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Book 2. Part 2 introduces completely new entrants to concepts of Oracle database analysis and design, database normalisation, the logical data model, E-R modelling and diagrams, logical to physical transformation in Oracle Designer, physical database design,de-normalization and database design for performance. Traditional Vegetarian Tapas Recipes of Spain. Tapas are a unique, ancient and delicious feature of Spanish traditional cuisine.

Every region of Spain has its own favourites, often based on local products.

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Despite the preconception that Spanish food is dominated by meat and fish, the reality is that at least half of the traditional tapas recipes in Spain are in fact vegetarian. The author, Malcolm Coxall, a lifelong vegetarian and lover of Spanish gastronomy, has collected a delicious selection of traditional meatless tapas. As he says: "Just because you don't eat meat or fish, it doesn't mean you have to miss out on Spain's most famous food culture - the tapa.

Indeed, the opposite is true; Spain has at least as many vegetarian tapas as there are with meat and fish ingredients. More than years of multi-cultural evolution in food preparation in Spain has given us one of the world's most inventive and diverse culinary traditions.

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The Muslim Moors, the Jews, the Christians and the "New World" all brought new radical ideas to agriculture and traditional cooking in Spain. In a country where meat is still often considered something of a luxury, meatless dishes are common. Tapas are no exception to this.

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So here we present just a tiny sample of the vast array of meatless tapas available in the country. Here we present a collection of traditional vegetarian tapas recipes of Spain. Traditional Christmas Recipes of Spain. For any traveller crossing Spain it is soon obvious that every region has its own distinctive culinary specialities. Look a little closer and we realise that every province also has its own specialities. Indeed, when we really begin to dig deeper, we find that most villages also have their own very particular recipes.

This high degree of culinary diversity may come as a nice surprise to many a jaded palate. Sadly, in much of the industrial world we are accustomed to bland, standardised and utilitarian food. Even at times like Christmas, when good food should be central, few really local specialities exist in our rather monochrome "Westernised" gastronomy.

Gladly, Spain mostly avoided this "industrialisation" of food so that most people remain avidly interested in and proud of their own food products and their regional dishes. This attitude probably explains the huge number of Michelin stars in the country. Spain is a treasure trove of food diversity, with centuries of cultural influences from Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians contributing to many of the dishes still served today.

Spain is blessed with a pride and love of its own traditional recipes, combined with a range and variety of ingredients that many a chef outside of Spain can only dream about. Christmas is a special time in Spain and there are few people in the world as capable of making Christmas into a truly special occasion. The Spanish have a love and understanding of good food. Taken together with their ability to enjoy a good party, Christmas in Spain is truly a culinary delight. Here we present you with just some of the multitude of traditional Spanish Christmas Recipes.

Enjoy them and Feliz Navidad! Traditional Recipes of the Axarquia. Book 1. It has witnessed some of the most culturally cataclysmic events of the last 40, years of European history, such as the arrival of the first modern human beings in Europe, the invasion of the Phoenicians, Byzantines, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and most recently, the Christians.

It is a bountiful area with fertile soils and a good climate.

However, it is not always an easy place. In just a few years the climate of the area can fluctuate from abundance to drought. The geography of the region makes access very difficult; to this day many of its villages are remote, often inaccessible. One of the most interesting facets of the region is its cuisine.

It is full of Roman, Arab, Jewish and Christian culinary tradition.

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This is part 1 of a series of Quick learning guides for Oracle professionals. Part 1 introduces completely new entrants to the Oracle environment about Relational principles and history, the background of Oracle, Oracle products, Oracle database architecture, installation, Oracle and 3rd party database tools and it provides a glossary of basic Oracle terminology and what it means. Traditional Baking Recipes of Spain. Book 4. Spanish cuisine is extraordinarily varied, intertwined as it is with the country's amazing history, and its cultural and geographical diversity.

Every Spanish recipe has its own story! But Spanish traditional baking is in a league of its own.