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Reviewed in A nglican Theological Review Reviewed in Publishers Weekly. Reviewed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Even then, its impact lingers. To say this is a book about mental health severely limits its scope, which includes arresting reflections on race, womanhood, death, love, sex, community, and joy. A master storyteller, Coleman seamlessly knits together the personal and universal, the particular and the communal. Hers is one of the clearest and most compelling voices in Christian literature today.

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Let those with ears hear. This unique and pioneering book opens a new spiritual zone for our serious attention! She ushers us gently into her world in which, over time, through Ivy League baccalaureate study and pursuit of ministerial professionalism and spiritual scholarship, she comes to terms with a family history of mental health challenges and substance use disorder, her own traumatic experiences and a diagnosis of mental illness which finally explains her episodic changes in mood, outlook and activity level.

The reader will admire Dr. The church—and broader society—must do a much better job engaging issues of mental health, and Dr. Coleman's powerful story sets us on the right path. Monica Coleman courageously shares the story of her own personal and private life struggles with God, death, loneliness, love, rape and a family history of mental illness. Once a taboo topic, Dr. Our spiritual journey takes us through light and darkness. We work hard, we live, we survive, we pass the scars of emotional wars from one generation to another like a birthright, like a family heirloom.

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But it is also the saga of an individual, a family, and a community that needs to confront itself, once and for all, so there is actual healing and redemption in a way that truly liberates. Weaving cultural truths with the reality of hope and despair, Coleman's latest book is a testimony that unmasks psychological struggles, family discord, and the quest for wholeness.

As a scholar and minister, Coleman has crafted a book that creates a safe space for people of faith to reflect on their journey toward truth, balance, and self-acceptance. The writing is terrific, it pulls you along like a runaway train and is full of poetic lines that speak to the ineffable human experience of suffering and hope. With grit and courage, Dr. Monica Coleman shares her story of mental illness and abuse and her journey to wholeness. Guided by faith, Coleman never sidesteps the pain and hurt as she confronts her private demons head on, ending in triumph, recovery and healing.

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Request an Exam copy Please select a version: Physical Digital Digital copies are fulfulled via Edelweiss, an external trusted partner. Request an Desk copy Please select a version: Physical Digital Digital copies are fulfulled via Edelweiss, an external trusted partner. Description Monica A. Release date:. Rethinking Mental Health. Experts blog about a wide range of mental health and wellness topics.

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Friday, July 8, It is easy to see how bipolar people can use the phrase to describe how horrible bipolar disorder is to someone who does not experience it. I imagine many people will expect this article to be a rant on how people without bipolar disorder have no idea how bad we have it. I am sorry. It is not. It is for those who already know how bad it can be. They may not know the half of it either. I often joke that depression is so terrible that we sometimes wish we were dead and we act so badly during mania that everyone else wishes we were. It is good for a laugh because we all know it has some truth in it.

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The horrible symptoms of depression and mania when in disorder are well known. There are many who argue over the choice of tools to address depression and bipolar, but nearly everyone agrees on one thing: depression and bipolar are horrible mental illnesses that need to be removed from our lives.

I know bipolar disorder well. I had my first full blown manic episode 46 years ago and my first major depressive episode ten years after that. I am all too familiar with the devastation wreaked on my own life and those around me that both the manic and depressive sides of bipolar disorder contributed to.

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It nearly cost my own life. Although it takes a great deal of understanding to get from crisis through managed stage and eventually to recovery, we can never know all there is to know about bipolar disorder. Even if we did, we would not know the half of it. After 35 years of suffering interspersed with good times, I set out to find a better way. When I made it my career to understand bipolar about ten years ago, I gathered people with depression and bipolar together with family, friends, doctors, therapists, and others who were also looking for better answers. If I was going to put so much effort into trying to keep bipolar suppressed, I wondered what would happen if I put the effort into understanding the other half that I hoped was there.

Many of us continue to explore not only what works in order to achieve recovery, but also how we might use the same tools to get beyond it. In the process, we have discovered new ways of using existing tools and have created new tools that are much more powerful.

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We found that there is another half to the bipolar experience, where our understanding helps us remove the suffering, while we gain the ability to function completely in all states from the highest high to the deepest low. I call it Bipolar IN Order. Over the years we have refined the tools and strategies to help others make Bipolar IN Order a reality in their lives.

With each new success, we gain a deeper understanding of how to assess people to determine where they are on the path from Crisis through Managed Stage to Recovery Bipolar Disorder , but also the three stages beyond that, Freedom, Stability, and Self-Mastery Bipolar IN Order. We have also learned that tools are stage specific. Some tools are used differently according to the stage, while other tools only apply to more advanced stages and should not be used while in disorder.

It took almost ten years, but we did prove that Bipolar IN Order is real in our own lives and now have a community of people who have successfully made the transition from bipolar disorder to Bipolar IN Order.

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We can now challenge the paradigm that claims that Bipolar is an illness.