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Mechatronic Engineering. What is Mechatronic Engineering?

What is a Machine? Newly evolving technologies are continually integrated into machines to significantly enhance their operational aspects Mechatronic Engineers in the workforce The demand for engineers with experience and knowledge of computing, robotics and engineering principles continues to grow as industries evolve.

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Since then, the meaning of the term has broadened to include the integration of multiple other disciplines, including computer engineering, systems engineering and programming. As a design philosophy, mechatronics values systems thinking and an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.

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Fairly recently in information technology IT , the DevOps movement broke down the wall between software developmen t and operations , encouraging IT pros to work in cross-departmental teams. Mechatronics has caused the same sea change in engineering. In many industries today, engineers have to work in cross-discipline, collaborative teams in order to ensure that the complex, highly integrated systems they are designing will run smoothly. To understand the concept of mechatronics, one can simply think about today's automobiles.

The average car today has between 25 and 50 central processing units CPUs that control mechanical functions.

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A driver support system DSS such as anti-lock breaks is designed with mechatronics; the electronic control system takes over the braking function when sensors recognize that one or more wheels are locking up. A pneumatic tire pressure monitoring system is also designed with mechatronics; each tire has a sensor inside that sends data to an onboard electronic control system.

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Thinking holistically has allowed engineers to make great strides in advancing automation and robotics. It has also allowed them to create smarter products, smaller products and tiny, efficient product components at the nanotech level. Siemens AG, one of the world's largest high-tech manufacturing corporations, offers a professional certification program for mechatronics, and an increasingly large number of colleges and universities are offering courses of study for this emerging technology. According to the United States Department of Labor, mechatronics is an emerging growth area for employment.

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In addition to automotives, industries that rely upon mechatronics include aerospace, appliance design and repair, banking, energy and power production and distribution, farming, food processing, manufacturing, mining and healthcare. Required Courses Eight 8 - credits. One ME elective from the following list: 3 credits.

One ECE elective from the following list: 3 credits.