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Hirst , Christophe Marcelle. References Publications referenced by this paper. In utero electroporation as a tool for genetic manipulation in vivo to study psychiatric disorders: from genes to circuits and behaviors.


Selective and regulated gene expression in murine Purkinje cells by in utero electroporation. Conditional knockdown of target gene expression by tetracycline regulated transcription of double strand RNA. Electroporation gene therapy preclinical and clinical trials for melanoma.

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Heller , Richard Heller. Gene manipulation of chick embryos in vitro, early chick culture, and long survival in transplanted eggs. Electroporation and sonoporation in developmental biology Harukazu Nakamura. Related Papers.

Sonoporation in developmental biology

Close Fig. In ovo electroporation. After removing 2—4 mL of albumin from the pointed pole of the egg, a pair of electrodes held by a micromanipulator A are inserted from a window opened on the shell B. Injection of Indian ink underneath the embryo facilitates visualization C.

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The electrodes are placed on the vitelline membrane overlying the embryo. Five electric square pulses 25 V, 50 ms is good for transfection of the neural tube. A pulse of 50 ms is followed by a ms rest phase.

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  6. Sonoporation may also be performed with custom-built piezoelectric transducers connected to bench-top function generators and acoustic amplifiers. Standard ultrasound medical devices may also be used in some applications. Measurement of the acoustics used in sonoporation is listed in terms of mechanical index , which quantifies the likelihood that exposure to diagnostic ultrasound will produce an adverse biological effect by a non-thermal action based on pressure.


    Sonoporation uses microbubbles for significantly enhancing transfection, and in some cases is required for DNA uptake. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nucleic Acids Res. Emerging Therapeutic Ultrasound.

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