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Your child's name will go on an organ waiting list. This list has the names of everyone who is waiting for a heart or other organs. Your child might have to wait to find a heart that is a good match. The need for new hearts is far greater than the number donated, so this can take a long time. You'll stay in close touch with the doctors and the rest of the health care team.

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Make sure they know how to reach you at all times. When a heart is available, you'll need to move quickly. Keep a bag packed and be ready to go to the transplant hospital at a moment's notice. While you wait for a transplant, keep your child as healthy as possible.

That way, he or she will be ready for transplant surgery when the time comes. Help your child:.

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Tell your doctor and the transplant center right away if is any change in your child's health. When you get to the hospital, the transplant team will prepare your child for surgery. They may run a few tests to be sure that the new heart is a good match. Then, your child goes to an operating room. In the operating room, your child will get anesthesia to sleep through the operation.

The surgeon makes an incision cut in the chest and removes the sick heart. The new heart is placed in the chest, and the surgeon connects it by sewing its blood vessels to the blood vessels in your child's body. So that doctors can check heart function, the incision might not be closed right away. Most heart transplant surgeries last between 4 and 6 hours. Someone on the transplant team will keep you informed about how the surgery is going while you wait.

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After heart transplant surgery, your child be in the cardiac intensive care unit CICU. You can visit your child there for brief periods. Your child will get medicine for pain. He or she will stay asleep on the ventilator with a breathing tube in place until the doctors know that the new heart is working well. This may take a few days. How long your child will be in the CICU depends on his or her condition. Generally, the stay is 7 to 10 days.

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When ready, your child will be transferred to the general cardiac ward. The transplant team will continue to care for and closely watch your child.


Most children stay in the hospital at least 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. During this time, kids and their families learn how to care for the new heart. Be sure you understand the doctors' instructions because your child will need to follow them carefully. In the weeks after your child goes home, you'll return to the hospital many times so that the doctors can make sure that everything is going well. One of the most common problems after transplant surgery is rejection.

Rejection happens because the body doesn't recognize the new heart and doesn't know that it is helpful. So the immune system tries to attack it. Medicines called immunosuppressants , or anti-rejection medicines help to control this reaction. In a sense, they trick the body into accepting the new heart.

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Taking them can make your child more likely to get infections, especially in the days right after surgery. This book takes you through the stages of the author's life and the different phases and how he experienced them. Many of these phases are quite common to all of us. For this reason it touches a cord in each and every one of us. The book sets out, six life lessons that one can follow in a simple process of how to activate them and the outcome of achieving them. The book is entertaining, fluid ,well written and above all enlightening. It is also a book one can dip into time and again for guidance.

This is a great book to give as a gift which I did to someone who is not in touch with themselves.

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  • It really gave a lift to the person I gave the book to. A very touching, inspirational and insightful read. I have always been a fan of Eoins work since coming in touch with it four years ago. His pain and transformation is palpable in his teaching and writing and he is an advocate for Carl Jung's words "Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens". This book is a must for anyone who like me struggles with the head and the heart.

    One person found this helpful. I found this book to be very thought provoking and insightful. Eoin's journey of learning to live from the heart has helped me to reconnect with what matters most in my life i.

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    The practical tips and tools helped me to spot my patterns and stop getting caught up in the drama of life. I loved this book! It is very easy to read, very entertaining and very compelling. It is the story of one man's emotional journey through life told through defining moments and events with a very refreshing honesty that is raw, authentic and humourous.

    Eoin shares with us, his awareness, insights and wisdom arising from his journey and his work in the second part of the book through his life lessons. These lessons are very practical tips and steps designed to help readers to improve and take more charge of their lives. You will be eternally grateful to yourself if you buy and read this book!

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