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So here is my review; I picked up the sample eBook and unlike so many that give you the title page and maybe the table of contents this gives you four chapters! After the first chapter I was intrigued after the second chapter I grew enthralled after chapter three I couldn't put it down. I purchased the book and was not disappointed. The story follows three trails that of Eyulf, a Mage who through an accident destroys his home and disfigures himself.

The second Jaakko, a huntsman and his determination to hunt down a vicious beast that devastated his village. As the stories progress we see the world unfold with a coming threat. I can see that as I wait for book two to come out, that the stories will further intertwine. Every appearance of the Hunt was feared and considered to be a bad omen - an omen of war, just like a comet.

On Skellige, people witnessed both the riders and their demonic ship, the Naglfar. This encounter left a lasting impact on their culture and traditions, with them calling the riders the Wraiths of Morhogg and believing that they would return as an army during the end of the world - Ragh nar Roog. The Naglfar was, according to Skellige legends, made of the toenails and fingernails of the dead, thus they practiced a ceremonial removing of nails from their dead as well. Strangely enough, the Hunt did not raise very strong curiosity amongst the inhabitants of the world.

It was viewed as a sort of natural phenomenon like storms or earthquakes, and thus something out of the people's control. Many people also falsely believed that the Hunt only came during winter.

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Over the years, a few mages studied the Hunt and its patterns and tried to figure out what they really were. In Nilfgaard , there was an entire school of witchers opened and dedicated to the mysteries of the Wild Hunt - the School of the Viper. This school contained a vast library full of texts and books concerning the Hunt but the school was later dissolved. Also, some of the individuals abducted by the Hunt managed to escape and return home.

However, these individuals learned that time had moved much slower on their end and the people they once knew were either dead or extremely old. Furthermore, their stories about an elven world with unicorns was dispelled as them being crazy and they were considered insane. Thus the secret behind the Wild Hunt's origin and purpose remained hidden to most. In , Princess Cirilla escaped her mentor, sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg , during their stay in Gors Velen and headed to a nearby village in hopes of seeing her father figure, Geralt of Rivia.

However, due to it being dark and stormy, Ciri struggled to find the right way and was galloping through the area in vain, escaping one frightening scenario after another. During this, the Wild Hunt sensed her Elder Blood abilities and attempted to catch her when she found Geralt and right after Yennefer teleported in. Seeing the girl in danger, the two protected her and the Wild Hunt dissipated. However, this marked a turning point in the Wild Hunt's goal and they began to set their eyes on capturing her.

Some time later, Ciri was able to travel to different worlds. She met another Aen Elle elf named Avallac'h , who knew exactly who the girl was, and what her powers were and lured her into the Aen Elle world.

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  • There, she became a sort of prisoner to both him and Eredin. Those two were de facto rulers of their world since the real king Auberon, became very distant and cared not for his subjects nor his world. Avallac'h explained to her that she is a direct descendant of Lara Dorren , Auberon's daughter and carrier of the Elder Blood gene. That power of Elder Blood was indeed inherited by Ciri and thus, it would be passed on her children as well. They wanted her to mate with the king and give him a child that would reintroduce the Aen Elle to that power again.

    What's more, The Elder Blood would give them access to the Gate again. Even though, she resisted at first, she eventually agreed. Auberon however was not so easily convinced. He understood the need for him to impregnate the girl, but she was human, something he considered disgusting. In the eyes of Aen Elle, humans were considered little more than animals, thus the king was unable to perform - the little girl simply did not attract him at all. That is why Eredin came up with an idea to give the king an aphrodisiac. This was however a ruse since Eredin prepared an overdose of the substance.

    The king, who was the eldest of the elves, more than elven years old, could not handle the dosage and died. There was some speculation whether or not Eredin intended to murder the king or if it was just an accident. Future shown that indeed Eredin committed regicide to elevate himself. Just like he planned, he became a new king.

    His ultimate goal was to harness the power from Ciri and reopen the Gate. Ciri received help from her unicorn friend Ihuarraquax who helped her not only escape the palace, but the Aen Elle world itself. Eredin took his Red Riders and pursued her but eventually she evaded them. Thus they returned to their world empty handed. When Eredin returned, he fully usurped the kingship over the Aen Elle.

    He appointed Ge'els as his viceroy because he still continued to lead the Red Riders and went with them almost every time. Thus Ge'els ruled in his stead.

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    Also, amongst the Riders themselves, he appointed two elves as his generals - Caranthir , the golden child, as the chief navigator and Imlerith as his second in command. However Eredin was forced to carefully keep the secret regarding his ascension to the throne for Auberon was very loved by the elves.

    Only individual that was aware of Eredin's regicide was Avallac'h, though he kept the information for himself, for he had no proof. Instead, he left the world, and came on his own to find Ciri. Around this time, the Aen Elle world faced a terrible danger.

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    The White Frost , a legendary universe-wide destructive force, came and started to freeze the world. Though the most skillful mages tried to stop it, the best they managed was to slow the spread down. Thanks to the fight against the White Frost, those mages discovered some things about the phenomenon, that they managed to use as a weapon.

    They started to use the frost magic - using snow and freezing temperature in offensive way. They also started to use a special hounds as their first wave. After a while it became obvious, that the Aen Elle cannot save themselves. The only way to save them, was to posses the Elder Blood and thus, another hunt for Ciri, now more desperate then ever, begun.

    The easiest way for the Hunt to follow Ciri was to wait until she used her powers and exactly this happened during in the Aen Seidhe world in Rivia , where a pogrom occurred. During this pogrom, both Geralt and Yennefer died. A long abandoned city may hold the answers he seeks about the Gift of Grace, but a lethal assassin proves that old enemies have not forgotten him. As misfortune pulls him ever farther from an unsettled score, he finds hope in an unexpected place….

    A remote farm and meagre crops are a far cry from Ostenheim and the life of a banneret, but they are not far enough.

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    For Soren to be free of Amero, there is only one answer. In Ostenheim, Duke Amero presides over a war-weary population and an empty treasury, but still he hungers for more. An Intelligencier uncovers the disturbing resurgence of sorcery in the city, while an avaricious colleague sees the chance to prove his worth to the Duke. Enemies and allies emerge from unexpected places, as Soren must face his former patron and idol for a final reckoning.

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    For Bafion, there is no farther to fall. Once a banneret, officer, and gentleman, he is none of those things now. He is a swordsman who has slipped through the cracks of society and is eking out an existence as a thug for hire. He is presented with the opportunity to reclaim some of what was lost to him, but to do so will mean facing part of his past that he would rather forget.

    To Rolf, Mirabaya is the city of dreams. Called the Jewel of the West, it is the place of kings and heroes and great deeds. The chance to visit is not an opportunity Rolf is willing to miss. At first glance, the city is everything he expects, but with an appearance and accent more suited to the Marches rather than the refined salons and sophisticated ballrooms of the city, he is met with the prejudice reserved for those from the rural provinces. Dreams and preconceptions rarely meet with reality, however and as the city begins to lose its lustre for Rolf, those he thought him an uncouth blow-in from the Marches learn the error of their ways.

    It was nearly impossible to kill one, using a legendary sword and the magic of the mysterious Cup; to tackle three, Guillot dal Villerauvais will need help. Dragonslayer Author: Duncan M.