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On the other hand, if you want to save money and trust your friends and family to get things done, then hey! You might not even need one! Either way, it's up to you and your partner. Just remember: Your wedding day is supposed to be special, not stressful! Let someone else take that weight off your shoulders.


By Korey Lane. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy. Ok, so you're good with technology and you know how to throw together something that resembles a timeline, sure. But do you really know how to create an accurate, wedding-specific timeline? Do you know which areas needed to be padded in order to ensure you don't run out of time for them?

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Do you know when your florist should be setting up versus when your tables should arrive versus when your photographer will show? Wedding day timelines are an art form in and of themselves, and they're best left for professional coordinators. It's not you—it's the timeline! Wedding ceremony mistakes are super common—and, unfortunately, they're often the most cringe-worthy.

A month-of coordinator will be there for your ceremony rehearsal to run through things with your wedding party and ensure everyone knows where they need to be, when. She or he will also be there on the day-of, directing guest traffic, corralling your wedding party, fixing the groom's crooked boutonniere, providing copies of your vows to your officiant, and making sure you're tucked away and kept out of guests' sites all the while.

Even with family members or friends helping, there's really no way to ensure a smooth, seamless ceremony without a professional coordinator on-hand playing figurative Tetris with all of the many moving parts that go into a successful wedding ceremony. Check out the Aisle Planner Marketplace for the most trusted pros in your area! Photo courtesy Lindsay Hite and mStarr Design. Toggle navigation. Feel free to go the DIY route with things that can be done well in advance, like favors, table numbers, etc.

For things like flowers or food that need to be done close to the wedding date, professional help is best. Whether you want to broadcast your wedding to the world or have an unplugged wedding, strategy is key. Hashtags, signage and photo booths are a great way to get guests posting on social. With all of the wedding traditions that people tell you that you should have at your wedding, be sure to plan in some personal traditions too. If your family has any wedding traditions that they've done in the past, or if there is something you want to start for future generations, don't be afraid to give your wedding a personal touch.

Your wedding should be all about you as a couple. The second you walk down the aisle let go of all the small stuff. Start researching and gathering the necessary documents early on, but keep in mind that marriage licenses are typically only valid for a couple months — so plan accordingly. Check with your venue to find out when vendors can arrive for set up.

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The earlier, the better but some venues may have other events going on the same day. Get this information early and review with your vendors. Create a schedule for the run-of-show at your wedding. Include things like when vendors will arrive, when the ceremony will be, when the first dance will happen, when the cake will be cut, etc. Be sure to give a copy to your MC, photographer, maid of honor and anyone else that should be in the know. Consider taking the week before the wedding off work, both to make sure last minute details are completed, and just to chill.

Gratitude goes a long way. You should always arrange for small gifts for your wedding party and anyone else who played a big role in your planning process. What will guests notice most? A stressed out bride and groom! Be sure to have fun on your wedding day and truly enjoy the moment.

Brides uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Brides, you accept our. Product Disclosure. Set Your Budget, and Stick to It. Create a List of Priorities. Limit Your Options. Get Yourself a Wedding Planning Book.

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Get Organized. Create a Master Checklist. Pick an Ideal Timeframe. Select a Theme. Create Your Guest List.


Choose Your Wedding Party. Talk to Other Married Couples. Get A Second Opinion. Read Every Contract. Take Time Between the Wedding and the Honeymoon.