.

The Fallen (Bluford Series #11)

Franky shot into the ground and dropped the gun and Martin kicked it away. The gunshot got the police on the scene so they were already on their way. I would recommend this book to teenage boys. I think that they will like it more than any other age and more than girls because it is about the life of a certain teenage boy. Dec 31, William Young rated it really liked it.

It follows the story of Martin Luna who witnessed his little brothers murder. Martin and his friends went to get back at the murderer but he changed his mind at the last minute, making one of the gang members he was with angry at him. He tries to confront him to talk but he knows that he will always be in danger until he goes through with his plan. He meets a girl named Vicky and they start to work out his problems. Martin Luna is the main character in this book.

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He is a troubled teenager who has problems at home and with his classmates at school. He likes being around Vicky but he keeps pushing her away because he is dangerous when he gets aggravated by his classmates. The story takes place around Martins house and Bluford High School, present day. This is important because a teacher at the high school understands what Martin is going through and just wants to help him. Martin thinks he doesn't know his situation and doesn't want him to help. The main message is to take responsibility for your actions.

Martin made some choices that caused other problems that he needed to solve on his own. I would recommend this book to young adults, any gender, because it is a good book that shows that staying close to your friends can get you through many problems. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating. Mar 13, Brandon Loehrke rated it liked it. The story is about a high school student named Martin.

Martin moves into a new neighborhood after his younger brother was shot. His mom moved him to try and get him away from the problems that he had. Martin then pushes away everyone that tries to help him, to keep them safe. When Mr. Mitchel tells him that he can be something good Martin starts doing things right. Martin is trying to get his life right. The theme is that everybody can be good if they believe in themselves and make the right choices. I would recommend this book to high school boys, because it shows how making the right decisions goes along way.

I would also recommend it because it is very interesting to read and relatable to high school boys. Nov 21, Just rated it it was amazing. The Fallen is a sequence of Brothers In Arms. Frankie is out to get Martin because Martin would not help Frankies click Chago and others kill Huros killer. Frankie left Martin to die outside of Martins school Bluford High. Frankie seeks revenge on Martin cuse he thinks Martin ratted on him to the police. Meanwhile at school Martin is in love with this girl named Vicky. He wants to open up to her but,he cant because hes scared of what she will think.

Martin gets into a fight protecting his friend Eric the kid steve picks on for telling the truth about what happened in the fight between Martin and Steve. So Martin walked into the locker room while Steves click is beating-up Eric. Martins rage leads him to beat up Steve and his click. And Martin gets expelled.

So Chago Martins best friend comes and warns Martin about Frankie. The day Frankies coming Vicky comes over and Martin explains everything to her. Then they kiss and she leaves. Moments later Martin hears somehthing and knows its Frankie. Chago lies to Frankie and says Martins not in the room but,Martins behind the door. Frankie comes into the door and Martin does the unthinkable This book teaches you that no matter what the problem is family and friends will always be there.

Jan 28, Tenzin rated it it was amazing. A trouble maker named Martin is targeted from his homie, Frankie, after Martin backs out of a plan to kill Martins little brothers killer, Hector. The shot that killed Huero, martins lil brother, was actually meant for Frankie but it hit Huero instead. Soon Chago comes to warn Martin that Frankie is coming after him. Martin gets in fight with Steve, Vickys ex bf.

Vicky is a girl that Martin likes. Steve is a jerk and picks on a short kid named Eric. Martin begins to push the people that love him mos A trouble maker named Martin is targeted from his homie, Frankie, after Martin backs out of a plan to kill Martins little brothers killer, Hector. Martin begins to push the people that love him most away. Martin punches Steve and his friend because they were threatening Eric and Martins shoves a teacher so he gets expelled. In the end Frankie, Chago, Junie, and Jesus breaks into Martins house while hes alone and looks for him.

Chago sees him but doesnt tell Frankie. BUT, Frankie doesnt believe him so when he looks in the closet Martin is hiding in Martin strikes Frankies in the arm with a bat. Frankie shoots misses. Chago and the othe homeboys leave Frankie. Police comes. Then Martin tells everything to the police. Oh and Martin gets expelled from Bluford for getting into way too many fights and confrontations.

BUT, he gets to debate why he should stay and when he tells the principle and stuff why he was being the way he was, they let him stay. Dec 16, Lena Roberson rated it it was amazing. I chose to read "The Fallen" by Paul Langan because it show's the possible real life affects of young men growing up without a father figure. I also chose to read this book because the author wrote multiples books that I was interested in reading. I picked this book because I read the back of the book and it created a type of suspense and made me want to read it even more.

I thought this book was fantastic, it had me from the first page on. I was amazed at the imagery the author created for this I chose to read "The Fallen" by Paul Langan because it show's the possible real life affects of young men growing up without a father figure.

I was amazed at the imagery the author created for this book. It was my favorite book by this author! This book was a page-turner because the author introduced the book perfectly. This book was a mixture of sad and happy because the young man in the book was a troubled kid who just tried to make his mother proud! This book was very easy to read because it explains everything in full detail and everything is easy to follow. Martin Luna was a studnet at Bluford High no one at school liked him cause he was a trouble marker. He started to make a lot of drema at school it was his second week in school and he was aready getting into fights he got into a fight with Frankie one of his bestfriend well they are not friends anymore because he was the one that kill Huero Martin's little brother poor thing he was only 8 years old.

At the Martin fixs all of his problems and he goes with his mother and his girlfriend. But the goo Martin Luna was a studnet at Bluford High no one at school liked him cause he was a trouble marker. But the good thing is that Martin finished school that's the most importent thing to do is so finish school. It was sad for Martin and Martin's family because it's hard cause they lost someone that they loved a lot Huero he was barly started to live only 8 years old.. Oct 20, Austin Lenz rated it really liked it. My overall opinion about this book was pretty good. I found it relatable and really good.

My favorite character had to be Martin because he's struggling so much in the story and i can relate to some of his problems. He loss his brother in a shooting and its changed his whole life. He's trying to get out of the group of friends he hangs out with because it's causing trouble to his life and to his mothers life.

He doesn't do good in school because of his out of school life. He gets into multiple f My overall opinion about this book was pretty good. He gets into multiple fights and eventually the school plans to expell Martin. In conclusion I found this book very interesting and kept me on the edge with all the different events happening all the time. Nov 22, Maya rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Teens. Recommended to Maya by: Reyzhyne. Shelves: book-club.

Becasue the author already wrote a book about this and the fallen is the sequel to it. I thought it was just going to be a flashback of the original becasue i had to drag myself to read the first two chapters. Though, once it got to the third it started to get interesting. It was so interesting I finished the book in two hours, and that is crazy for me cause it usually takes me a week.

Anyways this book is a great book for a kid who is going threw intern this book was shockingly very intriguing. Anyways this book is a great book for a kid who is going threw internal issues because just like Martin in the book he went threw many issues with his mom, girl, "family", and school the only reason he overcame it was from the help of his deceased little brother.

Dec 08, Edgar rated it it was amazing. It look good and also I wanted to find out what happen in the 2 book. It is very sad when some one die. Why can people live for ever it would be cool? It is very easy to read. The setting is in a small town. At Bluford High School it is a very good school. He is a smart kid. He can be a nice kid if he wants to. He got kick out of school for getting into a fight.

He got into a fight so he gets kick out so he is very mad. He found who kill his brother an he is very mad because the police. Takes hi It look good and also I wanted to find out what happen in the 2 book. Takes him away. And the police ask him if he was smoke weed because his eyes were red of cry. Once I started reading them, I just couldn't stop, not even to go to sleep. Brian M. When I finished these books, I went back to the beginning and read them all over again.

That's how much I loved them. Caren B. Published on Nov 24, Go explore.