Guide Treating Substance Abusers in Correctional Contexts: New Understandings, New Modalities

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Alcohol/Drug Addiction, Treatment & Recovery - David Streem, MD

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Treating Substance Abusers in Correctional Contexts - eBook -

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Treating Substance Abusers in Correctional Contexts - eBook

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Drug Wars : the political economy of narcotics. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, Marlatt, G. Alan Ed. Harm Reduction: pragmatic strategies for managing high-risk behaviors. Marohn, Stephanie. The Natural Medicine Guide to Addiction. Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads, Marshall, Ronald. Alcoholism: Genetic Culpability or Social Irresponsibility?

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  7. Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Litten and John P. Pages and Richard K. O'Connor and David A. White knuckles and wishful thinking : learning from the moment of relapse in alcoholism and other addictions. Gives students and practitioners new tools in the efforts to prevent relapse and enhance recovery. Here's To You, Sister.

    In this program, women speak candidly about their addiction and what caused them to become alcoholics. At a recovery program, women alcoholics learn ways to stay sober and deal with the looming reality of relapse. Originally broadcast in on the television program Man Alive. Search the catalog. Subject guides. Databases by subject.

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