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Follow the One who never breaks covenant. We follow the One whose extravagant love calls us.

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We praise the Spirit that spans the ages. Email This BlogThis! Prayer: Luke A prayer from Christine Jerrett, inspired by the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke See the link to her blog below. Prayer: Peculiar Salvation. God of resurrection power,. You have called us to be your people,. You summon us into a world.

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You persist in offering us gifts. It is hard for us to trust you. Yet, you do not abandon us. Here, in the time of worship,.

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Turn us toward hope,. We pray in Christ Jesus, our crucified yet risen Saviour. Labels: opening prayer , Proper 21 C. Prayer: Contentment with Enough. Believe that your faith has everything to do with your romance, because it does.


How can increased faith in the Savior help married couples strengthen their relationship with one another? Answers may include those listed below. They become more Christlike in their treatment of each other. They become more loving, helpful, gentle, patient, and willing to listen to one another.

The more willing each spouse is to repent and become like the Savior, the more harmonious the marriage will be.

In what ways can married couples work together to increase their faith in the Savior? Invite participants to share experiences that have strengthened their faith in the Savior. Obey the laws and ordinances of the gospel. Study the scriptures together. Read Helaman —8 with participants. Trust in the Lord.

Read Proverbs —6 with participants. What blessings can come when a husband and wife regularly kneel together in prayer?

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Encourage participants to share experiences that appropriately relate to this question. In addition, read the following quotation and one or both of the following examples. Hinckley counseled:. Somehow the little storms that seem to afflict every marriage are dissipated when, kneeling before the Lord, you thank him for one another, in the presence of one another, and then together invoke his blessings upon your lives, your home, your loved ones, and your dreams. Your companionship will sweeten through the years; your love will strengthen. When he kneels beside his wife in prayer, holding her hand, he listens to her plead with Heavenly Father about the concerns that are in her heart.

His love for her increases because he knows that her heart is pure and her motives are genuine. He knows that when she speaks to Heavenly Father, she truly wants nothing more than to serve Him in righteousness.

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In another family, the husband suffered from a long-term physical disability. Every evening before he and his wife went to bed, they thanked Heavenly Father for their blessings and sought His guidance in raising their four children on a meager income. Years later, when the husband was able to go back to work, they were asked how they had been able to manage during the difficult times. They testified that working together and praying together made the difference.

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Their sincere prayers had been answered with many blessings, including the hope they received through the comforting influence of the Spirit. How can praying together help husbands and wives resolve difficulties in their relationship? As participants discuss this question, point out that when husbands and wives feel contention between each other, they sometimes stop praying together. However, praying together is a powerful tool to help them overcome such challenges.