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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 30, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: romantica-erotica. The Old West is a dangerous time and place to be female and alone and not only is Brianna Spencer attempting it, she's succeeding. All she needs now is the money owed to her and she will have made it-through one year, at least.

That's why Sloan McAlister finds her on the docks trying to collect on a debt owed to her. He rescues her from the lecherous advances of the town loser and right away her spunkiness calls out to him. He might be one of the good guys, but the life he leads is in no way law The Old West is a dangerous time and place to be female and alone and not only is Brianna Spencer attempting it, she's succeeding.

He might be one of the good guys, but the life he leads is in no way lawful or easy. He feels that he has no right to touch her or claim her, so he turns away, but it's only a matter of time before his heart and "other parts" lead him back to her. This was a very sweet and sensual story. Mary Wine sprinkled about enough Old West charm to make this a very enjoyable story and an interesting little look into life in an old miner's town. It's charming and quaint, and also dirty, rough and brutal.

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It's a world where only the strong survive and while Brianna is willing and capable, there's only so much she can do with what God gave her, so the men in the town sit and wait, waiting for that inevitable moment when she will falter. Luckily for her, when one such loser does make his move, Sloan McAlister is there to save the day.

This finally puts Brianna in his arms and now that he finally has her, well, his momma didn't raise a fool. The sex in this book is not very explicit or kinky. Nor is it dirty or lewd. It was very sensual and loving and also very sweet. Sloan McAlister was the type of dream hunk who exists only in our fantasies. The type of big, strong and exciting alpha male who comes riding to our rescue dressed in a low slung Stetson and a black duster, while astride a great big stallion. I hope Mary Wine writes some sequels to this book because I would love to read about Sloan's fellow railroad agents.

She teased me with just enough to make me want more. The plot in this book was simple, but had enough thrills to make this more than the usual romantica book. The villains in this book are disgusting and pathetic brutes and I loved it when Sloan put the fear of God into them. I highly recommend this as a sweet and sensual Western romance.

View all 3 comments. Jun 24, Adrienne rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this western which felt to me like a true romance. Brianna has been holding the fort at her fathers mill whilst he made a trip, unfortunately he seems to be delayed and Briannas lone female status hasn't gone unnoticed. One day whilst in town on business to collect an outstanding debt run up nodoubt because she's on her own Brianna runs into some trouble with the town letch, in the process of fending him off a knight in shinning armour appears in the form of Sloan McAlister.

S I really enjoyed this western which felt to me like a true romance. And once Sloan is in her life there's no going back. Brianna and Sloan go through a couple of traumas together which only serve to tighten the bonds between them and there is a lovely sweet HEA. Whilst the sex isn't fast or furious or dirty it is loving and caring as Alpha Man Sloan becomes more and more enraptured by the lovely Brianna.

View all 16 comments. Shelves: own-have-read , reviewed-by-me , 4-stars , author-mary-wine , historical-romance-american-west , historical-romance-stand-alones. I really thought this was a good book. It's not terribly long; only pages and I found myself wishing there had been a little more background story to Sloan. However, even at pages, I didn't feel the story rushed or really lacking the detail necessary to tell this tale. I can see why other reviewers called it a "sweet story" because it really was, but in this case, "sweet" cannot be misconstrued to mean weak or childish.

Sloan is an officer of the railroad, keeping the docks safe from robbe I really thought this was a good book. Sloan is an officer of the railroad, keeping the docks safe from robbers and other lowlife. We don't learn a lot about his background, which is a shame because as the novels hero I feel he was deserving of more page time.

Brianna was a hardworking woman, trying to keep her fathers mill running while he was away, and not lose it to the bank. Because her father had been gone so long, assumed dead by many, there were unscrupulous men in town who wanted to claim Brianna so as to lay claim to the mill.

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One such man, Joseph Corners, made the mistake of trying to force himself on her, unaware that Sloan McAlister was nearby. Sloan thwarted Joseph's attack and took it upon himself to be Brianna's protector, much to her dismay - initially. Which brings me to one of the things I love about Mary Wine's heroines They don't cringe and cower from embarassment, or hide themselves under their covers Not that they use it AGAINST their men, but they enjoy knowing that they do not have to be the meek and mild women society would have them be.

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Why not a 5 star, you ask? The one thing that did bother me about this book, but was necessary given the setting, was the sparse use of actual dialogue between the characters. I was reading a lot of "telling" when I wanted more "showing". What I mean is, because Brianna lived alone and ran the mill alone, she had no one to talk to and we spent a lot of time in her head.

What my short-term relationships taught me about love and life. Aaron Zhu Follow. Expectations are the root of sorrow Managing your expectations is such an important factor in preserving your happiness and most people forget this when they fall in love.

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Always put yourself first Self-improvement and care is never selfish. I Love You Relationships now. Love Relationships Dating Self Life. Life is all about transforming your negatives into positives. NYC based. Feel free to contact me at: AaronZhu96 gmail. I Love You Follow. See responses Discover Medium. The first major American white sexual imperialism occurred during the Philippine-American War The Filipinos fought from being colonized by the U.

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While the actual war only lasted three years, there were insurrections and rebellions along the way that kept a large number of American soldiers stationed on the island for more than a decade. Slash and burn techniques swept across villages as the country lay in waste.

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  • Filipino women were viewed so subservient and subordinate, not only to White men but also to White women, that U. A few decades later, during the Vietnam War, this only intensified as the conflict took a long and brutal toll on the U. Millions of tourists from Europe and the United States 65 percent were single men in one study , visit Thailand specifically for its sex industry alone.


    So while political Western colonization is absent in the Far East, it is still physically rampant in the pants of many Anglos. The desire to sexually possess, conquer, and at times humiliate a subservient Asian woman permeates our culture. The question to ask is why did the band decide on Asian women?

    What does it tell us about the underlying, prevailing politics of white male and Asian female relationships, even today in the 21st century? She has heard many people, particularly Asians tell her not to take a music video too seriously. The video has since gone viral, receiving more than 1 million YouTube hits video removed from YouTube Saturday night.

    However you say it through tears or through laughter , wherever you say it after a good romp or first thing in the morning , and whenever you say it three months or three years one thing is always constant: There is some type of love present. In the grand scheme of a long-term relationship, three months is fast.

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