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Eddie Kantar is not only one of today's best bridge writers, he's also one of the funniest. His two previous collections, Bridge Humor and The Best of Eddie Kantar, have been out of print for some years, and are still much sought after. For Classic Kantar, Eddie has selected the very best stories from the two previous books, and has added many new ones. As always, he pokes fun at the top experts, and chronicles some of the bids and plays they hoped would never come to light typically, though, there are more of his disasters in here than anyone else's. His misadventures as a 'world traveler' are legendary.

And appearing here for the first time in book form are all the stories from Eddie's notorious and hilarious Home Game. Even social bridge can be like a roller coaster, where partners rocket up and down together from euphoria to 'you idiot' - while club and tournament bridge are worse still. Indeed, when a married couple play bridge together, they tend to drag the marriage along with them - for better or worse. For the answer to the social dilemma of how to survive bridge games with your spouse, read this book.

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You will learn to deal with such situations as premarital bridge, bridge with another couple, disaster recovery, romantic weekends, mid-life crises and even children as the critical phases of a bridge marriage are subjected to Ms. Teukolsky's witty and engaging analysis and advice. An anthology of humorous stories featuring Chthonic, the bridge-playing robot.

The stories draw unmercifully funny portraits of human bridge players, as Chthonic's bridge brilliance and abrasive and ill-concealed contempt for his human creators leave them all in his wake.

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Some of these stories have appeared in The Bridge World magazine, where the characters are established as firm reader favorites. Email or username:.

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All eBooks and software can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Join Bridge Winners Log in with:. Bridge Winners Store. Category: Bridge Humor. In sixty odd years of tournament bridge there have been innumerable brilliant, disastrous, or mirth-provoking deals. In "Famous Hands from Famous Matches" the authors Terence Reese and David Bird describe some of the brightest and best, including at least one that led to a murder. These two books, "Positive Declarer Play" and "Positive Defence" by Terence Reese and Julian Pottage are a collection of bridge problems designed to teach you how to think along the right lines at the bridge table.

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Absorb even a fraction of the ideas presentes and you'll be making contracts that might have been defeated, and defeating contracts that might have been made! Bobby Fischer, the reclusive chess champion, once said: 'You have found a good move - fine - now look for a better one. If you settle for second best, you will not achieve your full potential. Through a series of problems that are both fresh and a genuine test of skill, "The Extra Edge in Play at Bridge " by Terence Reese and Julian Pottage, offers the reader the chance to become accustomed to looking for that extra edge.

Whether or not you find the best answers first time round, you will surely develop new ways of thinking to strengthen your game. This book was originally published in , and this new edition is substantially revised and expanded. Who needs rules on how to play as a declarer? The truth is that the instincts people that people have come to depend upon are often honed from a few basic guidelines. By assuming only a minimum of knowledge, the authors bring the subject within the reach of many players and introduce the beginner gradually by placing the trickier topics towards the end of the book.

How often have you heard players say bridge is a bidder's game? It certainly applies to the top levels of the game today; where the standard of card play is normally so high that most matches are won and lost in the bidding. For lesser mortals learning how to avoid impossible contracts is surely better than searching for ways to make them. Bidding depends to some extent upon the system, but underpinning those methods are standards that are common around the globe.

In "The Golden Rules of Constructive Bidding" the authors combine experience from both sides of the Atlantic and whether you play Standard American, a strong club or Acol this book has plenty to offer.

Rubber bridge is the world's most widely played social game with a huge following of people of all ages and interests. The book summarises the essential differences in bidding and play between rubber and duplicate bridge. Whether you want to win more often, to find playing even more enjoyable or simply to impress your friends, you can be sure that this book has something to offer you. The fate of many a contract hangs on the opening lead, often making it the most important play in the whole hand.

Knowing how to select the right card will enable you to win more often and make you sought after as a partner.

Classic Kantar : A Collection of Bridge Humor

Competition brings benefits, and over two—thirds of all auctions see both sides entering into the fray. Having a basic knowledge of how to get into or stay in the bidding is key to your success at the bridge table. This book covers all the rules likely to help you, and there are plenty of examples both for and against each one.

Classic Kantar A Collection of Bridge Humor

Here, each of the 15 golden rules od defence is given its own chapter, and all are illustrated with sample hands. This excellent book not only shows how the rules work — it shows when they should be broken. In "World Class", by Marc Smith, twenty-six of the world's top players talk about bridge: how they got started, best and worst memories, favorite deals, favotite partners, players most admired, opponents most feared, hopes for the future etc.

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There are interesting observations on Fred's partners who range from bridge professionals to famous amateurs like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Famous Hands from Famous Matches. Search for other items at Amazon. Search over bridge books on this site. Enter author, title or descriptive words. Bridge books reviewed - 8. Eddie Kantar's "Modern Bridge Defense" covers the basic concepts of bridge defense for the modern player. Designed to be used by bridge teachers or by students learning on their own, it contains a host of features that help the student to grasp the the material.

The book design has clearly laid-out concepts, margin notes, practice hands, chapter-end quizzes, key-point summaries at regular intervals, and an index. Play and Defense 1. Play and Defense 2.