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Classifieds had already moved away. But in the buildup to , often in small communities you had multiple realtors and car dealers giving at least some business to the local paper. Often the large dailies had lost the classifieds, but there were still retail classifieds coming into the local papers. Post, it has become very hard for weeklies to go it alone. We noted in the study that the number of independently owned weeklies or non-dailies has decreased from roughly half to less than a third. A number of those weeklies that could just not do it alone went out of business.

Or they got bought and were subsumed into other dailies.

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It went from being a standalone newspaper to being a zoned edition to most recently being an advertising supplement. It focuses primarily on lifestyle, dining, and entertainment. We counted roughly papers that had become ghost papers by that route. The surviving independents have had to be very creative about where they go for additional revenue.

That means they go outside their market, they partner with other media organizations, they come up with something that defies the local gravity. Abernathy: There are two issues with ownership of weeklies by large chains. First, the larger the chain, the less connection there is to the community. Couple that with the fact that the price of buying weeklies has dropped dramatically over the last decade. In general, prior to , if you were buying a newspaper in a robust economy you would typically pay 13 times annual earnings.

If you bought even a small weekly, you were more or less making a commitment to the community and to the paper for 13 years in order to get back your investment.

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Post recession, the price for weeklies even in strong markets dropped to three to five times earnings. A similar thing happened to News Corp. The main reason for buying something was to get the main, large daily. You were buying the daily paper and they came along at a pretty inexpensive price. That means investing in political coverage and the sorts of things that will resonate throughout the country.

Invariably, that meant he walked away from the suburbs of Washington, where The Washington Post company had always made a strong commitment. Many [new weeklies] were sections in daily papers that were spun out as separate editions. Abernathy: That was back before we finished the final scrub of that [data]. We went back and added four layers of verification; we added papers that we had not found and we ended up subtracting a good number — and overall we ended up with a net loss.

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For the new layers of verification, we went back and hit every one of the state newspaper associations and the regional and the national to make sure our list synced up with theirs. Abernathy: I do think the weeklies will survive.

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We have done a lot of research on weeklies and non-dailies. We usually go into the communities to get a baseline of what people there feel about the weekly — how loyal are they to it. We find that the percentage of loyal readers [of a weekly] tops the loyalty to a paper like The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. The reason is that the weekly covers the community. Advertisers are very loyal to the papers, but acknowledge that they have to go where the readers are.

They have to come up with a business model that serves the community, invest in their human capital — their news-gathering operation as well as their sales and marketing operation — and keep a longterm perspective, by asking what they need to survive and be in a position to start thriving in five years. Those who work backwards by prioritizing those projects and initiatives that are going to get them there are going to be in a much better place. This study used the same vaccine regimens and followed a similar dosing schedule as the human study. Tomaka noted that the immune responses compared favorably between the two species.

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Tomaka said. Although the results are promising, actual effectiveness or protection against HIV remains to be seen. To date, there has been only one HIV vaccine candidate that has shown efficacy in humans.

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RV also used a prime-boost strategy, but used a different vaccine regimen. The Imbokodo study will run for five years and enroll up to 2, young women in South Africa. Researchers expect first results in Warren Tong is a freelance health and science journalist, with an extensive background writing about HIV and hepatitis C. Vaccine still kicking. Mosaic HIV vaccine shows immune responses one year after final vaccination. By Warren Tong warrentong Sep 14, He also has a successful career at Boeing, where he is an information technology manager for the , overseeing a staff of Then, add to those differences this one.

Barnhart never played soccer as a boy. As for soccer, he knew almost nothing about the game until a few years back, when he joined his wife Heather on an over co-ed indoor team. Playing recreationally was all Barnhart ever expected out of soccer, but then something started tugging at him last spring. Part of it was the lure of high-level competition. Part of it was the memory of being cut several times from the basketball team as a boy, and how that disappointment kept him from trying out again.

And part of it was simply the chance to take on a really big challenge. That last one probably tipped the scales.

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And my dad taught me that sometimes the harder road is the worthwhile way to go. He also mentioned that he would be a little older than the other players. But if all the other pieces of the puzzle were there and if the only thing lacking was just soccer ability, well, I thought I could give him some marginal soccer ability. Barnhart needs 10 academic credits to be eligible he receives another two for soccer , and is taking online classes in consumer health and lifetime health and fitness, with Boeing picking up the cost for his continuing education.

He arrives at the office at or 6 a. He finishes up in the evening with e-mail and other tasks he can do from home.