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How to Study the Bible on Your Own

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Part II: Principles of Bible Authority

Connect With Us. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. How to Study the Bible: Student Manual. In order to have this experience of drinking living water, a person must keep studying the Bible day after day.

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This lesson tells why we study the Bible. Lesson 2: Basic Information About the Bible. We can receive blessing and instruction from reading the Bible, even though we do not understand it completely. But the full joy of Bible knowledge comes only with serious study.

Transferable Concept 11: How to Study the Bible Effectively

Therefore, we need to have some basic information. In this lesson we will learn about the writing of the Bible, its central ideas, unity, and divisions. Lesson 3: The Bible as Literature. When you talk to someone, you want that person to understand you.

Basics for How to Study the Bible

So you choose a way to express yourself that will make your ideas clear. Like speech, literature or writing is effective when the writer states his ideas clearly. The writers of the Bible chose their words and arranged them to fit their purposes. Studying how writers express their ideas should help you in your Bible study to identify his style or manner of expressing himself.

Lesson 4: Preparation for Bible Study. Now that we have stated reasons for studying the Bible and briefly described the Bible, we need to discuss how to study the Bible. In this lesson we want to talk about things that will prepare you to study. Repeat the process for subsequent chapters. When the book is completed, give it a collective title. Sadly, mediocrity is a hallmark of our age. Consider breaking that pattern and setting some high goals for your spiritual growth.

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    Reading through the Bible in a year? Try our downloadable plans to make journey through the Scriptures do-able in a year and meaningful for your spiritual growth. Continue Reading. Diagram and supporting verses are included.

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    Kim said yes when Debbie asked if she wanted to go out for lunch. That yes became the yes to following Jesus which transformed her life!

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    • When Jenni Holder began meeting with Sarah, they discovered vulnerability can be the key to effective and transformative discipleship. Consider the challenge from the writer of Hebrews: Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. Personal Paraphrase: Paul, a proclaimer of Jesus Christ, obeying the instructions of God who is the One who saves us, and of Jesus Christ who is our hope… 3 Questions and Answers Write down some questions you have about the passage, or unfamiliar or confusing terms that you come across.