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Thank you for being a jerk when we were little; this made me strong. Thank you for seeing me for the person I am even when I see all my flaws.


Thank you for being my bodyguard. Most of all, thank you for being my role model. You have helped shape me into the person I am today. You are the strongest, most defiant, and kind-hearted guy I have met. Dalton, you never will understand how thankful I am that you are my brother. I love you with everything inside of me.

Even if life gets hard and you want to give up, just know that your little sister is proud of you and supports you in everything you choose to do. Take care of yourself in this crazy world Dalt; your little sister worries about you. Great article Ashli. I like how you included that you guys would always argue, but at the end of the day you guys were best friends. You have noticed now more than ever how much siblings help each other grow and develop into much stronger individuals than they could be on their own.

Great article Ashli! I love how close you and your brother are!

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We never notice how much our brothers mean to us until they grow up before us and leave for new opportunities. Well done! Great article! Really well written article! I have brothers as well, four actually, and I understand arguing with them but always being there for each other in the end. I truly believe my life would as well be a train wreck without my brothers too, I like how in depth you went into how significant he means to you. Awesome article Ashli! I can relate to a lot of this having a brother of my own.

I cannot count the number of times we have fought but we always seem to make up and love each other in the end. It is cool to see how similar families can be. I love this story. It presents a good representation of the relationship siblings have.

The 15 Things a Sister Needs to Tell Her Brother

My sister is my best friend as well and I can see some of the things you wrote about in her as well. Being so close in age to your sibling really helps build a great relationship! Great job! This is such a special piece! I was privileged to be a little part of both of you growing.

I really like this article Ashli. It really shows what a great relationship you and your brother have. My brother went to college when I was in third grade so I can relate about not being as close. Ashli, what a wonderful tribute to Dalton. I smiled and had tears to read the love you have for your brother. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and love…. I wanted to express a letter to my brother going through a rough time.

And this one touches at the core of a close brother and sister relationship for me. Thank you for making me tear up with memories. You wrote exactly how I feel.

An Open Letter to My Brother – Kings' Courier

MK: What is your next project? I am also working on my memoir, which is being audio-recorded and released in bits with visual images under the title Zanderology prior to being released in book format in MK: What else would you like to say? ZK: I would like to thank all of my brothers who have purchased, shared, or borrowed the book and tweeted, reblogged, and posted about the book. I would also like to express appreciation for all the great people who have encouraged their professors to include the book in Gender Studies courses.

As a matter of fact, a professor from my alma mater, Metro State , uses the book in two of her courses!! She did not know I was an alum when she first ordered the book last year. Great interview, Matt! I really enjoyed Letters for my Brothers alot and look forward to his other books. Way to go, Zander!!!

A Thank You Letter To My Brothers

Thanks, Lyn! Being back In the Bay Area has proven to be the right move, but part of my heart always belongs to San Diego. This is a much needed book by transguys for transguys. I am currently on a break, but there are five years of posts on this blog. Use the Categories section below to find the topics you are interested in or need help with. I hope you will take some time to browse. And don't forget to read the comments from readers below each post.

The opinions and experiences reflected there are priceless. Take your time, look around, and come back. Although I'm on break, I will be posting as the mood strikes and as time allows — just not on a regular schedule for a while.

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