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This not only served as the catalyst for the Cain and Abel relationship between him and Bond in later years , but indirectly shaped the events of Casino Royale , Quantum of Solace , Skyfall , and Spectre. The death of the hooker at Christmas turns out to be important in the first Lethal Weapon. The murder of her best friend that Tea Leoni's character witnesses occurs at the start of Bad Boys and drives the rest of the plot.

In The Skeptic , the death of the protagonist's aunt is what drives the plot forward. In I, Robot , Dr. Alfred Lanning uses his own death to set Detective Spooner on the trail of a conspiracy only he knew about. Ordinary People. In both the film and the novel the death of the family's eldest son in a sailing accident sets into motion the emotional crisis which the family has only outwardly recovered from at the start of the narrative. Hilarity Ensues. Except, it turns out, not really. The death of the eponymous JFK. A Knight's Tale starts with a squire taking the place of his dead master in a joust.

Road to Perdition begins with a funeral where the deceased's brother drunkenly rambling that the mob boss they both worked for killed him. This man later on is killed himself and his death is witnessed by Michael Jr. Highlander starts with Connor killing Fasil, another Immortal, which draws the attention of the police and the Kurgan. In Braveheart , the death of the hero's love interest kicks off a Scotland-wide rebellion after his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against an English oppressor. Yamato happens because Makiko Uchida wishes to honour her adoptive father's Last Request.

The death of Will's wife Claudia in Unforgiven colors his attitude for the rest of the film. Luther in The Sting. First Blood started with Rambo visiting his friend Delmar Barry, only to find he had already died. Had Rambo known, he never would have come to the area and he never would have been harassed by the local police which kicks off the movie. The Kingdom started with a terrorist attack on an American housing compound in Saudi Arabia. Cruel and Unusual : Maylon, Edgar's wife, dying at his hand sets off the plot as he's condemned in the afterlife as a murderer for it, forced to relive the events.

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On the Waterfront begins with the murder of Joey Doyle. The death of the British Prime Minister near the beginning of London Has Fallen brings various world leaders together for the funeral, and providing the terrorists with a massive target. It turns out, the Prime Minister was assassinated for this very purpose. Black Panther opens with T'Chaka trying to arrest his brother N'Jobu for crimes against Wakanda, but when he tries to shoot Zuri, T'Chaka is forced to kill him and leave his young nephew N'Jadaka behind to cope with his father's death.

The film thus starts with an older man having a heart attack. The plot revolves around his family trying to figure out how to run a funeral. Aristride's murder sets off the events of Crooked House. The film opens with a newsreel announcing his death. In Godzilla: King of the Monsters , the entire plot of the movie starts because of Andrew's death. Mark Russell divorces himself from his family and hates Godzilla for the death of his son. Emma continues her work with the ORCA to communicate with the Titans, seemingly moving on, but it's later revealed her sanity took a huge toll as she believed that releasing all the Titans would benefit Earth, even though millions of humans would die, leading her to willingly work with ecoterrorist Alan Jonah.

Sense and Sensibility starts with the death of Mr. Dashwood, forcing his widow and daughters to move away from the family home and live in greatly reduced financial circumstances. Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer begins with the death of Lady Serena's father, leading to her discovery that he has named her ex-boyfriend as her guardian. Dragon Bones starts with the death of Ward's father, and Ward inheriting the title. As Ward has pretended to have brain damage from a beating his father gave him years ago, he is now considered unable to rule, and has to convince everyone that he is actually quite intelligent and has only feigned to be more affected than he was in order to avoid more violence.

Used recurrently in Dan Brown 's novels. Discworld : In Thud! Deccon Ribobe at the start of Moving Pictures. In the first scene of the book he dies of old age, leaving no-one to perform the rituals that keep the Holy Wood magic in check. The death of King Brion Haldane at the start of Deryni Rising , which begins the multi-volume saga of King Kelson Haldane's rule as well as the specific challenges of getting him safely crowned king.

A Song of Ice and Fire doesn't have a single inciting death, but it uses them for the initiation of individual plotlines: In A Game of Thrones , Jon Arryn's death is what causes Eddard Stark and by extension, the rest of his family to become involved in the main plot. The Iron Islands plot in A Feast for Crows is triggered by the death of Balon Greyjoy, which happens offscreen during the events of the previous book.

The pre-series executions of Brandon and Rickard Stark, Ned's father and brother, by King Aerys Targaryen, along with the apparent kidnapping of his sister Lyanna by Prince Rhaegar, are the immediate triggers for Robert's Rebellion. The uprising ends with the death of Mad King Aerys, which results in Robert becoming king and marrying Cersei and Viserys and Daenerys fleeing into exile. Fifteen years later, these events result in the plot of A Game of Thrones. Henry Archer's death in Atlanta Nights.

Nearly all characters in the book are in some way connected with him. Aimee's suicide in Aimee is the reason why the main character is put on trial for murder and forced to leave her hometown. Her court-appointed psychiatrist suggests that she write a diary, which is the Framing Device for the book. Aunt Dimity 's death starts the whole series. Happens in Warrior Cats. Fireheart, main character of the first arc, spends the next three books trying to prove that the celebrated ThunderClan warrior Tigerclaw actually murdered Redtail, while uncovering Oakheart's dark secrets and connections to the other Clans.

Shortly before the start of The Legend of Sun Knight , Sun's childhood friend Roland is tortured and killed for sport. He is then revived as a powerful undead creature known as a Death Knight. Sun, being the poster board for the church and the one in charge of stopping undead attacks on the city, goes to face him and is unintentionally set up as Roland's killer.

Had he not met the head of that church, he wouldn't have been called in to help in book 3, etc. The story begins with him dying and meeting Garovel , which is how he starts involving himself in dangerous situations in order to save other people's lives. In the Star Trek novel Spock's World , the death of the Big Bad 's mate caused the Big Bad to think that "once again [said character] did not have [their] desire" and set out for Misplaced Retribution on Spock.

The Book of Exodus starts when the Egyptian Pharaoh orders the massacre of the Hebrews' firstborn which led to one of them being hidden away and found by Pharaoh's daughter. Old Major's death triggers the plot of Animal Farm as both Snowball and Napoleon plan to make his dream of freeing the farm from human control a reality. In Holes , the death of Sam the onion salesman in the s sets off the events of the entire novel; if Sam hadn't died, his lover Kate Barlow wouldn't have become an outlaw who accumulated a large fortune of stolen riches and buried it in the dried-up lake of her old town.

This led to Kate's rejected suitor, Trout Walker, spending the rest of his life trying to find the treasure, thus leading to the establishment of Camp Green Lake. It is actually implied that Green Lake drying up was divine judgement from God, after the town killed Sam for nothing more than kissing a white woman. The destruction of Buenos Aires in Starship Troopers. Nicholas Nickleby starts with his father's death, forcing him to work for his miserly uncle.

Without Remorse , an early Tom Clancy work and his only book that's not in the technothriller genre, kicks off the main plotline with the brutal murder of escaped Sex Slave and recovering drug addict Pamela Madden by her pimp. Norrell makes his name as a magician by bringing her back with the help of the gentleman with the thistle-down hair Mo Dao Zu Shi : In order to fulfill the requirements of summoning a villanous ghoul to take revenge, Mo Xuanyu had to scatter his soul to the point of not being able to come back ever, as a ghost or reincarnated and sacrificing his body to the protagonist Wei Wuxian who reentered teh world and got the plot rolling.

Billy witnessing the death by strangulation of a child is what starts off the plot of Lethal White. Seeing the death and burial decades ago and finally telling Strike leads to the plans of several major characters' plans getting derailed. It's actually subverted - Billy saw a strangling and a burial, but the child did not die and actually grows up to be one of the murderers whose very plan was changed by Billy confessing to seeing the incident to Strike - the effect on the plot is the same though. Live Action TV. Game of Thrones : Jon Arryn's death is what causes Eddard Stark and his family to become tangled in the game of thrones.

While it was Jon Arryn's death that started the events of the series and brought the Starks into the Game, it was Robert's that triggered the Succession Crisis that constitutes the bulk of the plot. Jon Arryn's death may have set the process in motion, but it's Ned's execution that ultimately plunges Westeros into all-out, bloody war. The war of season 7 is triggered by the deaths of Tommen Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, and Cersei usurping the throne from them.

In the first season of The Killing , Rosie Larsen's murder is what brings all of the characters into the plot. Veronica Mars had some seasons begin with the death s of important characters to stimulate the season long story arc or A-plot. In Glue , the murder of local teenager Cal Bray jumpstarts the plot. Babylon 5 : The Raiders , who for most of the first season of the show, were the only recurring antagonists, ended up getting wiped out in a matter of seconds , soon after pulling off their greatest heist, as part of The Reveal of what would be the show's primary villain for the next few seasons.

And for the first Season Finale of the show, the death of President Santiago kicks off the other major portion of the story for the next three seasons. Nate Sr. Johnny Bago. Johnny Tenuti, just out of prison, is set up on a blind date by his cousin with mob connections. The date kills The Don 's son, framing Johnny for the crime. Johnny goes on the lam. The pilot of CSI starts with an apparent suicide. This sets up the Paul Millander mystery arc which lasts one and half seasons.

The death of drug baron Harvey Wratten on The Shadow Line , which triggers the two main plots of the show by providing a starting point for Jonah Gabriel's investigations and putting Joseph Bede in charge of Wratten's organisation. Single Father : Rita's death kicks off the series as her widower and children try to find a way to cope afterwards. The Palace : King James is onscreen for a few seconds, doesn't even get a line, and dies before the opening titles. His unprepared twenty-something son Richard becomes King.

Scheming ensues. When her leave of absence gets a bit too long for her boss's comfort, he sends killers after her too. Then she finds out that she works for the bad guys, and that her semi-estranged dad is one of them. Then she earns the bad guys' trust so that she can become a double agent with the CIA. Then she finds out that her dad has been a double agent all along. On to episode two. Teen Wolf : The murder of Derek's sister Laura kicks off the first season, since her body being found in the woods is the reason Scott and Stiles are wandering around out there at night, leading to Scott being bitten by the Alpha and becoming a werewolf.

Downton Abbey The major plot of centers around Matthew becoming the heir to the title "Earl Grantham" and the corresponding estate after both people with better claim to it go down on the Titanic, forcing some rushed and frequently foolhardy attempts by the present Earl and family to make sure his daughters are still provided for. The death of Sybil's friend Tom Bellasis in season 2 motivates her to become a nurse.

Lavinia's father died in season 3 leaving his fortune to Matthew. The character who dies is the Doctor himself, and apparently permanently. Subverted when it turns out he was Faking the Dead. The main Series 7 arc is also launched when the confirmed new companion Clara is killed off in her second episode. Of course, it's not that she died and more that this was the second time the Doctor saw her die, making him realize there's something weird going on.

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Because, you know, the same person on two different planets and two different time periods died. Mary Winchester's death in Supernatural 's pilot episode. In the first episode of Farscape , when Crichton travels through the wormhole into that strange new part of the universe, his craft accidentally collides with a Peacekeeper vessel at the other end, killing its pilot, who is soon identified as Peacekeeper Commander Bialar Crais' brother—which sets up Crais' vendetta against Crichton for the rest of the season. Miranda had a romance with Diego in Villa Gesell, and everything was fine Miranda tried to see Diego again at the Buenos Aires obelisk, as planned, but he failed to meet her in time and, trying to give mistery to their first date in Buenos Aires, they did not exchange adresses or phone numbers.

She renounced to everything related to Rock and Roll, swore to never interact again with the dreaded Sandra or Roby, and started a romance with Segundo, a delicate high-society boy. End of flashback. Now, in the present, Roby has died. Miranda is now the heir of Roby's rock radio, she has to work alongside Sandra Roby's widow on a daily basis, and Diego saw her in the funeral and finally located her after so many years.

David Palmer and Michelle Dessler are killed at the start of 24 season 5. Twin Peaks. Chuck begins with his ex best friend and super spy Bryce getting killed but not before sending him The Intersect. Mary Alice's suicide in Desperate Housewives. George dies at the start of Dead Like Me and the rest of the series is about how she must adjust to her new life as a grim reaper and how her family must deal with her death. The Wire kicks off its initial investigation with D'Angelo skating over a murder charge.

This book had been on my TBR list for a very long time. It finally was available through the Austin Public Library a few weeks ago and I could not put it down. Nick is bringing home his American girlfriend to meet his family in Singapore for the first time and to attend his best friends wedding. Read it before it hits theaters this summer! The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. I have a particular love for romance novels and have zero qualms discussing it, though I often feel as though it is the genre with the most pitfalls as well as potential.

However, the state of the romance novel today is infinitely different from the average early s Fabio-esque tumble in the hay. Romance writing commands more than half of the publishing market in the US, with readers beyond the stereotypical light browser. These characters feel like admirable and relatable people doing their best with the baggage they bring to their new relationship—insecurities, demanding careers, past heartbreaks, long-distance dating, and of course, racial tension in all its major and minute forms.

Alexa, you see, is black, and Drew is white. Guillory skillfully navigates the trials and infinite joys of interracial dating without side-stepping the tough and true parts, but to be clear: this is not a book about issues of race, this is a book about two humans falling in love. I highly recommend celebrating love along with the characters of The Wedding Date. Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton. While Ethan Frome might not be romantic far from it , Edith Wharton creates an incredible, troublesome love triangle in this short book.

With perhaps one of the all-time best endings no spoilers!

African-American Authors : Adult Fiction and Drama

This tender, engrossing novel follows Kathryn and Chris, romantic partners of nine years, as they open up their relationship to other people and discover the elasticity, compassion and possibility that come with allowing deep love to evolve. With a touch of humor, the characters unpack nuanced emotions as they navigate their new boundaries, wading into waters of jealousy, loneliness and the definition of commitment in an earnest effort to figure out the very best way to love one another.

This book is terribly romantic. A wonderful read that reminded me that real love is so much bigger than the heart-shaped box we tend to put it in. Mosley introduces a new character — Joe King Oliver. Oliver has been forced off the New York police force. Now he works as a private detective. He receives a card in the mail with information about the case that framed him. Compiled in , Ms. It traces events from — Follow up novel to The Hate U Give. Thomas returns to the world of Garden Heights for a story about an aspiring teen rapper and what happens when you get everything you thought you wanted.

A contemporary story that offers an educational, eye-opening account of the practice of ritual servitude in West Africa. Story based on little-known true events. Slaves set free but are dragged back a gang of slave catchers. Combination of an autobiographical tale mixed with an examination of cultural forces. Jackson presents a microcosm of struggle and survival in contemporary urban America. These re-releases of previously published books give us a great opportunity to re-read works of a bygone time.

In , in Kentucky, a pregnant black woman helped lead an uprising of a group of slaves headed to the market for sale. She was sentenced to death, but her hanging was delayed until after the birth of her baby. In North Carolina in, a white woman living on an isolated farm was reported to have given sanctuary to runaway slaves. Tangy Mae is the 6th of 10 fatherless children.

Her mother pulls each one from school to earn money to support her. But Tangy is smart and has been chosen to help integrate the local high school. Iola lived a life of comfort until the death of her father when she learns that she is of mixed race and is sold into slavery. With the end of the Civil War, Ms. Leroy devotes her life to the uplift of the Black race. Imani Perry tells the story of the Black National Anthem as it traveled from South to North, from civil rights to black power, and from countless family reunions to Carnegie Hall and the Oval Office.

This book is short, but it should be a fun read. The White House is the home of the President of the United States, the most guarded, monitored, closely watched person in the world. So how could a U. President vanish without a trace? Previously a slave, Cathy Williams rejected the life of servitude she would have had as a woman at the end of the Civil War, disguised herself as a man, and enlisted with the legendary Buffalo Soldiers.

Redemption: Martin Luther King Jr. Marley Dias explores activism, social justice, volunteerism, equity and inclusion, and using social media for good. A collection of stories from early African American history that represent the oddity of success in the face of great adversity. Adeyemi conjures a stunning world of dark magic and danger in her West African-inspired fantasy debut novel. This debut novel tells the story of twin brothers who go to a party that ends with one of them dead at the hands of a police officer. The surviving twin must cope with the death, help his mother, and learn what justice really means.

A mystery is explored when the granddaughter finds a letter to her grandmother who left town in shame. A boy from across the street helps in deciphering the story. Told from three diverse points of view, this debut novel tells a story of life and love after loss. The majority of these books are spring and summer catalogs, and there are so many more exciting picture books coming out this year.

Mae Among the Stars. The book is the perfect way to start to talk to children about their dreams and how they can achieve them.

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One of the most anticipated picture book releases of the year! Share it with the child in your life to start a conversation about all the different ways you love them and that they can love others. An inspiring and heartwarming story, you definitely need this on your shelf! I have become such a fan of non-fiction picture books and I cannot wait to see this one! This picture book brings the story of the flag and will teach children about the inspiring Harvey Milk. Beautifully illustrated, I am looking forward to sharing this with students as soon as I can!

They Say Blue. Jillian Tamaki has been one of my favorite graphic artists since I first read Skim , the YA graphic novel she co-wrote with her cousin Mariko Tamaki, and her following books This One Summer and Super Mutant Magic Academy have only cemented her place on my best bookshelf. Her first picture book, which follows a young girl exploring the colors of the world around her, is a gorgeous, wonder-filled ode to the beauty of nature and perspective. The Chupacabra Ate the Candelabra. The illustrations are so fun and you and your child will be sure to laugh and wonder how the goats will escape the mighty chupacabra!

Iqbal and His Ingenious Idea. Rebecca Green is one of my favorite illustrators, and this story by Elizabeth Suneby about a resourceful, science-loving boy who devises a sustainable way to make the monsoon season in Bangladesh safer for his mother is a sweet, inspiring story about sustainable technology and family love.

Happy reading! I have been holding my breath waiting for this book for almost a year, ever since Houston author Anna Meriano told me about her story of the youngest sister in a family of Mexican-American pastry brujas, and all the anticipation only made it that much sweeter sorry, I had to. The following adventure mixes all my favorite ingredients of family love and rivalry , friendship, good intentions gone awry, and even features real recipes you can try yourself the magic is optional.

Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring. Have you always wished you could run away and secretly live in a museum, bathing in a fountain and uncovering the secret of an ancient statue, just like in The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Did you love Under the Egg and Chasing Vermeer as much as me? Ghost Boys. This new book by the award-winning author of Towers Falling , Ninth Ward , and many other celebrated books broke my heart—as it should. The titular ghost boys are spirits of the many, many young black American boys murdered in racial violence.

One of these is the main character, Jerome, a timid twelve-year old boy gunned down by a racist police officer while playing in the lot next to his house, and readers follow his confused, frightened ghost as he wanders the city, stuck, wishing he could either go back to his life or move on to what comes next. Jerome ends up becoming friends with the only living person who can see him: Sarah, the daughter of the police officer who murdered him, a white girl his own age, and she joins him on his search for understanding and change.

This story hurts. However, I recommend it as one of the most important books coming out this year. Drum Roll, Please.

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Growing up is hard, and even harder when several big changes come at the same time. Neil Gaiman famously misquoted G. Chesterton in his epigraph for one of my all-time favorite novels, Coraline. What fairy tales give the child is his first clear idea of the possible defeat of bogey. Flor and Miranda Steal the Show. An attractive story interspersed with rhymes, telling of two sisters, Churki and Burki, and their dog, based on the artist's own childhood memories in an Indian village.

Author: Manil Suri Publisher: Bloomsbury. Manil Suri's new novel, The City of Devi , is a weird postmodern dystopia, a thriller and a love story. Hyacinth Hayward is on a mission to save her kidnapped Mum. A delightfully silly, surreal and addictive adventure. Author: Catherine Fisher Publisher: Firefly. Orphan Seren Rhys has been sent to live with her mysterious Godfather after living for 12 years in an orphanage.

The possibility of her first happy family Christmas seems like it might finally be within her reach. On her solo journey to Wales, Seren is given a mysterious package to look after by a stranger and ends up feeling obliged to take it with her. Everyone loves art class; everyone except the little girl who sits alone and draws nothing, a black cloud glowering above her.

Cozy Mystery Bookclub- Quiche of Death

Many years after an unspecified cataclysm, the Earth has been shattered into a myriad of tiny planetoids floating in a vast ocean of air. Franklin was called 'The Cloudspotter' - and he didn't want to share his clouds with anyone. That's why he pops the infuriating Scruffy Dog into a hot-air balloon and lets her fly away. A charming story about a lonely little boy who finds a friend.

Humour, adventure, mystery and plenty of innocent childhood antics pepper this comical chapter book for young readers. Packed full of fascinating facts and flashes of humour, this non-fiction picture book encourages children to become wildlife detectives. Ideal for any animal enthusiast, this would also be a useful addition to the classroom for use on wildlife projects.

Author: Holly Black Publisher: Indigo. Welcome to Coldtown. Once you enter, you can never leave. Delightfully dark and gorgeously gothic, it is certain to enchant fans of all things chilling and supernatural. Author: Anna Llenas Publisher: Templar. An original and entertaining picture book using colour, collage-effect illustrations and a delightfully cute monster to help youngsters identify and understand different emotions. On Hassan's first day at school he paints a colourful picture of his home and family in Somalia, but then adds soldiers, flames and bullets.

Drawing on personal experiences of living in a family blighted by depression, this unusual, yet important, book may help youngsters to make sense of an illness they cannot see. It offers a wide range of opportunities and new ideas for parents and schools, working across the curriculum through art, history and beyond. Author: Harriet Whitehorn Publisher: Stripes. This adventure book is a total rollercoaster ride that will catch your breath as gutsy Cass weaves in and out of peril. After all, who doesn't want swashbuckling fun and women warriors with the hearts of lions?

Fortunately she meets Morag, a friend from orchestra, who says she can stay at her house. Author: Publisher: Andrews McMeel. The comic-strip adventures of Calvin, a naughty boy with a philosophical bent, and his soft toy tiger companion Hobbes, delighted readers from to The General of a powerful country sends his troops into the last unconquered territory, but to their surprise, when they march across the border, they meet with no resistance. Ever woken up to an eerie howl in the night and wondered what it was? This creepy tale about the Considine family might just have the answer.

The great beauty and diversity of the coral reef is explored in this stunningly beautiful picture book, which is a true work of art. The rhyming non-fiction text scans well and the information about coral reef conservation is pitched at the right level. This accessible and diversely illustrated picture book gives helpful suggestions for more or less any reading issue. It's likely to especially interest schools. A madcap, yet moving, story about having the courage of one's convictions, even when others doubt you.

One night, a little cow falls to earth from the moon, but none of the earth animals speak her language. Author: Jeremy Lachlan Publisher: Egmont. Jane Doe appeared on the steps of the mysterious Manor with her sick father as a baby, and ever since the residents of Bluehaven have considered her The Cursed One. But Jane's about to find out who she really is in a storming, funny and gripping adventure romp.

Monsters under the bed AKA The Creakers are acknowledged as scary, but the warm and humorous narrator will make more nervous children feel they are in safe hands. After reading this brilliantly creepy book, you'll never look at a potato in the same way again. Author: Dawn Kurtagich Publisher: Orion. Kurtagich has created an incredibly assured, claustrophobic horror with a fractured and troubled teen narrator that will have you gripped to the very last page.

Who has left it, and where is its matching pair? An engaging story with a rhyming text and a fun Croc puppet attached to bring the story to life. Witty, colourful and delightful. Matty is sick, and very sad because he's too sick to go to the Queen's birthday party! But when he gets an unexpected visitor, it seems that Matty might not miss out after all Author: Jennifer Bell Publisher: Corgi.

Jennifer Bell has built a wonderful new world in which readers can immerse themselves, in this pacey, magical adventure. There are twists and turns, new creatures and strange, 'uncommon' objects to discover around every street corner. Josh and his twin brother JB are mad about basketball. Although different from each other, the two brothers have always been as close as can be. But things are changing. In the dark depths of winter, Brave Crow sets out on a dangerous journey to find the Sun, and beg for warmth.

Inspired by a Native American myth, this beautiful picture book shows how courage and kindness are what really matter. Will finds a small creature caught in a trap in the woods; a hob. The discovery of this magical creature signals the beginning of an incredible adventure for Will. A more challenging read that really fires the imagination.

The Hunter is a cold, cruel man who lives only to kill rare animals and collect their skins. When the Hunter discovers that a pack of English wolves, long thought to be extinct, live in the Surrey countryside, he resolves to kill them all at any cost. This is a fantastic sequel for this dystopian series. Interspersing her text with archive photos, Cat Winters combines history with the supernatural in her celebration of independent women in early twentieth-century America, and highlights the fight for women's suffrage.

Natural World is an extremely beautiful reference book that explores the way that habitats, plants and animals are connected, and the way that all elements of nature work in harmony. This funny, touching and compelling novel was the winner of the inaugural Booktrust Teenage Prize. One night, the night-light goes out, and the dark calls Laszlo down into the basement to meet it.

James and Webster, a pair of unlikely friends, embark on a curious rampage across the Devonshire countryside: one to escape life as he knows it, the other on a quest to lift a curse. This is probably one of the greatest fantasy sequences ever written. Darkly magical and intense Cooper weaves her storytelling wonder over fully realised characters and worlds, drawing in the reader and leading them on a journey that will leave them clambering for the rest of the series. Author: Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books. This is a gripping and unsettling story with some disturbing characters and a menacing atmosphere which pervades throughout.

A dark but compelling read. One night as a boy, Chris Hadfield watches the Apollo 11 moon landing and decides to be an astronaut. This atmospheric book draws on the Commander's childhood fear of the dark, and his realisation that dreams can come true. Author: Holly Black Publisher: Hachette. With a refreshing spin on the traditional roles and full of sinister undertones and dark magic, this is a bewitching and exciting modern fairy tale for this generation of readers of YA fiction. Author: Suzanne Barton Publisher: Bloomsbury. A warm, reassuring tale about individual talents and about belonging, which will appeal to small children everywhere.

Glorious illustrations swirl through the pages in a crescendo of appealing, harmonious images. But when Mike tries to get his dad back, he finds he's already been traded for an electric guitar. Author: Lisa Thompson Publisher: Scholastic. A strange turn of events transports Maxwell to a world where nobody, not even his parents or sister, recognise him. How were they to know it would pinpoint the exact location of Planet Earth to Alan, the grumpiest alien in the universe?

One day, a surprising stack of postcards arrives for Duncan.

Yours Until Death

They are all from his old forgotten crayons, demanding to be brought home to the crayon box. A captivating, comical sequel to The Day the Crayons Quit. Award-winning illustrator and artist Oliver Jeffers has teamed up with film writer and director Drew Daywalt to create this gorgeously colourful picture book. Long ago, when the world was new, Lindiwe gazed down from the heavens, proud of the earth and the creatures she'd created.

A heartbreaking picture book that perfectly explains the displacement of people, and especially children, in war, and the trauma experienced by people forced to leave their homes. Author: Charlie Higson Publisher: Puffin. Jack and Ed think things are looking up after they escape boarding school in this sequel to The Enemy , but then something terrible happens that will put them in more danger than ever.

This is an utterly compelling and creepy psychological thriller which has the reader gripped from the very first page. Author: Chris Priestley Publisher: Bloomsbury. In this reinvention of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' a young boy sets out to sea with his uncle, but the voyage is soon damned by a curse that throws them off course.

Author: Christopher Edge Publisher: Catnip. The Government has a plan to clean up the environment — closing down motorways and returning the roads to nature. When Scott Williams' father is found dead in his government office, Scott resolves to find out the truth behind his death. Author: Garth Jennings Publisher: Macmillan. The story has many twists and turns. Through Uncle Pogo we are introduced to interesting inventions and unusual inventions and the monsters help Nelson to become better at making friends.

For all of his short life, Pepper Roux has been waiting to die. Now, on his fourteenth birthday, he knows he won't have to wait much longer. A chilling story of a future where Longevity drugs have made sections of the population almost immortal. This is a thought-provoking read.

A sweet little girl happily sets off to visit her best friend for tea through a deep dark wood full of lurking witches, trolls and giants. Edgy Taylor has a gift - he can see demons in the crowded streets of Victorian London. A gripping, gothic, horror story lightened by its dark humour and unpredictable characters. Strange things are happening in the dead of night.

Children who put a tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy wake to find Have you ever wondered if magic spells actually work? Well, Grace and her four best-friends have. Joseph is a half-goblin boy leading a miserable life as a tavern servant. When he finds a mysterious parcel he hopes that by returning it to its owner he might be offered a new, exciting life as a sailor or pirate.

But he soon discovers that there are dangerous magical forces abroad that will stop at nothing to regain the package. Funny and fast-paced, this entertaining story is bursting with mystery, sweets and ancient magic. The enthralling plot, wacky characters and larger-than-life villains are brought to life by witty black-and-white illustrations. Detective Dog Nell is famed for her sleuthing skills in this witty detail-packed book, full of exuberant rhyming couplets - perfect for sharing and reading aloud. Ella has a secret so toxic she dare not share it - not even with Max, the guy she loves.

Soon the couple get caught up in a cycle of revenge and violence, in this pacey and engaging thriller for young adults. Author: Anne Fine Publisher: Doubleday. Twins Sam and Niamh accompany their father to Florida each summer while he tries to unravel the mystery of their mother's disappearance at sea nine years ago. Aimed at older readers, this novel deals with adult themes of birth, sexuality, teen pregnancy, gang-culture, abuse and post-natal depression, but all in Wilson's usual credible, accessible style. Author: Julia Golding Publisher: Egmont.

Watch as a new estate is built, from the demolition of old properties to families moving into their new homes. This retelling of an old Chinese folk tale is beautifully illustrated in a contemporary, cinematic style and offers a glimpse at the culture and traditions of an ancient civilisation. Danny is greedy and spoilt - he already has so many toys there is no space in his room. When he sends Santa a long list for Christmas, St Nick decides to teach him a lesson.

Climb and Maintain: The Mystery of TWA Flight 800

This enjoyable and very funny story of adventure and intrigue is a brilliantly witty political satire appealing to a wide age range from early teens to adult. Can Esther give up her phone for two months to win a thousand pounds? Nine-year-old Mafalda has a degenerative eye condition.

She starts to keep a list of all the things she'll miss when her sight goes, but also the constants that surround her. Tender and thought-provoking, with a powerful but unforced message. Author: Publisher: Atom. In this lively and atmospheric tale of s New York, party girl Evie finds herself investigating a sinister string of occult murders. A perilous adventure with dystopian and environmental themes that cut unnervingly close to potential reality, The Dog Runner is a tense, thrilling adventure full of close calls, but also glowing with heart, whether it's the relationship between Ella and Emery or their love for the "doggos" helping them get to where they need to be.

The valley was a picture of harmony until the dog appeared and ate everything up. A sensitive and fascinating portrayal of how Christmas might be experienced by a boy on the autistic spectrum, and how a therapy dog provides reassurance and helps him enjoy the festive season. Spooky and atmospheric, The Dogs is everything you could want from a murder mystery and ghost story.

Author: R. Doll Karolina is saved from war in her native Land of the Dolls and transported to Poland to live with a man known as the Dollmaker - only for their lives to be turned upside down by World War II. An unusual novel blending reality with folklore and fantasy that will have a lasting impact on readers. There's a Dickensian flavour to this satisfying time-travel tale, which takes its teenage hero on a journey from gritty modern-day London, to the city of the s.

Jenny Valentine presents another enthralling, perplexing and thought-provoking novel exploring family, friendship and identity. Sally Gardner lives up to her reputation for delivering ambitious and highly imaginative writing for teenagers in this unusual and complex historical novel.

A giant, police-eating doughnut is wreaking havoc in the town square. Will Nancy, ace reporter and peanut butter sandwich, save the day? An uplifting story about a timid baby dragon and a friendly young knight who discover they have much more in common than people think - and refuse to fight. When spirited young dragon Aventurine is tricked into drinking some enchanted hot chocolate, she is turned into a human girl.

Dragons, magic and chocolate combine in this captivating fantasy adventure. In this collection of 11 stories about Vikings, you will encounter sailors, traders and explorers. It had sounded so easy: Edward was going to look after Uncle Morton's unusual pet for a week while he went on holiday.

But soon the fridge is empty, the curtains are blazing, and the postman is fleeing down the garden path. An exceptional debut novel that is packed with adventure, magic and humour. Emigrating to America, a girl loses the trunk that contains her beloved dress. The dress then embarks on an epic around-the-world journey to find her. A poetic and exquisitely illustrated story about love, loss, the passing of time and the power of memory.

Life" series, which focuses on musical instruments from around the world, created by award-winning picture book author and artist Ken Wilson-Max. In this book, we meet the drum. Seventeen year old Bianca believes her friends are all much more attractive to boys than she is herself. Wesley, a boy whom she hates, confirms this when he tells her she is 'The Duff' - the designated ugly fat friend chosen by other girls to draw attention to themselves.

Paul Hansen must follow the dangerous Eagle Trail through the Pyrenees Mountains to get to England and escape Nazi persecution in this well-researched historical drama. Learn about the inner workings of our earth, including earthquakes, volcanoes, thunderstorms and tsunamis; animal life on earth; the earth regions and the impact of humans on the planet, including information on migration, population and sustainability in this comprehensive hardback book celebrating the biodiversity and structure of this fascinating planet.

Author: Publisher: Usborne. Engaging, harrowing and thought-provoking, this is a story that should not be forgotten. Author: Alan Gibbons Publisher: Hachette. Danny and his mother Cathy are on the run from her abusive boyfriend, Chris. They go back to the Edge, Cathy's childhood home, which she left after having Danny at the age of sixteen. The first book of The Edge Chronicles which sees Twig start his quest to find out who he really is. Cade and his friends are forced into action to defend their beloved home; they must summon the combined forces of the Deadwoods to repel the force of their enemies.

A storm is brewing far in the open sky, headed straight for the floating city of Sanctaphrax. But, when Twig has lost his memory of being warned of this catastrophe, he must find his crew and save the day. The second part of the Twig Saga follows Twig as he joins the crew of the Stormchaser in a dangerous quest to collect stormphrax to save the floating city of Sanctaphrax. Fleeing the scene of his father's murder in the city of Great Glade, Cade Quarter smuggles himself onto the Xanth Filatine , a floating skytavern that journeys over the vast landscape of The Deadwoods.

A mythic-feeling story about a girl who lives on the flat marshes, fishing for eels, and soon befriends an otter that will help her flee danger. Professor Ohms, a scientific detective, takes you on a journey of discovery around the periodic table. Packed with many weird and wonderful facts, it's perfect for any aspiring scientists or detectives! One day, an elephant offers a baby a ride through the town, and the set off on a great adventure. Who is the culprit? This is a magnificent magical mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end about who the culprit might be.

This story provides an engaging context in which much wider, complex environmental issues are explored. Children and families will enjoy this calming lullaby of a book, with its gentle refrain, muted colours and fairy tale-like charm. It's a great one for children who are scared of the dark, and it's perfect for bedtime and settling down for the night. A foolish greedy lion and a disloyal crocodile are two of the animals who get their just deserts in this quirky and beautifully-presented collection of traditional Indian folk tales. In a distant future in which wars, riots and environmental crises have changed the world as we know it, year-old Silver is an Elite, specially chosen to guard the city of Neo-Babel.

Detailed and original, yet never sacrificing the human story for fantasy, this is a fabulous book that will enchant and inspire. This new fantasy adventure will appeal to lovers of Narnia and Harry Potter. Readers will enjoy immersing themselves in …. An unusual and atmospheric story set in the run-up to World War II. As London's children prepare for evacuation to the countryside, they are horrified to discover that their beloved pets are due to be put down. The Emperor of Absurdia awakes one morning and can't find his snuggly scarf, so after checking with The Wardrobe Monster, begins to search for it.

This is a satirical story about a very vain Emperor who adores beautiful new clothes and has wardrobes full of them! The story is told simply, using short sentences and a small number of frequently repeated words. Award-winning writer and director Richard Curtis turns his hand to picture books in this magical festive story, beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Cobb. A magical tale of a little girl whose enduring love brings a very special horse to life. With a traditional feel and timeless quality, it could be a future family favourite. Author: Enid Blyton Publisher: Egmont.

When Joe, Beth and Frannie move into a new home, they discover a mysterious wood on their very doorstep. When the sickness came, the adults became ill. The lucky ones died but many mutated into brainless, deformed monsters with a seemingly insatiable appetite - for children. In full colour throughout with great, modern design, this book is extremely well written and fun. Every page is full of genuinely fascinating and unusual facts. An emotionally powerful story about friendship and grief, family and secrets, with a good dose of mystery and a dramatic, race-against-time conclusion.

It's very readable and feels like a future classic. This picture book about a missing toy bear somehow seems like a classic already - with a lovely whiff of nostalgia about it all, while also feeling very current and gently inclusive. Author: Jane Hardstaff Publisher: Egmont. The crowds at the Tower of London love nothing better than the grisly spectacle of an execution. But as the executioner's daughter, Moss has seen more than her fair share of horror. Now, lost in the Amazon rainforest, they must figure out the basics of survival.

And one is inhabited by vicious, predatory dinosaurs. George loves helping out at Wormestall Farm, a secret sanctuary for exinct and mythical beasts, where unlikely things are always happening. This biography of brilliant mathematician Katherine Johnson charts her life from early childhood to the present day. Beautifully designed, the book also includes a wealth of information about space exploration and aspects of American history. An utterly nonsensical but engaging romp through the weirdest town in the world, featuring a warty witch, a creepy scientist, vegetarian piranhas and a dastardly plot that could change the town forever.

Fabulous hairdresser to the fairy-tale stars Kittie helps Cinderella meet her Prince in this fun and light-hearted reworking of a favourite fairy story. Author: Elizabeth May Publisher: Gollancz. Eighteenth century Edinburgh and a dark faerie underworld collide in this fast-moving, gripping Steampunk fantasy romance. Author: Mary Hoffman Publisher: Bloomsbury. Romance, art, monasticism and murder in Umbria, Hoffman has specialised in creating atmospheric historical novels, filled with intrigue Author: Publisher: Penguin.

This selection of Poe's short fiction demonstrates his intense interest in aesthetic issues and the astonishing power and imagination with which he probed the darkest corners of the human mind. Orphaned alley cat Aldwyn is bought by Jack, a likeable young wizard, and has a home and family at last. But when Jack is kidnapped, Aldwyn and his fellow familiars must rescue him. A joyous picture book about the importance of family and all the strength it can give you, this celebrates family in all its wonderful, diverse glory.

The message is subtle, but a crucial one: every family is special and the only thing that matters is love. Author: Ben Okri Publisher: Vintage. The Famished Road is the story of a spirit child Azaro. Azaro meaning 'born to die' has been born to his parents many a times only to die shortly after birth. Mammoth has a problem. He's terribly hungry. His tiny friend Bug brings him food, but one gulp later, it's gone - and Mammoth is gloomy and starving, all over again.

A charming, comical, rhyming tale of two unlikely friends. John Green tackles the subject of teenage cancer with sensitivity in this witty, life-affirming young adult romance. Children quake in the darkness as they hear the terrifying roar of the fearsome beastie as it searches for food The first part of J R R Tolkien's epic masterpiece The Lord of the Rings , this is the story of young hobbit Frodo Baggins, who finds himself faced with an immense and terrible duty.

Dunmore has spun a magical story to show how a small boy in a remote island setting who misses his Dad is reassured by a make-believe trip to visit him in the Far North. Author: Norman Mailer Publisher: Penguin.

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When crisis strikes, a girl convinces her brother that they are the stars of a film to protect him from the harsh realities of their new life. Darcy might be a dolphin, but her daily life at school and home will be incredibly relatable to primary school children. Author: John Stephens Publisher: Doubleday. Author: David Almond Publisher: Hachette.

When Bobby begins a new school and endures sadistic cruelty at the hands of his new teachers, he is drawn away from his old friends and towards newcomer Daniel. Author: Jan Pienkowski Publisher: Penguin. Jan Pienkowski's silhouette illustrations lend an air of mystery and drama to this text, taken from the King James Bible.

The message is that working as a team is the best way forward. From the moment that Mary conceives Jesus to his birth in a humble stable, the Nativity is depicted simply and with great beauty in this five double-page spread pop-up book. A delightful gift book. This book is testament to Blake's belief that all children need to be able find themselves in books.

When her new baby brothers are born critically ill, Jess becomes convinced that the strange and beautiful flask in Aunt Edie's desk has the power to help them. In a bright meadow full of fruit and flowers, a boy plays a flute that sounds full of magic. This poetic book is the second in a series of books for babies and toddlers about musical instruments from around the world and how they make us feel and move.

Energetic illustrations and some lift-the-flap sections add interest as the humble housefly buzzes through this lively book. Author: Nick Sharratt Publisher: Walker. Author: Marcus Sedgwick Publisher: Hachette. But can she really change the future? What will happen when the fourth and final rider appears, will his appearance signal the end of the world?

This sweet story weaves Morpurgo's effortless storytelling with ancient and very recent history: Leicester City's win of the Premiership title. Beautiful illustrations make it a lovely gift: football fans, history fans and fox fans are all taken care of here. Author: Victoria Williamson Publisher: Kelpies.

Told in dual narrative, this story follows Reema and Caylin as they negotiate a shaky friendship: one, an asylum seeker from Syria, and the other, a girl whose mum is struggling to cope. A truly excellent and ultimately uplifting book with plenty of heart. A clever and thoughtful picture book showing how much fun the older generation can be and the valuable contribution they can make to young lives. Author: Jon Scieszka Publisher: Penguin. After the Princess kissed the frog, he turned into a handsome prince, and they lived happily ever after… or did they?

Hannah and her brother Benjy are on holiday. But instead of relaxing, Hannah is terrified: convinced there's something dreadful in her room. The suspense builds chillingly in this pared-down, atmospheric ghost story. Is it fiction or non-fiction? You decide! This highly interactive book mixes together real and made-up facts about pets, with hilarious results.

Packed with cartoon-style illustrations, The Funny Life of Pets is a comical take on how to choose and care for a pet. At the end of Edward Lear's much loved poem, the happily married Owl and the Pussy-cat are dancing hand-in-hand on the edge of the sand Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson has turned her hand to children's books in this new continuation of Peter Rabbit's adventures.

Author: Publisher: Faber Children's Books. Cal, Brick and Daisy are three very different teenagers, living very different lives, but one horrific day they are thrown together in unimaginable circumstances. Author: Publisher: Catnip. This gently humorous chapter book was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize ; black and white line drawings add to its appeal and the length is perfect for emerging readers. This lovely new series of baby books includes games with art, patterns and light, all designed to get very young children to have fun with exploring and using their imagination.

This pacy coming-of-age adventure concentrates on the private hopes, dreams and feelings that drive its characters along, but also keeps enough sense of the gritty realities of street life. Alfie's parents are very silly, and it's no time at all until young Alfie shows common sense beyond his years. Soon, he is headteacher, town mayor and prime minister of the country - all before his ninth birthday.

Giggles and guffaws aplenty. Banksy is dedicated to his ambition to become mega-rich through his various money-making schemes. His business partners - and next-door neighbours - are the Baxter Brothers. Billy has boundless confidence and enthusiasm, and Sam is six going on sixty. And then there's Dingdong, their cousin, who is reluctantly allowed to join in, especially if she can help t…. Author: Ed Vere Publisher: Penguin. Notorious cheese thief Fingers McGraw is on the run or rather, on the moped from chief law enforcer The Elephant.

Set in s Malaysia, this is the story of seventeen-year-old Li Lan, whose quiet life with her father is dramatically altered when he returns one evening with a proposition for her. This slim volume includes 14 'war stories' made up of poems, songs and re-tellings of ghostly sightings and mysterious coincidences, themed around World War One. Jamal wakes to find that everyone in his West African village have been killed. He alone has survived because of how others perceive his epilepsy. This is a powerful, moving and mesmerising story, set in a violent world and seen through a year-old's eyes.

Creakie Hall is falling down but there is no money in the bank so Aunt Gardenia Bogey-Mandeville needs to come up with a money-making scheme pretty quickly Author: Marcus Sedgwick Publisher: Indigo. The Ghosts of Heaven is an excellent book that will open up new avenues of thought and future reading and introduces teenage readers to a more inventive understanding of storytelling.

The illustrations brim with jokes and delightful details, the rhyming text is breezy fun, and the line between darkly gruesome and good-hearted is deftly maintained. The children in Miss Honeywood's class decide to grow vegetables in their school garden. What a shock they get when they discover a huge turnip that they are unable to move.

Author: Julia Donaldson Publisher: Egmont. Jumbeelia, a young girl giant from Groil, the Land of Giants, loves the stories of the iggly plop who climbed up the bimblestonk and was chased back down again by a giant. A giant is caught short when his loo roll drops to the floor and rolls away. As it rolls through the town the people make use of the enormous sheets to devise all sorts of useful creations. We are taken right back to the action, with Podkin, his sister Paz and the poor rabbits they rescued sheltering in the Dark Hallow warren.

A modern-day classic. Author: Melissa Grey Publisher: Atom. Everything about this book is exquisite. When seven-year-old Echo, a runaway and thief, is discovered in the library by a mysterious lady covered in feathers her life is changed for ever. This is a book all tween girls should have. Like a chat with a friend with an excellent sense of humour, The Girl Guide is precisely the straight-talking and empowering read girls need at what can be a confusing and awkward time.

When her closest friend disappears into the island's Forgotten Territories, Isabella Riosse volunteers to guide the search. A stunning debut, full of myth, magic and mapmaking. When Wilhelmina Silver's home is sold, she is torn from her best friend, her adopted monkey and her pet horse, and banished to an inhospitable boarding school in England. When the Green Wind turns up and carries September away to Fairyland, she soon finds herself battling to stop the evil Marquess.

Author: Kelly Barnhill Publisher: Piccadilly. When babies are left in the forest as an offering, the witch Xan protects them and feeds them on starlight. But one day, Xan feeds a baby the moon by mistake — and fills her with a dangerous amount of magic. A thoughtful book about belonging and fear. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is the story of year-old schoolgirl Kazuko, who accidentally discovers that she can leap back and forth in time after a strange encounter with a shadowy figure at school.

Author: Sophie Anderson Publisher: Usborne. Found in a bear cave when she was a baby and raised by her foster mother, Yanka has always wondered who she really is. Readers will be gripped by her quest to find out in this marvellous tale inspired by Russian folklore. Stella sets out to discover if her mother really was a mermaid. Louie is a feisty heroine, loyal to her friends and determined to succeed in this engaging historical adventure.