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The purpose of writing a dissertation or thesis is to demonstrate sufficient knowledge in the field to warrant being awarded a degree. These readers need to see only the most relevant material to support your message. Be selective in what you cite in order to maintain focus on your message. Try to cite the most recent studies that support your point, but note that there is no need to give an exhaustive list.

If a number of recent studies report a particular finding, cite just one or two of them as examples, or consider citing a review study that discusses all of them in the way that you wish to discuss them. Lastly, position citations near the relevant parts of a sentence rather than grouping the citations together at the end of a sentence.

This writing is authoritative because it is highly accurate and avoids potential misreadings. Compare: These findings were subsequently confirmed in mice, dogs, and humans []. These findings were subsequently confirmed in mice [4], dogs [5], and humans [6]. In the first sentence, it is unclear whether each study examined all four models, one model, or some mixture of these. In the second sentence, the reader now clearly knows which study examined which model. Naturally, being an effective writer consists of more than being an authoritative writer, but we hope these specific tips are helpful to you when writing.

We run group and individual workshops and semester courses, in person or via the internet, that are tailored to subject areas. Please ask us for details about programs in your location or subject field. How to write authoritatively in your field from the outset. Use standard phrases: identify, then apply Follow the writing conventions in your field: pay attention to detail Write for your specific readers: consider shared knowledge Choose your citations wisely: balance is key.

Download the PDF version of this article. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The Chicago Manual of Style. The study area included 12 cities in three prefectures. One hundred and fifteen schools were sent surveys and 13, individual responses were collected.

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The study area included twelve cities in three prefectures. I love getting away to write, learn, and experience the uninterrupted peace and beauty. I came away with a renewed confidence in my writing.


Tammy Coia is an experienced writer and teacher who shares her love of life and adventure. Thanks in advance…. Hi Eve — we wrote about writing residencies usually low-cost or free and grants for writers money to fund your writing in separate posts. Let us know what you think, and best of luck with your writing journey! Hi Heather— Yes, retreats are usually pricey, but a good investment in your career. However, when you have to choose between paying your bills and going to a retreat, of course you have to be practical. Or suffering from Fibromyalgia or any other chronic pain disease. At least take a percentage off of their choice of retreat.

I would love to go to Tuscany, France or Ireland. I just have a book inside of me that wants to come out but I need help getting the beginning down on paper.

Famous Writers Talk about Writing

Or something like that. Thanks again, Susan! Page Lambert. And its reasonably priced.

Google it. It gives a good idea of the place, the good food, and the diversity of the group. The group bonded so much that we continue to meet by phone once a month. Debra Moffitt dm debramoffitt. Such a wonderful list and love to see my friends from Wide Open Writing listed here! Ooooh, I love this post!!! Incredible writing retreats. Nice retreats for the Elite. Yes they can be valuable and helpful.

But most of us are starving artists. Best of luck finding one that works for you! This expedition will combine facilitated discussion; hands-on sailing experience; and practical workshops on writing fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and environmental journalism. Writers participating in this voyage will also get the opportunity to submit work to the online blog of Whole Terrain, the award-winning journal of reflective environmental practice.

Exceptional pieces of writing may also be chosen to be published in the print journal of Whole Terrain. Writers will also get the opportunity to publish blogs via the Pangaea Exploration website. Eat gastronomical delights, stay in high-end accommodation at the foot of Dun Aengus Fort, enjoy walks to ancient sites with a Celtic scholar, and let the raw beauty of this ancient landscape nuture your soul, and your writing. Lodging and meals are included in the cost. The retreat is high-level and professional — but also low-key and tuned in to the beauty of the surroundings. We foster an exchange in two directions — between islanders and mainlanders, published writers and budding writers, Native Hawaiian artistry and mainland publishing.

Wonderful list, Heather. Each tour is limited to 12 participants to ensure personalized attention. Thank you. I know others have mentioned this, but.. How could struggling writers afford any of them? Seems a total mis-match between what is offered and the people who would need it. Just saying. You make a good point. I run the Creative Revolution retreat mentioned above, and we do try to make the retreats as affordable as possible. Most of the cost for us covers food, lodging and all the other extras of the retreat itself.

It is cheaper than a regular vacation but still costs. That said, not all writers are struggling. Many, also, are transitioning from full time jobs to writing, so they have the income to support a retreat but not the experience of writing. For others, a retreat is a good investment for a career.

A semester long writing class costs even more. It is a big investment, but one well worth planning ahead for. You deserve this. Maybe not this year, but maybe next year or the one after. Every retreat would see success stories emerge from that experience. I really want to run one on a fancy train one year a mystery retreat! I will agree and say that these retreats are [mostly] very expensive, as they do not include the cost of missed work, airfare, etc. If you choose the right one carefully and do the work, it will sustain you for some time to come.

I have patrons who can subsidize my costs [sometimes]. Recently I taught in Paris in a very prestigious location; I was aware that most people who attended did not live in Paris and had to pay for a hotel and flight, so I figured out other creative ways to fund the class. But a writing retreat has to make the instructor money too, otherwise they are just giving their work away.

5 strategies for writing simply but authoritatively

The best thing, I think, to look at are not testimonials on websites or ads for retreats that make you feel good—but retreats run by writers with accomplishments that you appreciate. Go look at what they have published—do you think they are worth what they are charging? Do you see a published platform and writer who you feel can lead you and teach you, and be worth the money you just saved and spent? This always helps me decide if a conference or other event is worth my time.

Another alternative is to look at events run thru convents and monasteries or retreat centers. They often have lower rates, and include meals and rooms for a night, which over a three day stay is very affordable indeed. Services are not usually mandatory and they have programs for people who cannot pay oftentimes. I wanted to add.

Yes, retreats like the one I run are more expensive than many other ways of writing. That said, we find some really amazing places, get good prices and choose our locations based on creating a retreat that is affordable. It is also going to be less than if someone went on a vacation to the same area and paid for food and lodging on their own. And as far as choosing a retreat. For example, our retreat caters specifically to women who want to start writing or step up their writing.

Most are in non-writing professions, and many want to travel. We also place a huge focus on self care as a way to support creative energies. We give a lot of ourselves to the women with whom we work, and we love doing it. But every writers wants something different. But the women who are right do not regret the money they spend on our retreat. We work incredibly hard to make that a reality. They are two very different skills, as you say, but personally, why not go for both?

Why you might want to attend a writers retreat

For myself, if someone asked me for advice, I would tell them their instructor must have a writing track history they appreciate, as well as testimonials of on their manner and friendly approach. That is the perfect pairing, in my view. One without the other means I might feel motivated but not walk out with a skillset I need. I ask myself: is what this teacher done reflect any aspect of my own goals? Can they give me the skillset to reach them? Have they reached their own? I want to get better. I want to walk out shining, which some writing in hand that I love.

I agree that a retreat or course must also have a philosophy which suits your needs. As for my comments on cost, those addressed the comments I read—there were many asking what is less expensive. My suggestions were more directed towards people who cannot afford several thousand dollars to go write, no matter how much they would like to.

Many instructors also provide short courses, or webinars—like yours. I have agreed to teach one workshop in Paris each year for practically nothing—it is such an expensive city; other workshops I teach are quite expensive. I like to provide a little something for free or very cheaply once a year.

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But as I mentioned above, self led retreats at convents, Buddhist centers, monasteries—or asking a few friends to come—also makes for a great retreat. A good friend of mine has a retreat at her house once a month for writers—everyone comes and writes. There are many ways to have a retreat. To combine a retreat with a travel experience is a lot of work. My retreats in foreign lands are in the thousands next year.

As we both know, the cost of details, food, hotel—it is adds up.

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All the more reason to choose your retreat carefully: a teacher you relate to and admire, who writes beautifully, has successes you can apply to your own plan, and who you can lay your writing life down in front of with confidence that they will gently help you shape with it care…. I hear you, which is why we selected accommodation with a wider range of rooms and therefore prices for our retreat in Cambodia this year, which will be our second.

Includes walking ancient sites, guided mythology tours, luxurious accommodation, organic food, Irish music…. Irene G. I just posted the dates for our next retreat on the Creative Revolution website. This is our second retreat at the Samasati Nature Retreat, and we were absolutely thrilled at the response.

We maintain a private FB group for participants post the retreat, and the people we met in February are already pitching and publishing. And of course, you are always more than welcome to e-mail with any questions. Both Jeanie and I receive all the e-mails to that address, and we reply quickly.

For those of you who are disappointed that they missed the past retreats, there is an amazing writers retreat coming up August , at the award-winning Jungle Bay Dominica which has been named among the top retreat properties in the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine and Huffington Post:. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. A writing retreat might be just the ticket.

Retreats for You Located in a 17th-century thatched house in southwest England, this retreat center runs a variety of programs throughout the year.

The five-paragraph fetish

Did doing the two albums stir any memories for you? The thing is, all The Icicle Works stuff came out of my head when I was sitting in a room on my own as a twenty-one-year-old, writing the songs. How often do you look at old photo books? I never liked looking back to be honest but now it seems to be the done thing. Go and see a band you love and the chances are that the set list will be comprised of material that was written over twenty or thirty years ago. I may consider touring another album in the future, I think Merseybeast would work well for playing right through.

He also has a rare US date in Atlanta in January and, as Ian mentioned in the interview, a new album in the offing next spring. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Monday, October 7, Louder Than War. The St. Queen Zee split LTW favourites call it a day.

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