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Identify your options Prov They were clear for Ruth: Moab or Israel.

She could not remain at the crossroads. Examine God's Word Ps Ruth had listened to God's Word at the feet of Naomi. She believed Yahweh was the one true God and rejected the idolatry of Chemosh. Seek wise counsel Prov Ruth listened to "sweet" Naomi instead of "bitter" Mara.

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Surely, in her better days, Naomi had spoken of her people, her God, and the land of Israel. Count the cost Luke Ruth understood the consequences of either decision. If she went to Israel, she would be giving up her people, her land, her gods, and the promise of security in marriage. If she stayed in Moab, she would be giving up Naomi and Naomi's God. Choose in faith. If you doubt, don't Rom Yet eventually, you must decide. Ruth believed with absolute certainty that she should cling to Naomi.

Her solemn vows reveal no hint of wavering. Trust the Lord Prov Ruth throws herself upon the mercy of Yahweh. She does not lean on her own understanding, for human reason could not navigate the perils ahead. In all her ways, she acknowledges him and he smooths out the path before her. In this romance of redemption, Ruth is the first character to demonstrate a love that doesn't make sense. She loves the very one who is trying to push her away, for Naomi is unlovable—her feathers far too ruffled to provide sufficient shelter. So Ruth becomes the first glimpse of God's intervention in the sad life of Naomi, though in retrospect we see that God was always present.

Like the backside of a tapestry, Naomi only sees mottled threads and loose ends. Yet as this masterpiece is woven together, the narrator gives the reader a glimpse of God's loving hand of providence. Isn't that just like God to provide for Naomi in ways she didn't understand even in the face of her complaining? God used a famine to move a family from Bethlehem to Moab, just as one day he would use a census to move another family from Nazareth to Bethlehem see Mic If there was no famine, there would be no Naomi.

Then somewhere in those ten dry years, Naomi's imperfect testimony impressed Ruth so much that she was willing to forsake her land and gods and family for that of Naomi's. There was no other reason for Ruth to go. If there was no Naomi, there would be no Ruth. Not only that, but God brought death to the men in Naomi's life in order to send her back to Bethlehem.

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If there was no death, there would be no Boaz as we will soon find out. God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes we live on the backside of God's tapestry. By way of introducing this splendid new book, I insisted that a major, serious, life-saving practice for the project of nurturing whole-life discipleship, the kind of integrated and consistent faith that sees God at the center of all things and refuses dualism and cultural accommodation, is to be intentional about regularly studying, thinking through, talking about what constitutes a uniquely Christian world-and-life-view.

Yes, we are excited about and are confident about the urgency of selling books about a distinctively Biblical worldview. We heartily recommended it. Even now, we have it on our checkout counter, but few seem to notice it…. I wanted to tell you just a bit more about why this book is so helpful and why it should be noticed. As most worldview books do, this carefully explores the fascinating sub-categories of questions, the multitude of matters that we must understand if we are to be fruitful in our worldviewish living and our worldview conversations.

For instance, just what is a worldview, anyway? And why, again, does it matter? How is worldview different than just knowing theology or being dedicated to our religion? What is the role of the Bible?


Do we really belief that the end of things is not really an end where we jettison history and are removed to an ethereal dimension called heaven but is a new beginning with new creation, as the city of God brings healing and restoration and rescue to this good but hurting world? How does all this stuff effect our daily experience of life? How does it shape our character as we involve ourselves in churches that teach this full-orbed Christian perspective? And, too, how are worldviews—the meaning systems that help us orient ourselves in the world—-communal in nature?

Is it proper to talk about the worldview of our culture? Is there an ethos amongst our neighbors that shapes our society guided by what they share as common vision of the purpose of reality? Do our schools and media outlets presume or reinforce that basic way of life? What should we do, turn off the news?

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Send our kids to private schools? Protest Desperate Housewives? And what difference does the local church make in all of this? This book lays the foundational groundwork, offers the framework, for thinking fruitfully about this kind of stuff and how to have a wise and legitimate Christian witness in the real world.

The Crossroads Duet (Crossroads, #) by Rachel Blaufeld

It is serious, but not overly theoretical. What could be more practical, I often say, than the rather simple act of polishing your eyeglass lenses, or getting proper prescription for your glasses? This book is a cheap trip to the optometrist.

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  5. Further, this book places this contemporary vision of a uniquely and distinctively Christian way of seeing and living, based in this worldviewish eyeglasses adjustment, into the crossroads of the early 21st century landscape. That is, the stories our culture tells us, the advertisements and movies, the journalists tellings and the science reports, the textbooks used in schools and, sometimes, even the sermons we hear in church, are, in one way or another, teaching us to believe in the myths and values of the modern world, even as that modern world is changing.

    The voices and values coming at us are a jumble, set into this time of cultural crisis, this shifting epoch in which we now life. I refer to the shift from the story of modernity faith in science, a rationalistic worldview, the confidence in progress, individualism and self-assurance, the ascendancy of the West with its systems and bureaucracies, institutions and values to the era of postmodernism.

    From the rocketing of iphones into our social experience to the rise of an experience economy, from the multi-culturalism that we now celebrate to the rejection of the older absolutes of science, from the disenchantment with suburban sprawl to the mocking irony that is now standard humor for the millennial generation, we have are moving rapidly into a new era.

    It seems to me that the only things that are staying the same are our age-old fascination with materialism, and, despite the global financial crisis, the virtual world of postmodernism is still hyper-consumeristic. It says, interestingly, the Biblical story of incarnation and the subsequent Christian worldview is the antidote to virtual restlessness and glamor-driven materialism. It is fabulous for high school or college age students. And, sadly, we continue to war with one another, nation and against nation, tribe against tribe. Crossroads Dance with Me Herne Lady Moon Acceptance Rise Up Singin' Spring Love Legends Beltane Soul of Nature Believe I am currently working on my second album "Wild Earth Child," a collection of songs celebrating oneness with nature, myth, magic, hope and healing.

    The proceeds from this first single "Samhain" will go to the production costs. Are you anxiously awaiting the release of this album? You can help make it happen! Follow this link to become a sponsor and receive cool thank you gifts: www.