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But there is also the h's personal operating system to consider. The h plans and thinks things over very carefully, hence the dating Dweeby for eight months. She just doesn't trust impulsive decisions and she isn't ready to upend her life for the H - even tho any myths that she was not a passionate person are forever shattered.

This causes the H a lot of tension. His mum died when he was ten and it was just him and his dad and that lack of a mum left him emotionally needy. But the H also needs a lot of emotional devotion and reassurance and the h is hesitant to commit. The h and H try to explain their positions to each other, but they don't communicate really well yet, so there is a distance growing. The H promises to be back by New Year's Eve and they will ring the holiday in together. He goes off on his trip and the communication just falls apart. Both the H and the h are wracked by doubt and insecurities and both think the other one is getting ready to dump them.

Things take a hugely bad turn when the H's business can't be finished in time for him to get back by New Year's Eve and the h feels abandoned and used. Then the H hears that Dweeby Mama's Boy just got engaged from his cousin's girlfriend and he assumes that the new fiancee is the h. In a jealous fury, the H storms back to England on New Year's day.

The h, who had gotten all dressed up the night before, only to get a call saying the H wasn't coming, started double fisting the champagne and then went to her BFF's New Year's Party. She got toasted again and went to bed lonely and woke up hungover, when there was a pounding on the door really bright and early. It turn out to be Dweeby Boy at some awful early hour and he was shocked to see the h in bed after the crack of dawn. Cast Iron Witch Mama sent Dweeby Boy to make sure that the h understood that the relationship was over and Cast Iron Mama got Dweeby Boy attached to a more biddable broodmare and whipping girl.

The h just has no goat droppings to give to that announcement, she wishes Dweeby Boy well and coldly kisses his cheek as she boots him out the door. At that moment the H comes storming in, he sees the two champagne glasses and Dweeby Boy running off and angry wall banging Purple Passion moments ensue. The h is horrified at her angry wantonness and the H is horrified at his lack of control, tho they both had a really great lurve club experience. The h kicks the H out with some very icy "I never want to see you again" words and then it is the H's turn to run off.

For once PJ gave the h some nice parents, the h's mum was all about helping the h through her heartbreak and she gave the h some really nice mum advice and swore that the H would soon be back. The h's mum also shared that the h was a big blessing in her and the h's dad's life.

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They loved the h so much that they decided to take her with them on their travels, they couldn't bear the thought of leaving the h at home. This totally gives the h a whole new insight into her parents and she realizes that to them she was never an unwanted third wheel, but a vital part of their happiness. Back on the H's side of things, he gets an engagement announcement from Dweeb Boy's Mama and realizes that the name on the announcement is not the h. The H has his own mopey moment and rushes back to London.

The overworked, overtired and entirely too hysterical to be driving H manages to wreck himself on the way up to the City. But after a brief recovery, he makes it to the h's flat. The h had a case of the flu herself in the last few days, so in her recovery progress, her mum made her go take a small outside walk and get some fresh air.

The poor battered H is hopefully waiting for the h when she gets back. The h's mum meddled a little bit and then took herself off for the night. We get a cute little one year later Christmas Epilogue too. The H and h are all lurved up and happy and having a gazillion family members at the H's estate for Christmas, which the H is having a great time teasing her about.

But the h just smiles and admits that her Christmas Fantasy is now made real. Because with the H by her side, everyday is Christmas and every night, and some afternoons, are a really rockin' New Years Eve. View all 8 comments.

Her Christmas Fantasy (November 1, edition) | Open Library

Feb 05, KC rated it liked it Shelves: 3-stars-liked , harlequin-presents , harlequin-pchallenge , beta-hero , angst , insta-love-lust , jealous-hero , misunderstanding , passionate , heroine-with-a-spine. Her Christmas Fantasy? More like "Her Christmas Miracle" 'cause of all the tasks Oliver accomplished in such a short time to make Lisa's dream of a traditional Christmas come true. I really had to wonder if Oliver had an elf or secret twin hiding in the closet to assist him because the man did more in a few hours than I could do in a WHOLE day.

That, or true wuv is apparently one hell of a motivator because it'll make a superhero out of anyone. Or maybe, I just might have to face the fact that I am an underachiever. I would be shocked if he'd received any sleep regardless. All that excess energy probably kept him too wound up to relax. Read the spoiler and see if you don't agree. Kissed and fooled around with Lisa before saying goodnight 2. Dragged in a ginormous tree into his country home 3.

Decorated it to the hilt 4. Wrapped a plethora of small gifts to fill a stocking for Lisa 5. Then, for Christ mas ' sake, finally prepped a turkey. This is all before Lisa woke up later that morning! Is he for real? The real question though is, can such a love last if there's no trust to base that love on particularly if the people involved are full of insecurities?

The author seems to posit that it's a leap of faith. Underlying this lack of trust were their respective fears which caused Lisa and Oliver to doubt their love for each other. So it's no surprise then when their HEA encountered some roadblocks. Lisa, being a normally cautious person, didn't want to move too fast because she feared Oliver would fall out of love with her as fast as he fell in love. A valid concern considering they barely knew each other for a week before Oliver pushed for too much commitment, too soon. Oliver, on the other hand, felt jealous of Henry and insecure because he mistakenly believed Lisa didn't think of him as her ideal choice for a husband.

When Oliver failed to make it for their pre-arranged New Year's Eve date because he had to finish negotiations in New York for an important business deal, it proved to Lisa how weak his love and commitment were. He only later decided to fly back because he believed she'd become engaged to Henry, whom she'd dumped on Christmas Eve after meeting his harridan of a mother for the first time.

Unfortunately, just as Oliver arrived at her flat Henry was just leaving, having arrived there at the request of his mother to ensure Lisa would not be resuming their relationship fat chance of that happening! With an extra champagne glass and a messed up bed in the background, it looked as if Lisa had just engaged in some celebratory sex. Of course, this did not help to calm down the already seething Oliver. One thing led to another, and before one can say "punishing kisses" the two engaged in angry, wall-banging action.

The cracks in their relationship crumbled further after that interlude, with Lisa kicking Oliver out saying she never wanted to see him again. I think the author spent so much time setting up the conflict that she didn't give the protagonists enough opportunity to eradicate their fears organically on their own. It's only after consulting with outsiders that they are able to see the picture more clearly in Oliver's case, the Big Misunderstanding is cleared , and give their budding relationship another chance.

This may not be a big deal in the scheme of things, but it's always nice to see characters earning their HEA vs. Just don't expect an excessive amount of romance, angst or passion. What I didn't expect but welcomed very much at the end was the nice, semi-longish grovel by Oliver—which is one of my favorite romance fantasy tropes. View all 9 comments. Nov 13, Penny Watson rated it really liked it Shelves: rec-d-by-jen-porter. I loved the beginning of the book.

However, there were about 4 external conflicts tacked onto the end that were 4 too many and unnecessary. Big Misunderstanding 1 she loves him, he doesn't know, he loves her, she doesn't know --she calls out I LOVE YOU as the train is pulling away, he doesn't hear her, etc. Big Misunderstanding Part 3: He thinks she reconciled with ex-boyfriend and is marrying I loved the beginning of the book. Big Misunderstanding Part 3: He thinks she reconciled with ex-boyfriend and is marrying the other guy. Weird Angry Sex Thing: Weird angry sex thing.

Car Accident: For no good reason at all. The end was a hot mess. I loved the beginning and it really captured the magic of Christmas. It did end with a sweet Christmas scene. Overall: Will reread it, but will probably speed-read the messy end just to get to the epilogue. View all 5 comments. Nov 25, Gemma rated it it was ok. I've enjoyed stories by Penny Jordan before, so I decided to give this one a try. It started off well, with her trademark chemistry between the hero and heroine. While the back cover may make it sound as though Oliver kidnapped Lisa, or something, it doesn't happen quite that way.

Lisa leaves the house party, only to run out of gas. Left stranded in the freezing cold, Oliver comes along and rescues her, taking her back to his house, where they end up snowed in for Christmas. I really enjoyed the I've enjoyed stories by Penny Jordan before, so I decided to give this one a try. I really enjoyed the part of the story leading up to and including Christmas. The heroine confesses to the hero that she's never had a traditional British Christmas, and the hero sets about making it happen.

The little things he does to make Lisa's Christmas special were very touching. And while I felt like they rushed into bed a bit quickly, it was still enjoyable. Unfortunately, after Christmas day, the story started to go downhill. The hero pushes the heroine for a commitment, and gets upset when she says she needs more time. Considering that they've known each other for about a week, I don't think it's unreasonable for Lisa to want to step back a bit.

And then the hero morphs into an overbearing, possessive lout. He refuses to trust her, and accuses her of cheating on him. In typical Harlequin style, a series of stupid misunderstandings and miscommunications contrive to keep them apart. They bicker for the rest of the book, only to make up a few pages from the end. I was really disappointed, because the hero seemed very caring in the first half of the book well, once the characters overcame their antagonism , and then he changed into a such a cold, untrusting person.

I found it hard to believe that Lisa would be happy with him. Unfortunately, I ended up feeling a little blue by the time I finished this book, which was not what I was hoping for when I started a Christmas-themed romance. There are better Christmas romances out there. Jan 04, Anna rated it liked it. I love to read Christmas stories of all kinds during the holidays and this one fit the bill for romance.

Mar 28, Rogetwhi rated it liked it. Zero for the heroine. She was ridiculous. Oliver is the one who tried to be with her and said he loved her and it was more than sex. Then when the whole scene with Henry came about, she acted like she was the one who had committed and that Oliver only thought of them being together as sex?!?! How could she not see that the whole scene looked bad? Her just getting out of bed, TWO champagne glasses by the bed, her kissing Henry on the cheek 3 stars for the Hero and epilogue. Her just getting out of bed, TWO champagne glasses by the bed, her kissing Henry on the cheek when Oliver got there?!?!

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She was awful!! Good read Wish he had got his act together quicker. He was the one pushing and nearly pushed her away completely. The boyfriend Henry was a right mummies boy. Jul 02, Grace Harwood rated it liked it. Enter tall, dark and broodingly handsome Oliver who demands the clothes back, claiming they've been sold in error by his feckless cousin after a row with his girlfriend. Lisa, resenting his arrogance, tells him to sling his hook and she does it in such a way as to show that she is a strong-minded, intelligent woman who is not to be toyed with.

It's a brilliant start to the story. Sadly, it's all downhill from there.

Her Christmas Fantasy (Mills & Boon Modern) (Penny Jordan Collection): First edition

Lisa, it transpires, is buying the clothes to impress the mother of her wishy-washy fiance, Henry, a man she is marrying because he is the "safe" choice. Well, you don't have to have ever read a mills and boon before to know that stuffy stuck-up Henry will be dumped by chapter two, leaving Lisa free to get up to all sorts of shenanigans with brooding and sexy Oliver.

Lisa, after storming out on Henry and his controlling mother ends up stranded on the North Yorkshire moors in the snow, and on Christmas day of all days. It's Oliver to the rescue who then proceeds to give Lisa the kind of Christmas she's always dreamed of. It all seems so perfect: the ideal real Christmas tree with a star on the top, the snow falling on Christmas day, the traditional church service and the perfectly prepared lunch. Sadly, there are quite a few cracks beneath the surface.

Oliver is possessive to the point of obsession - by Christmas morning, he's already divulged that his last relationship failed for that very reason. There's also a very worrying scene featuring an axe and when he gets mad with her, he becomes not just a potential axe murderer but a rapist as well. Unfortunately for Lisa, before twelfth night and the decorations have even been taken down, it's all over. The story gets a bit patchy from there on in - it's a Mills and Boon, so obviously they're going to get together in the end; but there's still three chapters to fill.

Cue lots of agonising and Lisa being generally pathetic and about as far removed from the feisty independent woman who started the book as it is possible to be. The writing isn't up to Jordan's usual standard - the romantic scenes seem hurried and unpolished - there's even a typo in one bit which makes it a bit confusing as to who's doing the removing of clothes.

Some of the main character's actions are a bit incomprehensible and in the end, if it wasn't for her mother doing what mother's do best interfering in their children's lives then it would all have ended in disaster. I can't imagine that I would have ever confided to my mother in the same level of detail as Lisa does, but then again, my mother is a retired tax inspector and not artistic like Lisa's is. All in all the most telling line in the book is "Let's suspend reality, if you like, for a few days May 17, Tatiana Stefan rated it really liked it.

I especially liked their banter in the beginning of the book. Scheming Emerald has always got what she want Three decadent, glamorous romances with three seriously sexy alpha males provide the perfect summer escape! Surrendering to a smouldering Sardinian Widowed Sasha is shocked to learn that millionaire Gabriel is named as her late husband's heir and g Claimed by the most powerful man in Sicily! Annie has only her baby. But the most precious part of her life is now at risk!

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Desperately needing to hide from her humiliation, Sara decides to leave London and stay at her pare The man was trespassing on her emotions! Women as independent and career-minded as Miranda didn't just bump into a total stranger and fall in love. Totally unthinkable. There must have been some other more logical explanati Wanted: Prince Charming for damsel in distress Melanie was in distress all right! But the last thing she wanted was a prince--or any man for that matter--to come riding to her rescue. She'd had it with the opposite sex--she wanted only to disappea Had she mistaken kindness for something more?

Hazel had to face the truth about Silas Jardine. He was only being friendly because she was Katie's mother. And Katie -- not Hazel -- was the once he cared about. But that didn't make it any easier He called her a conniving female And then James Warren accused Tania of deliberately destroying his sister's marriage. He vowed to make her pay for it. Tania was an innocent bystander to the tangle of lies and deceit that surrounded the Forbese Once bitten, twice shy No man would make a fool of Angelica again--not after the way Giles had treated her.

She certainly wasn't interested in the attractive and charming Daniel Forbes. Although Daniel was at least honest enough not to offer he And I know, from personal experience, that you're a passionate woman. Money, power, influence--Leo von Hessler had inherited it all from his manipulative, empire-building father. But just how much of his business had been built at the expense of others' shattered hopes and dreams? Only a visit to a once phenomenally su His game, her rules Tasha couldn't refuse to help--not when her favorite cousin's happiness was at stake! But pretending to be someone she wasn't was risky business Especially when it involved trying to fool Luke Templecombe.

And Luke was f There was nothing else she could do Stranded in a border-hills snowstorm, Emily Blacklaw had to accept the handsome stranger's offer of help--even though it meant sharing the warmth of Matt Slater's sleeping bag. It was a turning point for Emil Charlotte was afraid to follow her instincts At least as far as Oliver Tennant was concerned. After all, how could she respond to a man who was also a business rival?

One who just might be playing a deceptive game? How many times had Charlo Would he always hold the past against her? Their first meeting was disastrous Harriet Smith had accused the disreputable-looking, near-naked man of being a rapist. She'd refused his plea for help. So it was highly embarrassing when Harriet discovered that the man was Rigg Matthews, her emin It happened all the time Jenneth told herself she wasn't the only woman in the world to have been let down by the man she loved and expected to marry.

She knew people went on to rebuild their lives and find lasting relationships. So why couldn' Rue didn't need a man in her life She didn't want one, either. The past had taught her only too well the chaos that love could bring. She was happy enough, building her small dried-flower business and learning to enjoy life on her own.

Neil Sax Jessica launched herself on a new career She firmly believed that she had put the traumas of the past successfully behind her. Yet some shadows still lingered and she feared that even now her parents would somehow try to manipulate her and forc The wedding brought them together again For Kate it was a shock to meet the man she'd loved and believed had betrayed and abandoned her. What was he doing at her daughter's wedding?

Joss Bennett was an unexpected guest. And Kate's world shatter Heather dreaded seeing Kyle Bennett again Six years ago, her stupid, childish jealousy had driven him away from the only home he had ever known. But for her father's sake, now she must ask for his help. Real power, true power came from Rothwell. And Charles vowed to have it, the earldom and all that went with it. Silver vowed to destroy Charles, just as surely and uncaringly as he had destroyed her father; just as he had intended to destroy her.

Hannah Maitland congratulated herself "There's no man in my life Not now, not in the past and not in the future. She thought she It was a mistake. It just had to be Surely Howard would come to his senses and realize Holly was the one for him. When he did, she'd be waiting. Meanwhile, though, Holly Witchell was determined to make Howard Neston appreciate what he had lost He came with the best possible recommendations Even so, if Kate Oakley hadn't desperately needed a nanny, she'd never have employed a man to look after a nine-month-old baby.

Rick Evans, however, gave her the opportunity to make a stable home l It was too late to correct their mistake Sorrel Llewellyn didn't particularly want to meet her long-lost cousin Val from Australia. However, since the girl had come all this way just to make contact, it seemed a little churlish not to welcome her Lady Eleanor de Tressail was simply mortified Bad enough that before his death, her old-fashioned grandfather had ensured that their impoverished estate wouldn't have to be sold--by arranging her marriage.

But to Joss Wycliffe of all people--the s She had been hurt too many times Accused by a malicious cousin of committing a scandalous crime, Lark Cummings was devastated. And, in the British courts, the prosecutor, ruthless James Wolfe, showed her no mercy. Then, incredibly, the case was There never would be another man for Kate London schoolteacher Kate Seton, returning on vacation with her daughter, Cherry, to her parents' Yorkshire farm, was shocked to see Silas Edwards again.

Now he was a biologist running a government project She'd unleashed his fury with her jealous lies Ten years ago teenage Maggie had fled her beloved Deveril House--driven off by Marcus Landersby's savage outrage. Her falsehoods, an attempt to hang on to Marcus, her attractive older stepcousin, had A searing passion left her scarred And since that devastating experience, when Campion had been like a newly opened flower crushed by a cruel hand, she had closed out that side of her nature.

Now she was being forced to reopen it. Her literary He'd taught her how to kiss. But did he know about love? All her life, Gemma's parents had stressed the "right sort" of people. Only once, at fifteen, had Gemma slipped past their biased protection and chosen a secret friend for herself--itinerant They were strangers, but each had a need The loss of her dearest friend left Diana with a profound need to be close to someone. One night of passion in a stranger's arms, unplanned and unexpected, answered that need and more--she became pregnant!

He'd always made light of her feelings When she was young, Jenna had been infatuated with Simon Townsend, her best friend's teasing brother. Then infatuation changed to a curious uneasiness, one that made her feel edgy and restless in his company He needed a make-believe lover It was such a strange request--Gray Chalmers asking Stephanie to pose as his lover to help him resist the attractions of a beautiful but married woman. Gray knew Stephanie, knew she didn't even like being touched She had come to take his inheritance Natasha Ames wasn't surprised that Jay Travers resented her presence on his family's Texas ranch.

Not after she learned that his grandfather, who had met Natasha on a trip to England, had left her half of his p The same dark hair, the same mocking eyes; it was as if the Regency rake of the portrait, the seducer of Jenna's dream, had come to life. Jenna, believing the last of the Deverils dead, was determined to buy the grea He offered her marriage--but only in name Inheriting a small cottage near London had allowed Claire Richards to achieve independence for herself and her young daughter, Lucy.