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Words for the shy and bashful. A note on extended meanings. You all would not have guessed some of these. Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Tough words and tougher competition. Which of these things doesn't belong? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? The dictionary has been scrambled—can you put it back together? Definition of swordsman. First Known Use of swordsman , in the meaning defined at sense 1.

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Learn More about swordsman. Resources for swordsman Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Dictionary Entries near swordsman sword sedge sword service sword side swordsman swordsmanship sword stick sword sucker. Granger turns in another fine performance as in the Prisoner of Zenda and Scaramouche. I am a European historian who spent several years there and who loves these kinds of productions.

When the movie ended, with a final little plot twist, I just sat there in the easy chair smiling, or was it beaming!

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A jolly good show. This one of the best of the genre. The plot is a bit thin but who cares. If you like swordplay the technical aspects of this film are hard to beat.

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The character that Granger plays is one that he seems to be at home with. The wit and banter between him and his co-star are funny and to the point.

The film lacked only the final duel, between Granger and the villain. The end I felt was anti-climatic. However the beauty of Sylva Koscina more than makes up for the films shortcomings.

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In my opinion they could have come up with someone other than Christine Kaufman for the secondary female role. WNYer 26 October An English swordsman for hire is employed by a Spanish Governor ruling an insurgent Italian province. He becomes the bodyguard of the future duchess and is soon embroiled in court intrigue and the growing rebellion. This film marked the beginning of Stewart Grangers career expatriation to Europe after his estrangement with the powers that be in Hollywood. In this context, it's not a bad costumer and recalls shades of his former success with Scaramouche.

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In fact, the film has some surprisingly energetic action scenes - most notably - some well staged sword fights where Granger aptly shows his swordplay skills and a grueling horse race at the end of the film. The story and plot are standard fair for this type of movie but are handled well and given a lift by Grangers charming delivery. The pace is brisk, the widescreen photography is nice and the Italian cast comes off pretty well led by Sylva Koscino as the fiery duchess.

In fact, the film succeeds on many levels emulating a good Hollywood costumer with one exception, the music. It's atrocious. The movie screams for the fiery score of a Korngold or a Max Steiner but is instead left with fluff. It doesn't kill the movie but it hurts. It's about an 16th-century english swordsman who has to protect a noblewoman. She is not particularly interested in having a protector. The noblewoman lives in an italian village where the people live under the reign of a dictator. There is also a secret group called 'The Ten', which is trying to free the village.

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When the swordsman sees what is going on he switches allegiance Ten against tyranny dbdumonteil 8 March Siena in the sixteenth century called the Spanish for help :litle did they know and they were naive that their protectors would be here to stay and that they would become dictators.

His excellency wants to marry Henrietta ,a high born lovely wealthy lady ;but the little sister ,Serenella,does not agree and she tells her so:he is responsible for the death of their father;enter a mercenary Granger ,whose mission is to protect the governor's future wife.

This is an entertaining swashbuckler,pleasant to watch:Stewart Granger ,who is going gray and even white at the temples ,is always dashing,dynamic ,and full of humor;he is good at fencing and Sylva Koscina is not chopped liver either;Christine Kauffmann is gorgeous as the little sister ;even if we guess the truth about Henrietta long before the end,the story is so eventful we never get bored.

Now tongue in cheek,now tragical the death of the kid sister ,with a nasty cousin Hugo,fond of tortures, ten rebels check the title against tyranny and a Robin Hood feel:very entertaining stuff! This fairly standard Italian swashbuckler is considerably enlivened by two factors: the presence of Stewart Granger, one of movie's great swordsmen who actually was a good swordsman -- only Basil Rathbone was better.

The swordplay in this movie is very real -- although the casual moviegoer might not understand the seemingly motionless pointwork, it is very well shot. The other high point of the movie is the horse race, the famous Pallio of Siena. Although the real Pallio is a bareback race, this version of it is shot very excitingly with some nice point of view shots and excellent stuntwork.

Although I viewed an excellent print, it was dubbed, and therefore a bit hard to judge most of the performances. The costumes are excellent and the result is a surprisingly good Italian potboiler. At first glance this movie doesn't have much going for it.

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She's certainly a beauty, but somewhat upstaged by the young and beautiful Christine Kaufman. Granger's lines are good and he delivers them well. There are several excellent sword fights, one in a barn with some very slick moves. The plot's a bit obtuse, but the bad guys are pretty bad so you know who's on which side. The ending is little bit of a let down as you were hoping for Stewart himself to run the beggars through, but it's OK. Christine kind of steals the rest of the show and does a fine job as a very idealistic young woman.

So give this one a watch.

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