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If you draw a map of the entire universe, it is only complete if it includes yourself in it.

The Spiritual Benefits of Nature

Likewise, "nature" is only complete if it includes "humanity" within it. Pagan wisdom traditions have no consensus on how to understand human nature or the meaning and purpose of life, other than for each individual to forge his or her own sense of self-understanding, meaning, and purpose. Within this broad framework, here are several ideas that can be found within the contemporary Pagan community. The first is the principle that humanity is part of nature, not above it or outside it. Recognizing that no map is complete without the mapmaker means that the concept of "human nature" requires as much attention to "nature" as to "humanity.

Spiritual or metaphysical beliefs are important, too, if understood as part of nature rather than as pre-given truth. Closely related to this is the idea that humanity can only be understood in relation to the natural world. Nature is essentially relational: every part of nature is influenced by, shaped by, limited by, and defined in terms of struggle with its environment. Since human beings share so much in common with other aspects of the natural world, from similar body chemistries to shared DNA, much can be learned about humanity simply by observing the laws of nature, even though the environment cannot fully disclose what it means to be human for example, no other species fully shares in human language.

Many Pagans would affirm that humanity is both conditioned by nature and inspired by evolutionary possibility. Nature imposes limitations on the experience of being human: every human being dies, and suffering, aging, loss, sickness, and hunger are just as much part of the human landscape as joy, pleasure, love, happiness, and well-being. Part of being human is learning to accept such limitations, even if it is also part of human nature to struggle against them.

Indeed, much of the thrust of nature religion involves finding the balance between respecting nature even while furthering the innate human struggle against the limitations imposed by nature. Through mythology, magic, and ritual, Pagan religions offer to their adherents tools to deepen the experience of being human in nature. The Fates may determine when individuals age, sicken, and die - but the concept of "the Fates" as mythological forces is part of the human quest to find meaning in nature. Likewise, magic and ritual - whether for self-seeking purposes such as personal gain, or for more "noble" pursuits as the healing of another - provide a spiritual framework to humanity's inborn propensity to struggle against the limitations inherent in being human.

It is important to note that, as a whole, Paganism offers no pre-given purpose of existence. Although mythological wisdom from around the world offers suggestions as to the purpose of life, no dogmatic idea of one eternal, unchanging truth is universally accepted among Pagans. Even within mythology, many different ways of approaching the question of life's purpose can be found. Nature Pagans believe in only one spiritual realm, one Divine, one integrated but networked whole. It is not divided into good and evil halves at war with itself as Christians believe.

Librarika: Pagan Ways: Finding Your Spirituality in Nature

It is not stillness as Buddhists believe but is dynamic and complementary to the material world. Yet this single Divine has many personalities or roles, many different collections of powers depending on how a person interacts with it. It is analogous to a human having many roles such as parent, employee, hobbiest, friend, lover, etc. Pagans simply give these roles their own proper deity names. Christians do the same thing by dividing the Divine into three deities called the Father, the Son Jesus , and the Holy Spirit. Each represents a different set of powers within the Divine.

Many Christians will pray to Jesus instead of to God while instinctively realizing that he represents the connective link between the Father and the material realm. Nature Pagans have the same mindset with their deities. Catholics go even farther in their spiritual subdivisions by essentially making saints and Mary the mother of Jesus into deities.

They pray to them and ask them for spiritual favors and that is the definition of a deity. This is why Pagans often think of Catholicism as "Paganism Light. Nature Pagan ethics are built upon three principles which are observable in Nature by all people. Nothing is based upon arbitrary human culture or human created "sacred texts. These become virtues when we seek to align with them. Natural Rights : Because non-brain damaged humans have equal levels of consciousness all are equally connected to the divine. All of us are children of God.

This means all humans have a deep fundamental equality which leads to the concept of liberty.

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Ultimately, every human must make a choice whether to align with the Divine or not. The most tragic cases are those who are indifferent to that choice or who follow the dogmas of a dogmatic religion and end up far from the Divine purpose without even realizing it. As a result of following these ethics, Nature Pagans tend to become very aware of their own emotional state and emotional triggers.

All conscious feelings are Divine channels, even the unpleasant experiences. This means the Divine is not all light and love. Every feeling can be used to either promote the Nature Pagan ethics of connection, balance, and growth or to hinder it. As a consequence of the Law of Attraction, Nature Pagans seek to expand the Divine Space their extended family on earth.

Human Nature and the Purpose of Existence

No one can fully align themselves with the purpose of the Divine connection, balance, growth unless their community does so as well. We cannot hang up on the Divine. Either we control those connections or they control us. If someone's life is a mess they can find out why by discerning what spiritual channels they typically have open. Spiritual awareness is seeing beyond the obvious into a deeper reality. It is the release of past conditioned behaviors and thought patterns not in alignment with the Divine purpose. Spiritual awareness brings a feeling of oneness with the Totality.

Opposing these ethics are the dangers inherent in Lordification and Dualism. Lordification is the practice of seeing deities exclusively as human lords and rulers, as someone who must be obeyed or face punishment. In contrast, the religious culture of the pre-empire era was not lordified. Back then deities could be seen as either people or as powers but if perceived as people they were gods and goddesses who represented that divine power instead of ruling over it. Lordification led to sacrifices for appeasement purposes, to masculine bias in religion with the devaluation of the divine feminine, and to the dogma that deities can only be people instead of also being powers.

Dualism views the divine realm at war with itself because it is divided into "good" and "evil" halves. The unity of the Divine is destroyed in this false viewpoint. The values of good and evil can only be defined relative to some criteria and cannot be defined absolutely. Rain on my parade is evil but rain on my garden is good. Dualism leads to the mental habit of extremism in human affairs and the demonization of the Other. Whatever or whoever is not "good" has to be "evil.

Thus sex became inherently evil leading to the perversion and idealization of monkish celibacy. In contrast Nature Paganism is sex positive. Another example of dualism is identity hatred. If a person belonged to that "other" tribe then that person was evil just because of that. To His left, was the Sun, drawn with a male face, and on His right, was the Moon, drawn as a female face.

In fact, this author makes no bones that this worship of Father Earth is a revitalization of ancient Earth Religions. In several instances, he states that this activity was very common in ancient religions. The author of this article then lists 10 ways in which men can connect with the ancient, sleeping masculinity residing within us. A brief review of the contents of the rest of this newsletter reveals the typical New Age nature of this movement.

I have listed these New Age themes below:. We are again at the point of worshipping the Creature rather than the Creator. At this point, I wish to reiterate that these men are not homosexuals; they simply are Nature Worshippers as were the American Indians and the Voodoo Africans of yesteryear.

Their emphasis is on the worship of the Masculine part of Nature. We must also understand that science is not the objective field it has been presented in our schools; rather, it has consistently lied to us, trying to lead us away from the faith in the One True God. This deception is most clearly seen in the teaching of the theory of Evolution as scientific fact throughout our educational system. In the American South, prior to the Civil War, respected scientists came forward, saying that science has "proven" that blacks were inherently, biologically inferior to whites.

Therefore, slavery was presented as a benevolent system by which superior whites cared for the inferior blacks. I feel the need to warn you now that the planners of the New World Order have every intention of using scientific knowledge to deceive the peoples of the world into believing that Maitreya the Christ is truly God. When this deceit occurs, we will see fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation , foretelling that the False Prophet will perform "startling miracles" so as to deceive the multitudes of the earth into worshipping the first beast, Anti-Christ.

I am sure your mind is simply reeling, and you are tempted to throw this information away by declaring it to be the work of irresponsible and crazy men. However, this would be a mistake, because this Masculine Nature Worship is appealing to many men in American society today. And when you add this group together with the other many splinter groups in American society today, you will discover that you have a collective group of millions of people.

There truly is an America out there of which we are not aware; but, God is aware of it daily, and this is the key to understanding America's spiritual condition before God. You and your family are also impacted by this newly founded religion in other, unbelievable ways.

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One article caught my eye, and once I had read it, I was devastated. This article had several jolting revelations:. This article explains that the saga of Swamp Thing has undergone an evolution in story material. DC Comics decided to change Swamp Thing to a series which would not carry the Comics Code Authority Seal of Approval, because these stories "violated the Authority's ban on the representation of nudity, zombies, incest and necrophilia". Not coincidentally, these are the same recent trends in Pornography. Did you know these comics were available in comic and magazine stores, for your children to buy?

In fact, most of the themes of the New World Order, especially the religious themes, are rampant in comic books. If you want to receive an eye-opening experience, go into a comics shop and look at the comics. You will find unlimited violence, sorcery, and every un-Christian theme imaginable. Satan has successfully penetrated children's minds through comics under the unsuspecting noses of parents.

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But, the surprises continue. These Swamp Thing "mature readers-only comics have inspired two toned-down television series for kids, along with a whole line of action-figure toys Do you know which TV series feature a huge, green monster who is determined to avenge the wrongs in society? The Hulk was certainly such a character. But, today's Toxic Crusaders is drawn from the same story line. Remember, this article stated that the TV series was "toned-down". Our point in sharing this information with you is to demonstrate how the slime and sleaze of deviate material can leap from the pages of kooky magazines and newsletters into the hearts and minds of our children.

The material is always toned down so parents aren't alerted as to the true purpose of the story line, but children are thus conditioned to the concept. Later, Satan will confront these children, now adults, with the true deviant material; how many of these people, preconditioned as they are, will accept the deviancy later in their lives, or will at least not object to it? The stakes are high indeed. As we stated earlier in this program, science has been lying to us for over a century now concerning Evolution.

From the beginning, the perpetrators of this abominable theory were attempting to "prove" that God does not exist and could not have created this world. Even though subsequent scientific knowledge has disproved Evolution, educators continue to teach it. The major result is that people the world over have lost the concept of a unique God creating unique humans in His image, possessing an eternal soul.

Man is little more than an evolved monkey. One of the results of this widespread belief is the loss of the concept that man is inherently precious, and that only God is able to decide when a person leaves this life. Thus, the road to an inevitable holocaust is assured, beginning with those individuals whom society has deemed devalued, i. In our seminar we show that this killing of devalued persons has already begun in America in such a way as to parallel developments in Germany from However, the teaching of Evolution is now spawning a new phenomenon, which no one could have foreseen.

A corollary to the concept that man is just an animal is the belief that animals possess the same rights as humans. Therefore, humans have no right to kill to eat or kill to wear any animals.