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The second major group of alcohol- related deaths in our youth is suicides. The majority of young men who take their own lives are intoxicated at the time. While we may choose to believe that people take alcohol in order to complete the act of suicide this is rarely the case.

Many of these young men and women have no history of suicidal behaviour. While we cannot know what exactly is going on in the mind of someone who completes suicide, we can at least learn from those who survive serious attempts. As I psychiatrist I have met many such people. The typical sequence of events goes as follows. You are in bad form for whatever reason, often to do with relationships. You decide to have a few drinks to help you forget about it, as our culture encourages you to do. You think about it even more. You feel worse. You decide to drink some more. As you get more drunk the future is foreshortened.

You are impulsive and have greater difficulty thinking of solutions. Life seems suddenly impossible and unbearable. Suicide begins to look like a solution and in your disinhibited, disorientated state you act on it. Too many of us use alcohol to deal with tough times. We sometimes advise our friends and loved ones to use alcohol to cope with tough times. What the child is then learning is that wine is the way to deal with feelings of stress. And so the cycle continues.

Alcohol is a strange drug. It can sometimes help us forget, albeit just for a few hours. Very few of us end up feeling suicidal but many of us end up feeling psychologically worse. Her words are poignant as she died, after decades of alcohol abuse and emotional problems, in an apparent suicide. Nevertheless, she was probably underestimating the futility of this activity. In reality, alcohol probably teaches your sorrows how to swim. There are other ways of dealing with tough times. Turning to drink only hampers our ability to find them. Bailey 1, books view quotes. Feb 15, AM.

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