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Full Episode - Flights And Fights - Inside The Low Cost Airline - BBC Documentary

Mon-Fri Pacific. Not Registered? It was hot and steamy as we arrived at the airport in Chennai for the long journey home to US. This was the end of a month-long vacation in Home country, and I, for one, was overjoyed to be heading back to some normalcy. The irony of her way of thinking will be evident shortly. Actually, she is not very interested in sex anytime, since she was taught by her mother that sex was dirty. Because I travel regularly, I have opportunity for other sexual outlets during the year, but four plus weeks within close quarters with a demanding uptight woman does not give you much opportunity to develop alternatives.

I had some first class upgrade coupons, but at check-in time was told there was only one seat available. Geet immediately volunteered because of her potential for a bad back, and was seated in First class. I was given a seat separately in a 2 seat segment. An attractive woman dressed in a loose Tee and very tight blue jeans took the seat next to me. She introduced herself as Priya. She was about five foot eight, long hair, a nice ass - firm and high, breasts with an impact even through her shapeless Tee, and obviously in good physical condition. This I discovered during dinner conversation and over a few shared glasses of wine.

Looking into my eyes, she confided she was; now free and ready for some excitement. I had also seen the movie and agreed. We spent the next two hours getting to know each other better. Priya at one point said, You have terrific eyes, I get really turned on by eyes.

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We talked about the kids, and when she asked if I was married and learned about Geet in the front cabin, she thought it displayed selfish behavior and then never mentioned my marital status again. By now, the passengers had fallen asleep, and just before the end of the movie, Priya excused herself for a few minutes, reached into the overhead bin for her carry-on stretched long enough to get my mind focused on her hips and legs in those wonderful tight jeans, and headed to the lavatory in the back.

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When she returned, she was wearing loose-fitting sweat pants, and when she asked if I minded if she lifted the arm dividing the seats, I replied Of course not!. By now I had an idea of what she had in mind, because she had confided during the movie that one of her greatest turn-ons was the risk of discovery while having sex. My husband was not a great lover, but in the close confines of the boat it was always exciting to fuck without anyone nearby knowing about it; I had more orgasms from fucking near other people than from the sex act itself.

As she shared this with me, she was already visibly breathing more quickly. Priya and I arranged the blankets over both of us, now no longer separated, and curled up like spoons in the otherwise crowded seats. I started to give her a back rub, slowly working over her muscles by now cramped from the first five hours of the flight.

She purred quietly, and after a while squirmed her shapely ass on the seat, pushing it back into my growing erection. With both hands I reached around under her loose sweater, and fondled her globes, her nipples growing firmer under my gentle stroking. Priya reached back and with one hand released my belt, then unbuckled and unbuttoned my pants.

I whispered in her ear, How do you do that? Priya began to stroke my cock, now slightly oozing to help rotate her fingers gently around the head, stroking it with ever firmer pressure. I withdrew my hands from under her sweater to push my pants down further, allowing me to slip the briefs down below my swollen balls, which she now explored with her questing hand.

Lubricating her fingers even more with her saliva, she alternately rubbed my balls and massaged the head of my dick. My hands were now free, and I hungrily reached forward forher erect nipples, shortly afterward sliding my right hand down her belly and slipping it under the waistband of her sweat pants. She was wearing no panties underneath, and theinside of the cotton sweats was already wet with her juices. As I stroked her mound, her into her warm wet cunt.

The REAL reason so many women are dreaming about sex

Rubbing the juices on my fingers, I began to circle her clitoris and then used my fingers to stroke in and out of her pussy while my thumb pushed against her swollen clit. She was breathing harder now, and could not stop moving her ass around on the seat, first bucking her soaking cunt against my right hand, then pushing her ass back against my cock through the sweatpants.

Just then, the stewardess came down the aisle, paused noticeably as she came up to our row, glared at me me? Thank God! While we were both close to fully clothed at that time, there was little chance she could do anything legally disastrous, but who needs the embarrassment, or the hassle from the kids for that matter.

As the stewardess left, Priya whispered. Now I want to have your prick inside me.