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Eerily, only the loudspeakers work. In a nice touch, even the English translation by Samuel Rutter is stamped. Sometime in the early s, American writer and novelist Zora Neale Hurston set off to explore voodoo culture of Jamaica and Haiti. Her investigation resulted in Tell My Horse, a work of literary journalism in which Hurston explored voodoo culture by participating and documenting its ceremonies, customs, and superstitions.

How about an army of them, as well as brain-raping butterflies, spider-legged and snake-eating women, and secret police task forces. In this classic horror tale, translated by Susan Bernofsky , a Swiss village is plagued by an arachnid infestation. Estonian Joonatan Hark get the reference? In the meantime, Estonia is celebrating the birthday of poet Lydia Koidula who played an important role in the first Estonian independence movement.

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Though he begins to benefit from his new pigmentation, Wariboko must still navigate Lagos as a foreigner among his people, a scenario that Barrett uses to explore deeper Kafka-esque meditations. In this absurdist horror novel, an electric chair executioner name Howard Hordinary is made redundant with the arrival of lethal injections — thus making him sit around ruminating on the loss of his occupation, and figuring out ways to repopularize electric chair executions.

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Claro twists the plot even further, delving into the dark history of electricity uses on the human body, and twisting Hordinary into a twisted individual who shocks himself while he masturbates. Inspired by Vollmann, Pynchon, and Danielweski whom Claro has translated into French , this postmodern French novel, translated by writer Brian Evenson , often goes in intriguingly unexpected directions, just like a bolt of electricity. Songling cleverly used the paranormal to criticize the government and highlight its injustices.

Yet these stories are engrossing regardless of their social dimension, serving to introduce a cosmology of the otherworldly to Western readers. The doyenne of British postwar literature may be known to most as the author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie , but Dame Spark was also an accomplished short story writer. A few of her pieces, assembled in this collection, are sinister tales with a supernatural penchant — at least in the subtle, unsettling ways typically found in 19th-century horror.

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The novel combines classic horror with a touch of existentialism, is set in Brisbane, and follows a deadbeat named Jamie who has a heart-pounding experience: while driving home one evening he nearly collides into a clown which, after making silent, mouthing gestures, disappears into the night. Save to Wishlist. We live in fear; we love our fear. It keeps us out of danger, yet we seek it out for thrills.

In the realm of the supernatural, fear is what drives our imagination to unexpected reaches.

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With clandestine practices such as Paganism and Voodoo, fear of their customs can lead to even scarier forms of prejudice. In literature, fear and horror have long been celebrated tropes, arguably touching upon the folklore of every single culture on earth. Courtesy of Sarah Crichton Books. Courtesy of New Directions.

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