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Raft, beer, raft, hike, beer. Summer beerventures across Maine! And Cushnoc is the perfect lunch stop with some of the best brick-oven pizza in Maine, good salads, and great beer. May through October the brewpub is extra lively with happy rafters, beer games, and river guides playing tunes. With direct access to ATV trails and snowmobile trails plus rentals on site, year-round adventures make for a beercation like nowhere else. A walking trail runs through the riverside campground , and the Appalachian Trail is 2.

Trail to ale options abound… because beer is tastier after a day on the river or the trails! Both off the same beaten trail out in Liberty, ME and both have an amazing brew line up! Liberty also has tremendous food and Lake Saint George hosts some great food trucks. If you are up to Waterville, stop in and check out Waterville Brewing Company. You should also get up to Farmington to check out Tumbledown Brewing, they have a great line up.

They have great brews there and their menu is solid and tasty. Watch this video to learn how to use an airlock when brewing. You will also need a large carboy. The size of your carboy will depend on how much beer you are planning to brew. Other equipments include a siphon tube to transfer your beer from containers , sanitizer to keep everything clean , and bottles and bottle caps to store your beer.

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Brewing supplies can be found at your local home-brew store. They will be able to guide you through everything and help you pick out the correct supplies. A lot of homebrewers brew beer right in their very own kitchen! In the United States, the act of brewing beer with an alcohol content high than 0. Congress passed a bill repealing the Federal restrictions.

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Today, brewing beer for personal use is legal in all states across America. According to Wikipedia , the countries where homebrewing is still illegal are the Faroe Islands, Iran, Malaysia, and Ukraine. When brewing beer at home, especially for the first time, people are often worried about their home-brewed bottles exploding. When homebrewing it can be hard to perfect the amount of pressure and carbonation in your bottles and having your bottles burst or explode is a possibility.

As a precaution, you should store your filled beer bottles in a box or container so that if your beers happen to explode, they explode in a confined space making it safe and easier to clean up. Another concern that first time homebrewers have is the idea of their beers making them sick. The alcohol in your beer will prevent bacteria from growing in your beer.

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Occasionally, things can go wrong during the brewing process that could result in a funky batch. In most states, the laws permit the homebrewing of gallons of beer per adult per year. Remember, in the states, you must be 21 years of age or older to be considered an adult! That number jumps to gallons per year in a household of 2 or more adults.

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It is most common for homebrewers to brew 5 gallon batches. This equals roughly 50 bottles of beer, but requires larger and more equipment. Joe Conto. Students will have the opportunity to study diverse aspects of the industry, including different types of breweries, brewpubs, specialty retail beer stores and the sales and distribution of craft beers to restaurants, bars and other outlets.

The education will be rounded out with guest speakers featuring industry professionals and site visits to regional beer-related firms. In this comprehensive online program from Portland State University , you will learn from local brewers and distillers, PSU School of Business faculty, and finance and accounting experts who specialize in the craft beverage business.

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The non-credit curriculum provides a thorough overview of the processes that go into making and selling craft beverages, including basic business principles, how to develop your brand, marketing and distribution strategies, and all of the financing, legal, and accounting issues faced by craft beverage businesses everyday. By the end of the program you will have an investor-ready business plan for your own craft beverage business. The Business of Craft Brewing program is designed for anyone with an interest in the business side of craft beverages, from grower to glass.

Our focus is primarily on craft brewing, but we include business models for distilleries and alcoholic cider facilities as well. It covers an in-depth look from the history, styles and taste profiles of beer as well as cooking with beer and food pairings. The Certificate in Applied Craft Brewing is a month, part-time program. A new group of students starts once a year, in August. Courses are taught in the evenings allowing those with full-time employment the opportunity to enroll. This program is perfect for those looking to refine their skills as master brewers or break into the rapidly growing craft beer industry.

Classes are limited to 24 students to ensure every student gets to participate in laboratory exercises. The program will educate students on all aspects of the craft beer industry through interactive and hands-on learning. Course sessions run from weeks and are held once a week from pm. See the Business of Craft Beer informational video and visit the Professional Certificate website for more information. The program was designed by craft beverage professionals to meet industry standards and needs. Siebel has the distinction of being an entirely brewing focused school.

The faculty is excellent and includes many extremely knowledgeable industry professionals. Discover the power of the University of California! A portion of the class is dedicated to the business of beer — including starting and running a brewery, opening a beer-centric business and more.

Before Craft. Brewers bring expertise from a diverse array of fields including engineering, chemistry, microbiology, physics and business, and must be able to apply that knowledge on a daily basis.

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The UC San Diego Extension Brewing program curriculum provides students with the technical skill and knowledge to select raw materials, operate the brewhouse for wort production, manage yeast and fermentation processes, and finish and package the product, all to the highest industry standards. The business curriculum provides graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to administer all financial and other operations of a brewery. The program can be completed in months, depending on the number of courses a student chooses to take each quarter.

The Brewing Laboratory Sciences Certificate at the University of Northern Colorado provides a theoretical background in brewing, the brewing process, and in laboratory analysis of malt, wort and beer components. This certificate consists of three courses taken in sequence: The first course is taken online during the spring semester January to May.

The applied courses at the UNC brewery and lab will be completed back-to-back during the first six-week summer session on-campus in Greeley. You will attend class and contribute to beer production and testing Monday-Friday from a. You must meet the University of Northern Colorado undergraduate admission requirements for the academic year for which you are applying. You must be at least 21 years old by the beginning of the summer face-to-face courses.

Strong candidates will have earned a C or higher grade in a college level course in at least two out of three of the following categories of coursework prior to beginning the certificate program: mathematics college algebra or higher ; science preferably biology or chemistry ; logic and reasoning. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of beer or brewing. The USFSP Brewing Arts program is designed to teach participants all aspects of the brewing process and includes lectures in brewing science, engineering, and the business of beer.

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It consists of ten online instructional modules taught by experts and professionals in the field followed by a culminating experience in a local brewery where students can apply the knowledge learned in the lectures through hands on training. We are currently recognized by the MBAA. Brewing is a science.

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And nobody knows science better than we do. Our post-baccalaureate, credit program delves deep into the biology, chemistry, physics, and math of creating the perfect pint of beer. You will benefit from a team teaching model that combines USciences faculty and facilities with experts from the brewing industry. This exposes you to: Practical information and techniques, valuable industry connections, and hands-on experience in cutting-edge on-site pilot brew lab. Following your course completion, you will participate in an internship with one of our exceptional local brewery partners.

This one and a half-day course is catered to commercial craft brewers getting more involved in the microbiological aspects of quality control, as well as home brewers who want to better understand aspects of production. Students will learn essential techniques and protocols for managing yeast and bacteria in the brewing process, microscopic staining and observation techniques, culture media preparation, bacterial testing methods, and yeast culture and quantitation methods.

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No prior experience is necessary and class sizes are limited to The course is held in a fully-equipped microbiology lab. Just log in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account and fill out a quick form to share your latest and greatest with craft beer fans across the country. Are you sure you want to delete your account? Your information will be erased and your published posts will be reassigned to the site's admin account.

This action cannot be undone. Skip to content If you want to further your appreciation of craft beer by completing more serious studies, there are beer schools, brewing schools and classes that will help you achieve the level of craft beer education you desire. Certified Beer Server exam is included in the purchase. Business of Craft Beer Professional Certificate Program, University of Vermont Our online program addresses the business-side of the industry helping individuals build strong business plans, learn how to effectively market a brewery, build a brand, manage brewery finance, sell beer, or operate an efficient brewery.

Audiences served: Brewery start-ups, including business plan assistance Individuals seeking a career change from previous employment in sales, marketing or operation with a goal of transitioning to the craft beer industry Industry professionals seeking to broaden their background in craft beer Participants select from five 8-week courses, completing three for completion of the Certificate. Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Asheville, NC The Craft Beverage Institute at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College is designed to support the rapidly growing craft beverage industry in Western North Carolina and the Southeast by providing curriculum and non-credit courses in brewing, distilling, fermentation and related business practices.

The two sessions are: July and July Better Beer Society University Minnesota This course was designed to give students a higher beer education, educating them on all aspects of the beer industry. Brewing and Distilling Center, Inc. Brewlab Sunderland, UK Brewlab teaches five courses that range in length from one day to three-month courses. California State Polytechnic University Pomona, CA If you are brand new to brewing or trying to make the leap from extract brewing to all grain, this course will teach you everything you need to know to get started brewing all grain beer.

City College — Montana State University Billings, MT The Craft Brewing and Fermentation certificate program is a credit undergraduate program that provides an overview of biochemistry, microbiology, technology, and business of craft brewing industries beer, spirits and wine. Cornell University Ithaca, NY This short course includes information about barley and malt, hops, brewing water, adjuncts, brewhouse operations, brewing yeast and brewery fermentations, maturation, finishing and beer styles.

Dakota County Technical College Rosemount, MN This interdisciplinary program is designed to prepare students with brewing and business skills needed to succeed in the Brewing industry. Eastern Kentucky University Richmond, KY Founded in , EKU Fermentation Science Program contains a collection of courses that allows students to directly learn about the different aspects of the industry as well as experience laboratories that address the analytics and quality control for these products. New Mexico State University Las Cruces, New Mexico NMSBrew offers a comprehensive program to prepare students for careers across the brewing industry, and with which to provide research and analytical services to the industry.

Niagara College Niagara Falls, Ontario The Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program prepares graduates for employment in the expanding brewery, microbrewery and brewpub industries. Olds College Brewery Alberta, Canada The rising popularity of craft beer houses and products, specialty beer-making workshops, and beer-tasting events continues to generate rampant growth in the brewing scene and gives the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations program broad spectrum appeal. Portland State University Portland, OR In this comprehensive online program from Portland State University , you will learn from local brewers and distillers, PSU School of Business faculty, and finance and accounting experts who specialize in the craft beverage business.

One can take individual classes. UC San Diego Extension San Diego, CA Brewers bring expertise from a diverse array of fields including engineering, chemistry, microbiology, physics and business, and must be able to apply that knowledge on a daily basis.