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What she uncovers is a secret that could alter the course of history Filled with intrigue, romance, and ancient secrets, Anne Cleeland's thrilling novel takes you on an unforgettable Egyptian adventure. My kind of book! She writes historical fiction set in the Regency period and contemporary romantic suspense. Her first novel was Tainted Angel. Visit Seller's Storefront. Standard and expedited shipping options include shipping and handling costs. Books should arrive within business days for expedited shipping, and business days for standard shipping. Standard shipping can on occasion take up to 30 days for delivery.

But news of their disappearance forces Hattie to leave England and embark on a voyage that will reveal the long-buried secrets of her past. An encrypted senet board and a gold medallion lead Hattie on a perilous quest to track down her missing parents--and discover why people associated with the Blackhouses continue to turn up dead. What she uncovers is a secret that could alter the course of history Filled with intrigue, romance, and ancient secrets, Anne Cleeland's thrilling novel takes you on an unforgettable Egyptian adventure. Praise for Anne Cleeland's Tainted Angel: Espionage and steamy passion--Regency style--burning up the pages from chapter one.

My kind of book! Language eng. Publication Naperville, Illinois, Sourcebooks Landmark, Extent 1 online resource. Note Electronic book. Isbn Form of item online Isbn Isbn Type electronic bk. Hart This role was shared with other goddesses. Also Pinkowski and Brooklyn Museum ca. Montuemhat, the governor of Thebes, did indeed have a Nubian wife of royal blood, but she was called Wedjarenes; Russmann On the various High Stewards, see Vittmann and Koch Numerical values are consistent within 1 year of data in CDLI Westenholz gives year 8 of Warad-Sin.

Longer date from Ayad a , p. Ayad a: 99 suggests that the presence of the recently-installed Shepenwepet II as GWA prevented Shabaqo from nominating a daughter to the position, although of course there is no a priori reason why such a daughter if available could not have been designated as heiress, just as Amenirdis II was in the subsequent reign of Taharqo.

Koch For a recent summary, see Pope Frayne observes for Ur III that a delay of 9 years between oracular designation of an individual and her installation as EN would be unprecedented in length. Hybrid options include the possibility that the designated princess did not commence her novitiate until the incumbent EN-priestess was nearing the end of her term.

She had time to return to her office and compose the Adoration of Inanna main text, section titled Survival before her death. Enmahgalana probably held office until the fall of Ur to the Elamites in , a term of about 38 years. Her tenure is discussed later in the main text section titled Survival. Full interval from Ayad is included because she asserts that Shepenwepet I did not serve an apprenticeship period as heiress; Ayad a: Morkot estimates that she lived for at least 50 years.

Ayad a , p. Despite this agreed dictum, the boundaries between incumbencies can be somewhat unclear. Others have explicitly postulated co-regency of GWAs [refs. El Hawary 16 estimates her political influence at almost 50 years. However, the building in question Ayad a , p. As an alternative to modesty and deference, Koch 54 suggests that the memorial precinct at Medinet Habu may have been less important to the Saite princess Nitocris, who would have been buried locally and could have focused her efforts on a Theban tomb, than to her Nubian predecessors, who may have been buried far away in their homeland.

Coulon specifically contrasts the devotion of Nitocris to the Nubian GWAs that preceded her with the Saite damnatio of their fathers. The erasure of cartouches belonging to Kashta and Piye can be seen in Fig. Moreover, Angelika Lohwasser observes that visual depictions of the Libyan, Nubian and Saite GWAs do not present any distinguishing markers of ethnicity.

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Daughter of the God-king (Regency, book 2) by Anne Cleeland

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Geburtstag , ed. Endesfelder, K. Priese, W.

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