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One of these sources was the work of well-known photographer Harold Cazneaux. The use of over three thousand leaves of gold leaf in the artistic scheme produced a shimmering effect that was reported at the time. The Home magazine of February commented that "at every change of light, bright facets from it dart from one wall to the other touching to brightness haloes, wings, spires, spars or the decks and riggings of ships, all made of gold.

When the chapel is full of children, their clothes are mirrored in it.

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At that time, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was being built and it can be seen under construction from both sides of the chapel. From the perspective of the entrance to the chapel, depictions of the southern side of Sydney Harbour with the south pylon of the Harbour Bridge under construction can be seen on the right-hand side along with Circular Quay , the spire of St James', Garden Island , Woolloomoolloo Bay and in the distance, the spire of St John's Darlinghurst.

To the left of the altar is the Child Jesus with Mary his mother, sitting on deck, with Sydney Heads in the background beyond the rigging. Saint Joseph is featured in the window recess to the right.

The ceiling features arches of blue and gold with panels of fuchsias and flowering cedar for the sycamore of the text. In , Anderson carried out some remedial work on the murals but requested that no further work be done during her lifetime. She died in By the s the murals had deteriorated so much that the chapel had to be closed.

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Large sections of the paint were being lost as a result of crystalline salts on the wall surface forcing off the painted plaster and gold leaf. With a grant from the Heritage Council of New South Wales , the chapel was restored in with work done by skilled conservators under the aegis of International Conservation Services.

The painted plaster was removed from the curved walls and the plaster removed leaving only the paint surface. Then an inert synthetic fabric was attached to the back of the paint layer to support it. A fibreglass shell was moulded to line the chapel walls and the paint layer reattached to the new surface. Those parts of the mural which were severely damaged were inpainted using contemporary photographs as a guide to reconstruction.

The work matches the original but can still be distinguished from it.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Details of mural scenes. Archived from the original on 13 November Retrieved 13 September St Lucia, Qld. Retrieved 1 October International Conservation Services. I found the simplicity very appealing. For Latter-day Saints, the church meetinghouse is a hub of religious and social life.

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The most important part of the week, though, is the hour-long sacrament meeting. This takes place on Sunday and is similar to other Christian worship services. Members teach the principles taught by Jesus Christ.

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  • And I was touched by how friendly and open everyone was, especially to visitors like my family. It was refreshing to me. In addition to the sacrament meeting, there are other meetings on Sundays as part of a three-hour span from 9 a. Mormons tend to have large families, so be prepared to see — and hear — a lot of children.

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    And though Mormon parents try to teach their little ones to be reverent, children are also encouraged to be involved. The songs taught and sung in Primary focus on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, on scriptural themes and on simple ways children and others can put into practice what is preached. Mormons are generally a friendly people, so a visitor should not be surprised when someone, seeing the new face, comes over to talk and offers to shake hands and help the visitor find the right meeting or class.

    A common misperception among those not of the Mormon faith is that only Latter-day Saints can enter their chapels. This is most likely based on a misunderstanding about temples and chapels. While temples, of which there are including existing ones and those announced or under construction worldwide, are open only to members of the Church who are fully engaged in their faith, anyone can enter a Mormon chapel to visit or worship with their Latter-day Saint neighbors.

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    There are over 17, chapels throughout the world. To be a member of a Mormon ward or congregation is to be part of a faith community that intersects weekly as a group and in smaller gatherings several other times throughout each week.