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At this stage, your company is already dedicated to creating an office that employs sustainable business practices beyond the restroom hand dryers.

9 Easy Ways Companies Can Save Money By Going Green

According to the EPA ,. An Environmental Management System EMS is a set of processes and practices that enable an organization to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency. First, your organization should commit to a policy for environmental improvement, a broad goal to be achieved.

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Third, an organization begins implementation , including employee training, documentation, and setting up communication lines. Fourth, the evaluation stage is where the organization monitors its efforts to see if the goals are being met.

Your product’s environmental report card.

Programs like Recycling for Charities o ffer a chance for employees to recycle old gadgets and technology, ensuring that electronic waste is handled properly. Recycling for Charities takes civic responsibilities one step further and allows the donor to contribute part of the proceeds to a charity of their choice. One great certification to look for is Energy Star , which is a government-backed symbol for efficiency.

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This can include internal day-to-day operations, but also invoices and statements sent out to clients. Even human resource paperwork can be digitized these days to prevent a mass of new hire paperwork from sitting idle in a filing cabinet.

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  5. Not only does going paperless help the environment, it also saves money! Each B-Corp organization is given a B Score every year, which measures their impact in various areas including governance, workers, environment, and the community. Telecommuting — working from home — is a powerful going green strategy that you might not have thought of. According to one study ,.

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    5 Reasons Your Remodeling Company Should Go Green

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