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Removing any dead or loose limbs will protect your home from potential damage caused by wind.

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This is especially important for homes surrounded by palm trees. Palm fronds can be dangerous when removed by the wind.

Rain Plan For Outdoor Events (11 Tips) | Eventbrite UK

Remember to Turn-Off Irrigation — If you have automated irrigation timers set up, remember to turn them off once the rain starts. The last thing your desert landscape needs is a double dose of water. This can save you from flooding your garden and thus saving your plants.

Also, remember to bring in any potted succulents that are in the direct path of rain to avoid pot flooding. Save Rainwater — With dryness as the norm in Palm Springs, saving water is always beneficial. Start by clearing out your gutters and downspouts to ensure optimal drainage. Next, decide how you want to collect rainwater and then wait for the rain. The correct address is www. Fix your leaks before it rains: The recent dry heat may have caused wood structures to shrink and to open up expansion joints, possibly creating leak points. Use your hose to make sure the flashing is directing water off the roof and into the gutters.

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Clean out your gutters and downspouts — and then clean them again: Don Vandervort, founder of Hometips. For more information go to www. Invest in a generator: If you are in a neighborhood susceptible to power outages, consider buying a portable generator or even a permanent standby generator that immediately kicks in if the power goes out. Install a sump pump: With enough rain, groundwater can invade below-grade spaces such as basements and garages even with good drainage systems in place. If you already have a sump pump, have your plumber service it.

Paint the exterior wood trim of your home: Cracks in paint can carry water directly into the wood and promote dry rot and termite invasion.

How to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Rainfall

Examine your window glazing compound: The persistent hot, dry weather may have caused the glazing compound to shrink and pull away from the glass panes. Loosened panes can allow rain penetration. Check and recaulk as needed. Check balcony and deck slopes: Make sure water flows away from the walls and into the drainage system. Do a preemptive strike on any potential ant invasion: If wet weather in the past has sent ants or other bugs scurrying into your house, now is the time to bring in an exterminator. Is it time for new tires? They should also be correctly inflated.

Pop for new wipers: A rainstorm is not the time to realize they cannot effectively clear your windshield of water.

How to prepare for the rain

At three years, have it checked by a trusted mechanic. Get to know your braking system: Brakes should be checked and worn brake pads replaced, no matter the weather. Make sure your yard drains properly. Water that used to percolate through spongy grass will now flow. Landscape architect and USC adjunct professor Bob Perry advises placing 3 to 4 inches of organic mulch in beds and areas where water will drain or collect.

If ponding becomes a problem, consider increasing the percentage of your yard that can absorb rainwater. The hotel offers competitive prices, a great selection of wines and champagnes and the very best in cuisine. How to Plan a Wedding in 4 Weeks June 5, In this article, we provide some top tips to help you plan for a wet wedding day.

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  8. Towels, umbrellas and boots If the three- or four-day weather report before your wedding date suggests rain, you could purchase a supply of colourful hand towels, umbrellas and cute rain boots for your wedding party and guests. Your makeup and hair When doing your own wedding makeup use primer on your skin to help it stay on longer.