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After a short while, her national fame shot overseas to the international crowd. She was an international hit. The London Times even called her "the epitome of the new American woman: healthy, assured, and in charge of her life. Parker was the kind of women that most Med Men-era males wanted to take, in the vernacular of the times, for a moonlit swim. She took Paris with its myriad fashion collections, and the world, by storm. With her sparkling green eyes offset by slouch hats and a slew of Coco Chanel classic numbers, Parker inspired millions of women to aspire to her perfectly proportioned figure.

Freedom is exactly what Parker sought. The silver-haired Carmen Dell'Orefice, Carmen as she is still widely known and after seven decades of modeling, she likely knew best what working with Parker was really like. She understands how Parker gained fame as an international celebrity, which before her, was reserved for only movie stars and royalty.

Of course, that elusive essence led to her financial success, too.

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She appeared in everything from a cover story in Life in to the cover of Esquire in , and offered something for everyone. In the mids, as she tried to move beyond the constraints of the fashion world, Parker worked behind the camera for a time, apprenticing at the Paris studio of famed art photographer Henri Cartier—Bresson, before working as an editor for French Vogue. Because those did not pay nearly what she was accustomed to in front of the camera, she continued to model in Paris, Rome, London, and New York and even became the inspiration for a film that would change her life.

Naturally, Hollywood soon beckoned. It is interesting to note that Hepburn's character in Stanley Donen's musical comedy was loosely based on Parker and her professional relationship with Richard Avedon, with Astaire in the Svengali-esque Avedon role. The film symbolizes the best of high fashion in that era, and Hepburn and Parker became pals during the shoot. Us Bsoy 40 Off.

The Suzie Homemaker Chronicles

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Us Organize Your Life. Us Organize Your Space. Coming from me, that's saying something. The other appetizers are good. House-made potato chips with blue cheese is a delightful thing when done well. These are. The Irish nachos are fine but not exemplary. Onion rings are on the thick side. A freaky concoction on the appetizer list--buffalo chicken mac 'n' cheese--was quite tasty. I had my doubts about it. Cubes of chicken in buffalo sauce fill the bottom of a small ramekin, which is then topped with cavatelli pasta and covered with blue cheese.

It was a small portion, but so rich that you don't need more.

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Shrimp toast is grilled shrimp on, well, toast. My daughter liked the wedge salad. Curried chicken salad sounded more interesting to me. The menu sounds appealing, but not all of it is as good as it sounds. The hamburger is a two-patty affair, and it's delicious. I have had better burgers, I have had better buns, but I can't think of a hamburger that had better beef flavor. It's made of a special blend from the nearby Saia's Meat Market, a great place to shop. The sharp cheddar adds to the flavor punch, and malt vinegar mayonnaise makes it even more interesting.

On the opposite end of the goodness scale is the Sloppy Joe.

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I am as much a sucker for Sloppy Joes as I am for spinach-artichoke dip. But I'm also a sucker for fish and chips, but they always disappoint me. The Sloppy Joe looks as if it's made from brisket cut the wrong way. The stringy, impossible-to-eat kind. Not a lot of flavor. So far, most customers people go to the Old Rail for the beer.

They brew it right there, and it's exemplary. Where else would you find a beer that sits for two months with cocoa nibs flavoring it? Barley Oak owner Nick Powers is one of the most knowledgeable and creative beer experts around. He has gone to amazing lengths and endured a lot of permit annoyance to get this cool brew pub open. The place is handsome and the vibe is welcoming.

But it's also very new. Why do you think I'm writing about it instead of Ton? And so far the food is. Old Rail Brew Pub. Mandeville: Girod St, Tom and I have had an ongoing debate about hot dogs. He has always said that New Orleans isn't a hot dog town, as though no other place besides Chicago is entitled to participate in this iconic American treat. But I love hot dogs!

Always have. I don't see any reason why, given the proper product, New Orleanians wouldn't also go wild for this simple sandwich. Enter Dat Dog, a funky former gas station in a gentrifying neighborhood. It became an instant hit by offering an eclectic variety of gourmet sausages. No such success fails to spawn imitators. The newest doghouse is in Metairie, in a formerly-hopping, now-renewing Fat City.

Fat City Franks is bright and fun in a sleek diner sort of way, in an electrifying yellow, red, and green scheme. The similarities to Dat Dog are many. The sausages come from the same vendors, and the buns look the same. They are baked daily at Coffee Cottage in Harahan. The sauce selection for the hot dogs here may be even more inventive than the wild range at Dat.

The creamy Cajun Monica sauce, for instance. The chili is homemade by Bouton, a friend of the owner, who comes in twice a week to make a big batch. On my first visit I was overwhelmed with choices. Twelve different sausages include, besides the usual unusuals like alligator, some new ideas like chorizo and turduckhen.

You are invited to create and assemble. Me being me, I went simple: andouille, cheddar cheese, relish.

But I was tempted by the sliders. I just love cute little baby versions of food. Owners Allen and Dina Bryant are proud of their buns. I was disappointed in the way it deteriorated from the minor moisture of relish and hot sausage. I can't imagine how it would hold up against chili. I solved this on my second visit. I had a boudin with cheddar cheese and coarse-grain mustard. I asked that the boudin be placed outside the bun, the cheese inside. The buns, which are heated on the griddle, melted the ample cheese, and what I wound up with was a nice, soft grilled cheese sandwich with a slice of boudin.

The fries. Ah, the fries. I will drive miles out of my way for fresh cut fries, so it's god that Fat City Dogs is close by. These are merely good, the frozen ones you can get anywhere. Help them out with any of the sauces: sesame, crawfish etouffee, spicy chili, General Tso's, and roasted pepper hummus, to name a few.

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Allen keeps recommending the Cajun Monica sauce. That will give me something to look forward to. And there are cheese fries, one of God's greatest creations. Here they come with white cheddar, yellow cheddar, and blue cheese, as well as Bouton's chili. Fat City Franks has a specialty drink menu. Doesn't everyone? I'm not a drinker, so you'll have to find out for yourself what a Hot Diggity Dog, Bushwacker, or Crackin' on da Creek is. I'm a commuter, and it's great to know that Fat City Franks is a quick stop for something delicious if I am in a hurry.