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She is knocked unconscious and wakes up in a stone room. There she meets a man called Rogue and some other people. She learns that she is very powerful, she has to learn how to calm her abilities for a few minutes so that they can remove her bonds so that she can be healed, Rogue helps her with this. While this is going on she is told that she has no friends there and nobody would care if she was dead, and that a lot of people there wanted her dead.

After she is healed and cleaned she is taken to a banquet where her fate is decided, she is to be in service to one Lord for seven years, tought by another Lord to control her thoughts and she is to bear Rogue's child. She is taken away immediatly to be trained, or more accuratly, tortured by one of the Lords, She is left with them for what seems to her like months.

There is no exact timing in this world. When she is finished she is released with her familiar, her cat, who has dreams of battle glory. They are both sent to the front lines, she makes a few friends on the way and practices some of her magic, She learns about a booze tray that never runs out. At the front lines she learns about the strange battle plans of the Lord she has to serve, and there are devistating consiquences if you don't serve someone you are sworn to properly. Gwen finds this out when her servant is taken away by there leader, sort of like a God but not.

The servants wings are pulled off and thrown at Gwen in explination and as a reminder. One of her friends that she met on the way to the front lines comes to replace her. A lot of strange battling takes place, they make the opposition go near the sea so that they can have a boat fight. Rogue turns up periodically and so does the black dog, Gwen and Rogue don't get along very well, she hates him and often imagines him dying.

She tries to get Rogue out of her head, and experiment with some of her magic, by participating in sexual acts, but not sex, with one of the officers of the Human army. Before anything can truly happen, Rogue turns up and swings his sword at the officer, telling Gwen that they have much to discuss. She hurridly gets dressed and runs to the ocean front to find the two men fighting.

Rogue is stabbed and the black dog appears by his side, when the officer moves closer to Gwen the dog becomes defensive of her, she tells him to go away. The officer realises that Gwen isn't as human as she appears and leaves. Gwen stays with the dog, and eventually goes into a dream where Rogue offers her a green peace of ribbon, she lets him wrap it around her wrists and they begin to make love.

She wakes up wrapped in his arms, they talk about where to go from there and how it was him that pulled her into his reality, she doesn't seem hurt at this and realises that she belongs here more than she does on earth. I found this book odd. It all takes place in a foreign land that seems earily similar to Alice in Wonderland. I really enjoyed this book, I listened to the entire thing in one night, i wasn't well so I couldn't sleep.

There are some amazingly whitty comments, but I do think that the torture that she goes through is disturbing, it changes her in a lot of ways, in the beginign of the book she is always thinking about things and comparing them to things on earth analysing things and if she had thought like that throught the entire thing I think that I would have gone MAD, it is so irritating.

After her torture she slowly starts to think freely again and she is finnaly under control. I think that if Rogue truly loved her he would have fround another way to pay off the debts that she owed and to help her to control herself without being tortured. I think that that would have helped the love story some, the only idea that he loves her is in a short chapter at the end of the book. No wonder she spends most of the book hating him. I think that the love story in this part of the series is too rushed, As the title shows it is part of a series though.

I only hope that the rest of the series follows these two charecters, I generally dont like series that change the leads with every novel. Overall I did enjoy the book, but I do think that it shoudl have been made a chapter or two longer, to give us some idea of what is going on at the end of the book, we are told in the matter of a chapter that they are in love and that they are going to be together.

For the next book I would like to see a continuation: what are they going to do about her service to the other lord, When and will she have Rogue's baby, will she ever see any part of her family again There are a lot of possibilities for the next book, and it is because of this I have given the book a rating of four. I would suggest that anyone read the book, I can't wait for the net book to come out. Rage quitting two chapters in. You're held captive in a strange place and you're trying, not to escape or gather information, but to find a suitable floral metaphor to describe a man's mouth without feminising him?

Mar 04, Carissa rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , paranormal , audiobook. Well this went in a different direction then I was expecting. I'm still trying to figure out Jeffe's fantasy writing from the few books I read. I'm still going to check out the next book though. Narrator was good. Jul 28, Laura rated it liked it.

I probably enjoyed this book more than I would like to admit. I think one of the best things about this, is the author's writing style. I really like the way Ms. Kennedy writes. Jennifer, our MC somehow transports herself into an alternate fae-based reality. One moment she's sitting at the base of Devil's Tower in Wyoming and the next she's waking up on a flat stretch of grass with nothing around for miles. At first I was annoyed because I thought there was too intricate a series of small action I probably enjoyed this book more than I would like to admit.

At first I was annoyed because I thought there was too intricate a series of small actions that had to happen to transport her. Later, I think it's at least hinted at that there were other forces at work, so that was better but things were really iffy at that point. Soon after, Jennifer finds that she has some sort of power in this strange place - everything she wishes for just happens. However, what she conjures doesn't come without a price.

She wishes for a drink of water and gets a whole stream, etc Apparently she's well on her way to wrecking the land, when the fae send out one of their own to stop her. That's where the sweet story-book quality of this tale ends. The fae, are just as tricky and despicable in this book as in any I've ever read and I loved that. There were multiple layers to the treachery and at times it did get tedious. I did find myself wishing for just one individual that was on Jennifer now Gwynn's side without a doubt but that took a little while. After a series of inexperienced bargaining, Gwynn owes 7 years of her life to serve one fae lord by fighting in his war, after which she will return to a different fae lord and give him her first born child, of which he intends to sire.

Okay so I'm thinking clearly this is going to turn into a sweet and possibly gushy romance. I really didn't care. I guess I was in the mood for sweet gushiness at the time. So I was ok with it. But then suddenly and without warning there's this whole weird BDSM chapter as part of her magical training and it just felt out of place and useless.

There was no explanation as to why it was necessary or how giving up her control would help her control her magic. It also caused me to hate the hero of the story. I mean I really really hated him. He specifically forbade the "trainers" to use sex in their training, so the BDSM involved was mostly just bondage and humiliation and whipping. And was that supposed to make me like him more? It didn't. The only aspect I'm willing to forgive is that it only lasted for approx one chapter.

Any more than that and I probably would have stopped. Now, I'm not agains BDSM -generally speaking, I however am against anything that is not done by choice and that's what got me so pissy over this. However, grudgingly, I will say that later on there is more explanation as to why that particular brand of training was used and I suppose I did forgive the hero as things progressed - he made sure she didn't get hurt, he made sure it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it could have been, he wasn't in control of anything at all and got her the best possible deal as he could get, etc..

I'm still not entirely convinced that something else might not have worked just as well though. In addition to the writing style, I found that I really enjoyed the characters. There were a lot of really colorful and interesting characters in this story and quite a few humorous scenes. The war council meetings were especially entertaining for me. Rather than feeling like any type of strategic planning was going on, it felt like a bunch of crazies choreographing a battle scene in a musical.

There were lots of little fun things about this book. So far for me they outweigh the negative. I will likely continue the series just for that. Jul 08, Between the Bind rated it it was amazing. I had such high expectations for this book and Ms. Kennedy didn't disappoint. Jennifer is living her life as a shadow. She's engaged to a man because he's confortable, has a career lacking passion, and seems to be lost in this shell of herself, doing what is expected.

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So, one night, she's had enough. She leaves her f 4. And lead it does. Following her instincts, Jennifer finds herself in the shadow of Devil's Tower, blindly completing a ceremony that wakes her in a land where her wishes come true. Unfortunately, said wishes aren't always well thought out After a rapid series of events, she finds herself a prisoner to a sexy not-quite-human man in a world unknown to her.

Oh, and here, in Faerie, she's known as Gwynn - Lady Sorceress. Learning quickly about this world filled with bargains of life or death, telepathy and manipulative politics is necessary for Gwynn's survival, but at what cost? Kennedy writes a lovely story, woven with thoughtfulness and honesty. The journey of a woman navigating her way through so much unknown is written as a relatable fantasy that I connected with easily. My biggest qualm was the multiple formatting errors in my ARC hence the missing half star.

Rogue, our leading man, is dark and captivating. I loved and hated him right along with Gwynn, not knowing his true feelings or reasoning even through the end of this story. His ability to command attention through every page, whether on it or not, was incredible. Gwynn's journey is at times difficult to read, but apart from a natural disaster, there was nothing that could stop me from turning the pages.

My Favorite Quote: "I feel certain you'd ask hard questions that require long answers. I'll give you three principles - three things you should know to get through the evening. Oct 25, Amy R rated it it was amazing Shelves: , paranormal-and-fantasy-romance. This was my very first book by Jeffe Kennedy. I stumbled upon it on a blog and was intrigued by the description yet was a little nervous.

It sounded a little more intense than I was used to. I usually prefer lighter romance books even if they are suspense-filled or have paranormal twist. However, I thought I would give this book a try.

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All I can say is holy cow! There is so much going on in this book. It moves quickly and you have to pay attention to keep up. I really had a tough time putting it down. She had this amazing power that she had no idea she possessed, much less how to control. She stumbled into this world and woke up bound to a table out of safety of the people because everything she wished for came true.

I felt all the emotions Gwynn felt throughout the story, whether it was her anger, confusion, depression or desire. Gwynn had quite the wit, too. I loved how even in this Faerie world she still maintained her human side, like calling the different Faeries names like Nasty Tinker Bell or Lady Lightbulb instead of Lady Incandescence. Because of this she owes him and he demands her first born child. She is still very much human and has no idea why he would want that. She quickly finds out that everything has a price in this world.

She has several debts to pay and has to endure them for seven years or else she will be severely punished. The trick is no one will tell her the type of punishment or really help her out much with answers to her questions. She learns things the hard way most of the time. I trusted Jeffe, though, and kept reading. I really love when I can laugh and cry while reading a book. She is a strong woman and each thing she went through had a purpose.

Throughout the story, Rogue and Gwynn seemed to have a hot and cold relationship. By the end things get a lot clearer between the two of them and it sets up the next book perfectly. I really liked this book even if it had a darker edge than I am used to and was hard to read in some parts. I am anxious to learn more of why Rogue needs Gwynn so much and why she was brought into this world.

I look forward to some of the secondary characters, too, such as Starling, Puck, and even Darling the cat who is a riot throughout the book. If you like books that have a little bit of a darker edge, a broken, but healing hero and heroine, a cat with a sense of humor, romance, and magic, you should really give this one a try.

I am really looking forward to the next book in the series. Oct 04, Stephanie rated it really liked it. No remuneration exchanged and except as note, all opinions herein are my own. Rather than having a plan to change her life she drives away from it absentmindedly and wishes, wishes, wishes for change. When Jenn falls into the other world her worst nightmare comes to life and in this well written book. But the nightmare expands with every wish until she's stopped from wishing. That struck me as an analogy for her real world.

There's a period of absolute confusion, followed by a period of absolute terror when she is trained by a people with no moral compass other than a set of rigid rules about nobility and obligation. I enjoyed reading the book. It's written in a first person memoir but avoids a lot of information dumping.

The author, at one point seemed to be overly fond of the word "congealing. Telling someone they are beginning to sound like Yoda has no meaning to those unfamiliar to Star Wars. And, decent treatment of prisoners is a lost cause: these people don't know abut the Geneva Convention. I'm not saying it's perfect, the metaphysical aspect throws me at the end of the story.

Sexy without any actual sex, the novel has a one hand above the clothes rule unless ounishment is involved. Does true love conquer all, even death?

You'll have to read the book to find out how both faerie and human change and adapt. Jun 14, Tara rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Stacia Kane fans, fans of kick butt heroines. Shelves: paranormal , full-of-awesome , favorites , read , fun-read , arc , fairies , reviewed. The problem? The lies aren't working. She's stuck in a relationship with a man she doesn't even like and she's plagued by dreams of a large, black dog.

Jeffe Kennedy

While at a party with the annoying fiance she leaves after a disagreement and takes a drive only to end up at the Devil's Tower which confused me because I still have no idea what it was. She spends the night, decides to go for a walk the next morning in heels and a cocktail dress, no less. Now, that's pure awesomeness! That's when the fun starts. For Jennifer and the reader. She's tough, intelligent, and, for the most part, highly logical.

Those irritating ladies who seem to misplace logic as soon as they're faced with a hot guy get annoying. Jennifer was not one of those chicks and I loved it. Sure, I didn't agree with all of her decisions, but I understood why she did them. She was pretty badass. The world was complex and well thought out. I loved that Fairie World was dark and somewhat sad. As an adult reader, I want the dark because not everything is bright and beautiful in life. That's how I picture my fairies. Gorgeous to look at and scary as hell up close. I was completely sucked into their world and didn't want to leave when the book ended.

Only one series of books have had that effect on me, Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts , and that, in itself, was a revelation. Write more, Jeffe! It took awhile for me to get into the book, but once I did, I couldn't put it down. The reason I gave it 4. It was almost too much description, which I never thought I'd say.

I'm aghast at my words! But, they're true. And, this is a small thing, but it bugged the crap out of me for some reason, view spoiler [ stop talking about your contacts! I don't care about them. And, anyone who wears contacts knows that you never, ever put them in water to soak. Bad, bad Jennifer!

Fill me in! Honestly, this book was awesome. Intelligent and beautifully written.

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I will definitely read more of Ms. Kennedy's books and I highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys non-cookie cutter type heroines, heroes, and worlds. Sep 26, Hazel rated it it was amazing. There, the black dog who has stalked her in her nightmares for months attempts to tear out her throat. Lord Rogue, handsome beyond measure saves her life. He demands she bear his first born child in payment. Through the efforts and ministrations of the faery healer and her minions, her health is not only restored, but made better than before. But nothing is without a price in Faery.

Gwinn, as she is known here, must serve the faery court for seven years. Lord Rogue negotiates some stipulations.

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She can not engage in sex, as she is required to bear his child. Turns out she has always has had magical powers, though unaware of them. Her powers seem exaggerated in Faery, where she is regarded as a sorceress. She is required to endure a long period of torture, euphemistically referred to as training, at the hands of a sadistic set of siblings. Enduring this, she learns how to harness and control powers, which are tied to her sexuality. From here she goes into the service of the faery General Falcon, where he uses her sorcery in his war against the barbarians.

Periodically, Lord Rogue appears, always attempting to seduce her by one means of trickery or another. She shrewdly avoids giving in to his nearly irresistible ploys. Since she is not required to bear his child until her service to the faery court has ended, she agrees to allow him only to firt with her.

Makes me wonder if Lady Gwinn could really one hundred percent human not to give in on the spot. Much later, she comes to terms with herself, her powers, Faery, and with Rogue. The main characters are complex, particularly Gwinn Jennifer , who is fiercely independent and conflicted on a number of issues. He and Lady Gwinn communicate telepathically, and this adds humor to the tale. The story is full of unpredictable twists and turns. I found it fresh, irreverent and entertaining. The story is very well written.

This story has enough edge that it is uncertain whether Gwinn will live through all this, much less have a happy ending. This is the first in a series, and I look forward to the next volume. I found it totally intriguing and have already recommended it to a few people, including my sister. Jul 17, Stephanie Collins rated it really liked it. This admittedly was a hard review to write due to the abrupt ending.

If I had not heard that this is only book 1 then my rating might have gone down to a 3 due to the ending. Good news is this is book 1 so my hope is that the rushed ending will be fleshed out more in book 2 and we will get to have the details plus resolution you crave at the end of this work. Gwynn Jennifer is a strong heroine in that while she does have some moments of self-pity they do not overwhelm her and rule her life in This admittedly was a hard review to write due to the abrupt ending.

Gwynn Jennifer is a strong heroine in that while she does have some moments of self-pity they do not overwhelm her and rule her life in this new strangely compelling world of magic. She decides on a whim to finally leave the man she is set to marry but does not love and is drawn to Devil's Tower where she unknowingly opens a bridge to a world of magic and fae.

Once there she discovers that she has magical powers and has to quickly learn how to play by rules that are not explained to her or die. She ends up being a pawn of stronger fae including the enigmatic Rogue She is tortured and manipulated by all that she comes in contact with but underneath the panic and mistreatment a kernel of self remains that sustains her thru the torment. She also is drawn to Rogue even though he let her be taken by those who tortured her.

This would be unforgivable to some but as I see more and more of the world in which you move I can on some levels understand and not condemn you for it but I can see where some others might not be so forgiving. You allowed your other half to be tortured, beaten, sexually abused and tormented until most would have completely broken without truly revealing what she means to you. This could have lost you everything but thankfully she redeemed you in her actions at the end.

I still find you incredibly magnetic and beleive you were trying in small measures to help her within the constraints of your world. This is a strangely compelling story and world with a lot of intrigue. Pay close attention as Gywnn has to in order not to miss the nuances of the world and characters we are shown.

I personally am looking forward to the next glimpses at Rogue and Gwynn. Thanks to netgalley. Sep 04, Michelle Cornwell-Jordan rated it really liked it. Soon events take place that while there, and through mysterious events, Jennifer ends up in the land of Faerie and comes face to face with a Black dog that she had been having dreams about. The dog attacks, but her death is prevented by Rogue, who now says that she has to serve seven years in order to pay her debt as well as the fact he desires her first-born child -that he will father.

I also liked the fact that Jennifer was giving a high intelligence, the story centered around Jennifer attempting to use a scientific approach to the world of magic that she had found herself in. Rogue was an Alpha Male, who made no apology for who he was or his beliefs and actions. I enjoyed several of the other characters Starling, Puck and Darla the cat! I recommend for those who enjoy a good Fae , paranormal or romantic read!

Jun 24, Aliraluna rated it it was amazing. A normal boring life, nerd scientific Dr. I started reading Donaldson when I was an adolescent and voraciously consumed anything fantasy. Well, really, any books at all. In fact, I really struggled with Thomas Covenant. I just hated the protagonist and had a hard time understanding the story. This was long before the interwebz and nobody else I knew read those books, so it was only many years later that I found out that everyone struggled with disliking that protagonist.

And that the books had very likely been too advanced for even my precocious 12 year old brain. Not many fantasy and sci fi books had women as central characters back then. I know because I searched most of them out. I branched into other genres and discovered romance, which always featured strong focus on the female characters. I got to tell Stephen Donaldson this very thing, face to face, lo these many years later. The Thomas Covenant Chronicles finally wound up at ten books. The reality of it only hit him much later, when he started functioning as a human being again.

That, though finishing that third book left me hollowed out and like the walking dead for some time, I want to do more with my characters and that world. For those interested, a bit of a blurb: A human trapped in the world of Faerie, in possession of magic I could not control, I made a bargain for my life: to let the dangerously sensual fae noble known as Rogue sire my firstborn. And one does not break an oath with a fae. But no matter how greatly I desire him, I will not succumb. Not until I know what will happen to the child.

Though unable-or unwilling-to reveal the fate of human-fae offspring himself, Rogue accompanies me on my quest for answers. Along the way he agrees to teach me to harness my power, in exchange for a single kiss each day and sleeping by my side each night. Just as I am about to yield to temptation, I find myself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with an insane goddess.

Now my search for the truth will lead me to the darkest of all Faerie secrets. Negotiation is the science of the fae culture, providing the guiding precepts for all actions. Virtually nothing is offered without a price attached. Conversely, nothing can be taken from you without appropriate payment. Pretty much. The finger of rocks thrust well out into the ocean, the water the unnatural blue of a resort hotel pool, despite the thunderous surf and driving rain.

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