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Four of horror's brightest talents light up the corners, illuminate the shadows and show you ready or not what's there in the dark, where if you're not careful, you might end up Swallowed By The Cracks. Once again, Dark Arts Books has assembled a killer lineup of top-notch talent and they have delivered some amazing stories! Gary McMahon , drawing favorable comparisons to Ramsey Campbell in his native England, shows just why in tales ranging from feverish nightmares "The Ghost in You" to coldly-calculated terror "Creep" and everything in between.

Browne , fresh from the success of his ingenious novels Breathers and Fated, explores male sexual fantasies run amok in "Dream Girls," science run amok in "Dr. Lullaby," a charming small town run amok in "Lower Slaughter," and, perhaps most terrifying, a writer run amok in "Lord of Words. Another hugely enjoyable collection of the best dark fiction writing by today's most talented authors, courtesy of your friends at Dark Arts Books.

Nick S. Cherie Priest. Sean Platt. Kim Stanley Robinson. Neal Stephenson. Stephen King. The Martian: Classroom Edition. Andy Weir. The Burning Room. Michael Connelly. Lauren Beukes. John Henry Days. Colson Whitehead. Crap Dates. Rhodri Marsden. Tattoo Machine. Jeff Johnson. Apex Hides the Hurt. Thirteen Volume One. Andrew Hannon. A Selfie as Big as the Ritz. Lara Williams. And the Heart Says Whatever.

Emily Gould. Horror Anthology: A collection of short, scary stories. Chris Welsh. Gone to the Crazies. Alison Weaver. New Fears. Mark Morris. See You in Paradise. J Robert Lennon. The Hanging Tree. Erik Lynd. Leave me alone: Memoirs of an Exmormon. Closet Dreams. Lisa Tuttle. Books of Adam. Adam Ellis. Joe Vaz. The Black Book. AJ Kirby. Batman's Clock. Alex Maher. Kissing Carrion. Gemma Files. Secret Faces. Kealan Patrick Burke. Definitely Inappropriate. Diane Henders. Chump Change. David Eddie. There is no trace of it in the primary source he cites, [37] and when asked, Gaiman has stated that he made up the "legend".

The novel was later adapted into a four-issue miniseries by P.

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Craig Russell and released by Vertigo from January to April Gaiman and Matt Wagner co-wrote Sandman Midnight Theatre , a prestige format one-shot in which Dream and Wesley Dodds meet in person after the events in the storyline, "The Python," which ended with Dodds's lover, Dian Belmont, going to England, which eventually brings both her and Dodds to Roderick Burgess's mansion. Gaiman wrote several new stories about Morpheus and his siblings, one story for each, which were published in as the Endless Nights anthology.

The stories are set throughout history, but two take place after the final events of the monthly series. It was written by Gaiman and featured a different illustrator for each story. These include the manga -style book Death: At Death's Door , one of DC's best selling books of , [45] set during the events of Season of Mists , and The Little Endless Storybook , a children's book using childlike versions of the Endless. To commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of The Sandman , Gaiman wrote a new tale involving the battle that had exhausted Morpheus prior to the beginning of the original story.

Williams III , Overture tells the previously hinted story of Dream's adventure prior to Preludes and Nocturnes , which had exhausted him so much that it made Burgess' actions capable of capturing him. The limited series had six issues. It started in August At the start of the series, Morpheus is captured by an occult ritual and held prisoner for 70 years. Morpheus escapes in the modern day and, after avenging himself upon his captors, sets about rebuilding his kingdom, which has fallen into disrepair in his absence.

Later, the series evolves into an elaborate fantasy series, incorporating elements of classical and contemporary mythology, ultimately placing its protagonist in the role of a tragic hero. The storylines primarily take place in the Dreaming , Morpheus's realm, and the waking world, with occasional visits to other domains, such as Hell , Faerie , Asgard , and the domains of the other Endless. The DC Universe was the official setting of the series, but well-known DC characters and places were rarely featured after Most of the storylines take place in modern times, but many short stories are set in the past, taking advantage of the immortal nature of many of the characters, and deal with historical individuals and events such as in the short story "Men of Good Fortune.

The Sandman comic book series falls within the dark fantasy genre, albeit in a more contemporary and modern setting. Critic Marc Buxton described the book as a "masterful tale that created a movement of mature dark fantasy" which were largely unseen in previous fantasy works before it.

Later, the series would reference the DCU less often, while continuing to exist in the same universe. Critic Hilary Goldstein described the comic book as "about the concept of dreams more so than the act of dreaming. The story is structured not as a series of unconnected events nor as an incoherent dream, but by having each panel have a specific purpose in the flow of the story.

Many Vertigo books since, such as Transmetropolitan and Y: The Last Man , have adopted this kind of format in their writing, creating a traditional prose only seen in the imprint. The Sandman was initially published as a monthly serial, in page comic books with some exceptions to this pattern.

The stories within were usually 24 pages long, with eight exceptions within the main story arc: issue 1, "Sleep of the Just" 40 pages ; issue 14, "Collectors" 38 pages ; issue 32, "Slaughter on Fifth Avenue" 25 pages ; issue 33, "Lullabies of Broadway" 23 pages ; issue 36, "Over the Sea to Sky" 39 pages ; issue 50, "Distant Mirrors—Ramadan" 32 pages ; issue 52, "Cluracan's Tale" 25 pages ; issue 75, "The Tempest" 38 pages.

Death's debut story, "The Sound of Her Wings" from issue 8, appeared both at the beginning of early editions of The Doll's House and at the end of Preludes and Nocturnes , creating overlap between the first two volumes. A total of ten trade paperbacks contain the full run of the series and have all been kept in print.

In , Vertigo began releasing a new edition of Sandman books, featuring the new coloring from the Absolute Editions. The Sandman , written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by J. Williams III , returned in October as a limited series. The six-part prequel, Overture , tells the previously untold story that led to Morpheus' capture by Roderick Burgess in the first issue of the monthly series. The DC Comics Absolute Edition series are large 8" by 12" prints of a considerably higher quality and price than the library edition, and include a leather-like cover and a slipcase.

The volume features a copy of the original series outline and other bonus features, such as a new introduction by the president of DC Comics, a new afterword, and a reproduction of the original comic draft and notes for " A Midsummer Night's Dream ". While initially hesitant about releasing annotated editions, Gaiman eventually changed his mind when he forgot a reference when asked about it by a reader.

The task of annotating the series was undertaken by Gaiman's friend Leslie S. The first volume of The Annotated Sandman was published by DC Comics in January as a large 12" by 12" black-and-white book with an introduction by Gaiman and included issues 1— The annotations are presented on a page-by-page, panel-by-panel basis, with quoted sections from Gaiman's scripts and insight into the various historical, mythological and DC Universe references included in the comic.

The second volume annotating issues 21—39 was released in November The Sandman Omnibus , a massive two-volume hardcover edition, was released in to commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Sandman. Volume 1 collects issues 1—37 and The Sandman Special No. Both volumes are printed with the Absolute edition recoloring, feature a leather-like cover in black and red, and have over pages.

A special Silver version of The Sandman Omnibus was released as well. Limited to copies and autographed by Gaiman, the Silver edition includes both volumes with a slipcase, silver-like finish and a numbered page with Gaiman's signature. The Sandman No. Craig Russell. Hillary Goldstein of IGN praised the comic book, saying that it "is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to Vertigo books.

Neil Gaiman's work on the series is considered legendary for a reason. This story, in its entirety, is every bit as good as Watchmen and of equal if not greater literary merit. Were I to list the best single comic-book issues I have ever read, three would come from this collection. Whether you have read The Sandman before or are a first timer, this is the one book you need to buy this fall.

The stories within are magnificent and the care taken in reproducing Gaiman's work is the same you'd expect for any great work of literature. Throughout the late s, a film adaptation of the comic was periodically planned by Warner Bros. Roger Avary was originally attached to direct after the success of Pulp Fiction , collaborating with Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio in on a revision of their first script draft, which merged the "Preludes and Nocturnes" storyline with that of "The Doll's House.

Avary was fired after disagreements over the creative direction with executive producer Jon Peters , best known for Batman and Superman Lives. It was due to their meeting on the Sandman film project that Avary and Gaiman collaborated one year later on the script for Beowulf.

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The project carried on through several more writers and scripts. Gaiman called the last screenplay that Warner Bros. By , the project had become stranded in development hell. But I feel like the time for a Sandman movie is coming soon. Goyer announced in an interview in early December that he would be producing an adaptation of the graphic novel, alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Neil Gaiman.

Jack Thorne was hired to write the script. Due to the prolonged development period of the film, in , DC Entertainment shifted focus onto developing a television series adaptation. Film director James Mangold pitched a series concept to cable channel HBO , whilst consulting with Gaiman himself on an unofficial basis, but this proved to be unsuccessful. It was reported in September that Warner Bros. Television was licensing the rights to produce a TV series, and that Supernatural creator Eric Kripke was their preferred candidate to adapt the saga.

In March , it was announced via Neil Gaiman's web blog that while he and DC liked Eric Kripke and his approach, it didn't feel quite right. The author hoped to launch the series in another form but plans for a television adaptation are on hold as production moves forward on the film. Netflix announced in June that it has completed a deal with Warner Bros. Allan Heinberg is set to be the showrunner, with Gaiman and Goyer to serve as executive producers. On September 16, , Deadline. Lucifer will be featured in a CSI -like or Elementary style television show with supernatural elements.

The writer of the pilot episode was Tom Kapinos and the director and executive producer was Underworld director, Len Wiseman. In May , the series was officially picked up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comic series by Neil Gaiman. Cover of The Sandman No. Main article: List of The Sandman spinoffs. Main article: Lucifer TV series. Comics portal Speculative fiction portal. Archived from the original on July 2, Retrieved March 13, DC Comics. Entertainment Weekly.

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June 18, Archived from the original on January 10, Retrieved April 20, Archived from the original on August 10, Deadline Hollywood. Archived from the original on July 13, Retrieved December 16, It has been rumored that Gordon-Levitt might star, and the deal he's making attaches him as the protagonist.

The A. Archived from the original on October 30, TV For 'Sandman' Series". Retrieved July 1, The Sandman Companion. Mike's Amazing World of Comics. Archived from the original on December 8, London, United Kingdom: Dorling Kindersley. In arguably one of the greatest achievements in serialized modern comic books, writer Neil Gaiman crafted the seventy-five-issue ongoing series The Sandman , introducing its readers to a complex world of horror and fantasy.

Comic Book Resources. Jonathan J. Schlosser is a student at Grand Valley State , though not for much longer. He writes horror, science fiction, fantasy, and all sorts of stories that are just mixed bits and pieces of those three. He frowns on their high tuition rates. Jon has published fifteen short stories as of July, , and is working on a number of novels.

He has completed one, False Teeth, which has not been published as of yet. He is also working as Editor for the Candlelight anthology.

More can be found at his website:. Adam R. He and his wife care for two German Shepherds, a free-range toad, and a colony of snails who live in an old coffee pot. His website is adamrshannon. Sheehan is a writer from New York who has managed to make the most of a mind gone mad. You can keep track of K. Shane Simmons is an award-winning screenwriter and graphic novelist whose work has appeared in international film festivals, museums and lectures about design and structure.

His art has been discussed in multiple books and academic journals about sequential storytelling, and his short stories have been printed in critically praised anthologies of history, crime and horror. He lives in Montreal with his wife and too many cats. Visit him at eyestrainproductions. Marge Simon is married to Bruce Boston. Peter Simon is a British social support worker for adults with learning disabilites, as well as a freelance writer. He publishes mostly sci-fi and fantasy, as well as the occasional health article.

In his spare time Peter enjoy long-distance cycling and swimming. He also loves aromatherapy. Published horror fictionist and creator of the cult-followed Saturday Night Grindhouse www. A huge fan of Clive Barker, Rob Zombie, and the Misfits, he feels that in order to be successful, art needs to be terrifying. As a graphic artist, videographer, musician and writer, Justin knows his passion is in horror and his audience is there as well. Martin Slag lives and works in the South Side of Pittsburgh, where nothing bad ever happens.

His favourite thing to do in the world is to write in front of a window when it snows. He has been published in several places, some of which you may have even heard of. In Fall he was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. In his free time he likes to drink vodka and chase skirt. Tolkien was released by the Internet Review of Science Fiction.. Her erotic fiction can be found in various dark corners of the world wide web under the pen name Heather Lin.

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Tommy B. Smith is a writer of dark fiction. Willie Smith is deeply ashamed of being human. His work celebrates this horror. He resides under a rock somewhere deep in the bowels of Seattle. You may also witness him embarrassing himself at: www. Smuin was born in Burley Idaho, on December 7th, Born into a family of eccentric, creative individuals, he found passion for Art, and creativity at a very young age.

His career began to take off in early , when he submitted several drawings to an art exhibit in Washington DC, and sold every piece. Since then, he has been serious about taking his work, and his career to new levels. He has exhibited his work in several Gallery exhibits, and has been published in several Magazine publications. He is also an experienced Tattoo Artist, and an award winning Tattoo designer. Smuin lives alone in his studio, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Interested in learning more about R.

Smuin, go to www. Ian Sputnik is a reader and writer of horror and other dark fiction. Why not visit him there? Craig W. Steele is a professor of biology and health services at Edinboro University in northwestern Pennsylvania. In his continuing quest to become a widely-read unknown writer, his work appears in numerous anthologies, literary journals and magazines. Jonathan Stevens is currently a professor of physical chemistry at the University of Detroit Mercy and has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy literature for thirty-four years.

Christopher Lee Stine was not named after the British actor who played Dracula and Count Dooku, but he has been drawing and painting most of his life. He resides in , Pennsylvania. Nicholas Stirling is a teacher from Ancaster , Ontario. He is currently trying and mostly failing to balance work, an in-progress Master of Education degree, fatherhood one daughter and another on the way , marriage to his high school sweetheart, and an overactive imagination.

When tiny windows of opportunity open he tries to blog at Exercising Monsters , or write, or draw, or ride his longboard without falling off too much. His current heroes are Neil Gaiman and Sir Ken Robinson, though neither has yet responded to his offer of brunch. Jason Sturner grew up along the Fox River in northern Illinois. He is of European and Native American descent. Of his many jobs, the most interesting were bird bander, graphic designer, and botanist. He currently lives near the Great Smoky Mountains.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Cincinnati , Ohio. He has been writing since high school and had many pieces of work published in the local newspaper. At 17 he moved to Perth, the capital city, to attend university. He studied primary school teaching and majored in art and craft. He now works as an English language teacher and counsellor. He has had quite a number of horror and fantasy stories published in both the UK and the , both in print and in online e-zines. He also writes erotica under a pseudonym. Visit him at: www.

Read more at his website. Residing in Uppsala, Sweden, P. Svensson is eeking out his existence as a paper boy and sometime contributor to poetry and other magazines. A fan of sf and fantasy since his teens, Svensson apart from writing likes to sing and paint. John Taff, who lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri, has been a published writer for more than 20 years now, mostly in the horror and suspense fields. He also has seven novels in print. Updated Bio: Hailing from the small college town of Newark, Delaware, Edward Taylor splits his time between writing and raising his two shoggoths with his thankfully understanding and patient wife Kelley.

At times he can be seen in the back of a roller rink announcing for some of the hardest folks on the hardwood with Diamond State Roller Derby. Lee Thompson lives in Michigan and has worked in the logging, fitness and trucking industries. He has work forthcoming in some fantastic print and online thingee-majigs. Cameron Trost is a writer of strange, mysterious, and creepy tales about people just like you. He hails from Australia but now lives in France, between the rugged coast of Brittany and the vineyards of the Loire. Castles, forests, storms, and whisky are a few of his favourite things.

Matthew Turbeville was born and raised in Lake City, S. He has previously been published in Deep South Magazine. Matthew is only somewhat superstitious. She has studied many areas of illustration such as advertisement, editorial and publishing, package design, and product design. She also has explored web design and typography. Sarah draws inspiration from art found in other cultures such as tiki sculptures and sugar skulls. David Turnbull was born in Edinburgh but now lives and works in London.

This autumn he has short short stories due for publication in Mertales , a UK anthology by Wyvern Press and in Terminal Earth on Pound Lit in America, as well as a story to be featured in the upcoming first issue of Singularity Magazine. Mark Turner lives in the Mallee desert oasis town of Mildura in the sunny Aussie outback. Has been accused of acts of gratuitous editing. Known to organise safaris to hunt down the spag and typo gremlins.

Till then, he fights the good fight to keep the dark side of typos and grammar at bay. The little pink pills help too…. Steve Upham is a freelance artist and designer from South Wales. Although trained in traditional media, he now works mainly with digital tools for his illustration work. He also runs his own small press, Screaming Dreams, which publishes the free Estronomicon eZine, a selection of free eBooks, plus a range of book titles in print. The website is dedicated to all things fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

Cesar Valtierra hails from the sun soaked desert of the wild, wild western city of El Paso, Texas. He wields a pencil like an outlaw gunslinger, drawing up a storm since the tender age of two. He is infamous throughout the land for his provocative ink drawings, his meticulous vector illustrations, and his eye catching graphic design work. Like a thief in the night, Mr. Valtierra is a man of few words but one who with his work makes quite an impression. And their two cats, Chubs and Pretty Boy. If you think you can handle the awesomeness, feel free to check out his work at www.

Fred Venturini lives and writes in Carlyle, Illinois. Horrific things do not happen in that idyllic town, so he makes them up. Even more rarely, he gets a check for something he has written and pays the light bill with the money. He is still waiting for the Cubs to win the World Series. Deborah Walker grew up in the most English town in the country, but she soon high-tailed it down to London, where she now lives with her partner, Chris, and her two young children. He lives and works in New Jersey, but by rights should have been born in England. His story aside, he can confirm that Los Angeles is in fact a very friendly town with a limited but functioning subway system — you can even walk in L.

Work has begun on Volume 2. Watts lives and writes in the UK. Paul Williams is a writer best known for his study of the wolf in England, Howls of Imagination , published by Heart of Albion in Born in Cheshire , UK , Oscar now infests rural Hertfordshire sustained by one charitable wife and tolerated by four semi-feral cats. Find Deborah in the British Museum trawling the past for future inspiration.

Jay has spent a great deal of his working life in creative industries; tattooing, airbrushing, sculpting etc. He was a keen writer from a young age and always veered towards dark fiction. He has had short stories published and currently has two novels under consideration. Randy and his design company , Artlab design and development, have worked in many different fields of art from book illustrations to designing for Chip and Pepper and B.

Editor, etc.

Equipment L. Over the last 10 years or so Randy has been designing, sculpting and developing toys, branding and packaging for companies like Action Products, BBel, Earthlore , Poof-Slinky, Ideal and others. DC and has created dozens of figures and creatures for other projects. Artlab keeps Randy busy working on projects like toy design, logos, product branding, retail p. Randy attends Toyfair in Newyork in Feb to do some networking, meet with friends and dig up work.

He is a pop culture, synthesiser, fashion, art, horror and toy lover. Randy has a huge collection of toys, action figures, special effects props and strange oddities on his studio shelves. These where great influences. He chills out by painting, making music, sculpting, writing, and inventing. Artlab design and development is located in Winnipeg, Canada. I would very much like to publish some more.

Editor, etc.

Kevin has had work published in various ezines, print mags, and anthologies. Robert Walton is a life-long rock-climber and mountaineer. He retired from teaching middle school after thirty-six years and is now a full time writer. Clay Waters — Writer. He lives and works in New Jersey, but has lived the equivalent of a year in England via holidays alone. Bill Ward is a freelance writer out of Baltimore, Maryland.

To read his fiction or check out his weekly book reviews please visit www. Hunter Welles works as a computer programmer and odd jobber in Bemidji, Minnesota. His is the author of Solomon the Peacemaker. This is his first professional publication. Ryder Wells is a seventeen year old college student in Clearwater, Florida that writes works of dystopia and the macabre in his spare time. He lives with his older brother, mom and their dogs. Ian Welsh was born in the murky bogs of Florida. He grew up with a love for comic books, heavy music, history and horror.

He started out doing Spawn and classic horror drawings at a young age. He moved away from art for a few years after picking up music.

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  • He combined his love for music and art when he started up again at the age of 16 working for a metal magazine based out of Tampa, FL doing designs and posters. He soon started doing art for local bands. He is now doing art work for bands all over the world and doing work for various magazines and publications all before the age of His work combines a love for realism at one spectrum and another spectrum is touched with influence from the swampy primordial wilderness around him.

    He is also a accomplished musician in the area playing hundreds of shows with signed national and international acts, as well as putting out eps and albums with previous acts and is now working on a southern friend Sludge band called Gray Ghost. He has had his work published, shown in galleries and museums and worn by multitudes. He is pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in the Tampa area, working on his dream of doing illustrations for comics and graphic novels.

    Spencer Wendleton is a freelance horror author. Emma Westwood is a writer and journalist based in Australia. As a media correspondent, her writing has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers in both Australia and South East Asia — everything from travel writing to classical ballet and Italian horror movies. Her first clandestine viewing of The Exorcist at age 11 kicked off a love affair with the horror genre that has endured the test of time.

    Monster Movies is her first book for Pocket Essentials. She is also a book reviewer for several online horror sites and is a guest blogger for Forgotten Flix and Alternate Realities Radio. Sheri lives in beautiful Jefferson , MD with her husband, three kids, two dogs and a black cat named Magic she considers her familiar. He writes science fiction, fantasy and horror stories, and draws abstract and horror themed artwork. He grew up roleplaying his way through Ravenloft and loves a good nightmare once in a while.

    Michael Wooley is an avid Science Fiction junkie and collector of all things geeky. Tina Williams is a student who also specializes in proofreading and corrections for fiction and non-fiction work, magazines, blogs, etc. I also provide typing services for any kind of work. Because of my educational background, I have special knowledge of the Criminal Justice Field, including Criminology, and Forensic Psychology.

    I have a personal interest in Cryptozoology, the Paranormal, and the horror genre, and would love to work on anything related to these subjects, both fiction and non-fiction. Samantha Wood lives in far-too-sunny San Diego, where the heat waves often keep her confined to her room. Conveniently, her room contains a writing desk and piles upon piles of genre fiction. One day she plans to put it all in storage and wander around the world with nothing but a passport and a backpack filled with notebooks.

    And maybe a change of clothes. William R. His profound love of horror and science fiction routinely leads him to destroy the world, whether by alien artefact, zombie apocalypse or teddy bear. He resides in Virginia with his wife Heather where he is looking forward to a long career not only writing indie horror films but reviewing them within the pages of Morpheus Tales Magazine. Joe always wrote for pleasure until his best friend nagged him into sending some of his work out.

    Artistically his previous successes include a couple of sell-out art exhibitions in the UK as well as mural work for special events. More recently he has adopted Photoshop as his weapon of choice, working on his own projects as well as creating book covers for David A Riley and Kevin G Bufton. Joe is currently plotting his own website for public release in early In the meantime he can be contacted via his facebook group:.