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It is critical that other cars in the caravan keep the lead driver informed of passing cars. The lead driver should drive at a moderate speed while radioing back information about rocks, bad curves, spooked cows, stalled vehicles, and other dangers. Lastly never consider driving at night just to push on. Unless there is a sailing destination or a RV park a few hours ahead all your night driving is just going to deposit you in the middle of nowhere. On your first trip the "Vado" signs will puzzle you.

Rather than building culverts below the road, the designers, in an economy move, built Vados. Vados are dips in the road through which water will rush during the rainy season winter in the Baja Norte and summer in Baja Sur.


Rain in the mountains far away can cause these vados to become very full and I have seen cars swept away on some of them! When the road was first built there were 1 and 2 meter indicators along the road so you could judge the depth. They are long gone. If in doubt about crossing water-filled vado wait until a bigger or dumber vehicle attempts a crossing.

Near towns young boys perch vulture-like waiting to start negotiations when you stall in the middle of a vado. The only seller of fuel is the nationally owned Pemex. They accept only cash at the Pemex stations. The gas in measured in liters. Trying to translate liters to gallons while trying to convert dollars to pesos while trying to translate Spanish to English can be nerve racking.

Save yourself a lot of hassle and pay for all gasoline with Pesos. The unleaded gas in Mexico is called "Magna Sin" and has an octane rating of 92 and is sold from the gray pumps. At Christmas time or if there is a big El Norte wind, there may be gasoline supply problems, especially in central Baja. Always plan on the next station being out of fuel so in remote areas gas up even if you are only down a quarter of a tank.

It is no fun camping at an empty station for several days waiting for a tanker. Ensenada, San Quintin, El Rosario, Guerrero Negro, Santa Rosalia watch out for price rip-offs - the downtown station has occasionally been closed by the Government for over-charging! The worse station is in Santa Rosalia across from the Ferry Terminal. Give this station a wide berth.

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Since this is the only station in town, I suggest gassing up in San Ignacio to the north before getting in this area. Unfortunately, the next station to the south just past Mulege has pumps that are calibrated to favor the owners.

Follow Hollywood stars to Mexico's Baja coast

Since this is hard to prove and since they are otherwise nice people you can just comment on how you tank holds more gas than the factory had planned. Or you can bring down a 20 liter gas can and have them fill it first and try to explain to them that it is peculiar that a 20 liter container can hold 24 liters. They know the Santa Roaslia station has a bad reputation and savvy gringos pass it by.

Here are some of the more common ploys:.

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The switch-a-roo: You are rummaging through your pockets for the pesos the attendant requests. You hand him two s while you search your wallet for the rest. When you turn to give him the last , he is holding a and a Clearly you made a mistake and still owe him another You made a mistake and maybe you really did. Moral: always hold all the money in your own hands until have the full amount. A version of this scam is to dump a handful of incorrect change is offered under the assumption that you will be ignorant of the coins or too timid to complain.

The easiest way to deal with change rip-off is to pay only with peseos and have a calculator in your hand and stand next to the pump while you are being gassed. Wow, what great service: You drive up and before you roll to a stop they have the cap off and are pumping away. Great service Stop at the pump and be out the door and make certain the pump reads all zeros and that you getting Extra before they open the cap. If you are by yourself consider buying a locking gas cap. The darkened window: The station at El Rosario has never given us problems but you have to pay in advance and pass your money through a slit below a darkened and barred window.

I would be very attentive here. There are several military inspection stops south of Ensenada. Your first trip down these are sort of scary since all of the soldiers are carrying automatic rifles. On your way south the soldiers will usually just wave you through or may ask where you are going. Just say vacation and La Paz. On your trip back north you are likely to be searched.

The search is usually perfunctory and you will not be asked to unpack. It is a good idea to keep track of valuable small items. I have never heard of any thievery during these inspections but I would not want to be in a situation where there was a problem. At two points along the Baja highway, traffic is stopped for an Agricultural Inspection. The first station is at the boundary between Baja Norte and Baja Sur near the gigantic metal sculpture in the middle of the road just north of Guerrero Negro. Eat of all your citrus before getting to this station.

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Any fruit, which might harbor fruit flies, will be confiscated and vegetables may be confiscated. Please no not hide any fruits. Any bugs, eggs or larvae you bring into the country can have tragic consequences for the developing fruit economy. The inspectors are very polite but several years ago there was a major robbery when an inspector lifted several thousand dollars while doing an inspection.

Be sure to accompany the inspector. If you are by yourself, lock the cab doors before opening your trailer. At the G. Negro inspection station two guys in space suits will spray the underbody of your car with insecticide. You have no choice in the mattter. Just roll up the windows and keep the fan on recirculate until it has all evaporated. The second station is just north of La Paz. This station has a greater military presence. If it looks like you are smuggling something into Baja for example you have 20 new pairs of Nikes , it will be confiscated here.

You may also go to jail and if you are a property owner, your property may be in jeopardy. Driving Baja is far easier than in years past. Now there is a paved highway the full length of Baja and gas stations every to miles. Most of the isolated parts of this highway are only 18 feet wide compared to the feet width of the California version. Do the math Most of the time there is no shoulder When we return several days later, the locals are just as friendly, warm and helpful and confirm what a safe destination San Jose is compared with some other parts of Mexico, now off the tourist map.

Our visit to Cabo San Lucas, at the southernmost end of The Corridor, proves less memorable and we quit its characterless Luxury Avenue Mall and glittering ubiquitous marina in a matter of minutes. Romantic retreat: The exquisite Mexican hacienda-style resort is perfect for special occasions. Our visit, however, is redeemed by our second boat trip, this time out to Land's End, where the vast Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet.

Our skipper, Valentine, points out the heaped golden sands of Lovers' Beach before informing us its sister beach on the Pacific side of the promontory is known as Divorce Beach because 'if a couple swim there, they'll definitely separate because they'll die! Spending a week in Baja, it is easy to see why the peninsula has become so popular with honeymooners and LA celebrities.

Book your own special anniversary here before the rest of the world catches on. The Ultimate Travel Company , theultimatetravel company. The seven-night stay in an ocean front junior suite comes with breakfast and private transfers. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Boris Johnson's 'technology advisor' Jennifer Arcuri 'loudly and proudly boasted of "Boris bruises" on her thighs after romp with him', her friend from the time Milo Yiannopoulos claims. Share this article Share.

Share or comment on this article: Follow Hollywood stars to Mexico's Baja coast e-mail Comments 7 Share what you think. After one year, workers are entitled by law to six days paid vacation. Amerindian migrant agricultural workers, primarily of Mixtec and Zapotec descent, have been discriminated against throughout the state's history. As of , migrant workers were attempting to organize, through the Independent Confederation of Farm Workers and Peasants CIOAC , to demand better treatment by their employers and the government.

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Agriculture is important to the state economy. Most agriculture is done in the region around Mexicali. The main products are wheat, tomato, broccoli, alfalfa, cotton, sorghum, and garlic. Other crops include grapes, dates, carob, lemons, and oranges. Agricultural crops grown for export to the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia are chives, radishes, asparagus, melons, celery, lettuce, onions, and watermelon. Fishing in the coastal waters off Baja California is an important economic activity. Principal fish caught include sole, tuna, sardines, mackerel, and lobster.

Sport fishing is enjoyed by tourists year round. Electricity is generated by 10 power plants, with a total capacity of 2, megawatts.

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Four of these are geothermal using heat from the earth's interior , representing megawatts. Baja California generates enough electricity to satisfy the state's needs and to export energy to neighboring Sonora and to the United States. Mexicali has natural gas resources; as of a pipeline between Mexicali and Tijuana with the capacity to carry 14 million cubic meters million cubic feet of natural gas per day was under construction.

The state of Baja California has 20 general hospitals, outpatient centers, and 67 surgical centers. Most of the Mexican population is covered under a government health plan. In , there are an average of 4. The influx of hundreds of thousands of people who have moved from the southern states of Mexico north toward the US border has produced a severe shortage of land and housing. Public education in Mexico is free for students ages 6 to 16, but most who can afford it go to private schools.

This has created a gap in education between the social classes. The population of school-age children 3—19 was , in Baja California also has a professional orchestra. Outdoor water sports such as deep sea fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling provide vacationers with reasons to visit Baja California.

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There is tourist shopping in the border town of Tijuana. The state capital of Mexicali offers many tourist attractions. The Plaza Calafia offers tourists a look at real bullfighting. The city park has a zoo and local marketplace. In October, Mexicali hosts its annual fair, the Fiesta del Sol. Mexicali's baseball team, the Aguilas, plays in the Nido Aguilas Eagle's Nest Mexicali stadium, seating 12, people. Major bullfighting venues include the Plaza de Toros in Tijuana, with seating for 21, It is part of the large complex, Playas Tijuana, which also has a racetrack.

Mexicali's bullfighting ring, Plaza Calafia, seats 10, Tijuana's soccer team plays in the National de Tijuana stadium, where there is seating for 12, Tijuana's basketball team, the Tazmania Diablos, plays in the Fausto Gutierrez Moreno stadium, where there is seating for 4, Fernando de la Toba declared independence in Baja California. Missionary Eusebio Kino — attempted to establish a mission program in Baja California in the s. Supples, Kevin. Redding, CA: H. Williams, Government of Baja California, English-language version. Mexico for Kids. Toggle navigation.

The center of the state is cooler, with cold. Books Supples, Kevin. Also read article about Baja California from Wikipedia. User Contributions: 1. Not saying Thank you for this amazing website. It helped me answer all the questions on this project for mexico. Amber IZ. This is awesime it helped with my homework and i got an a thankyou for helping me i got an a this is really a great site i will tell all of my friends. At first, I wasn't a proud canchanilla but after this. I really love who I am!

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