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Restores from a state to a better state in righteousness by adhering to the plus 10? He brings me back to lead me in the plus 10 paths of righteousness because I am attached to His Name by covenant via Jesus now!? Man that would be something!

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The gospel correctly taught in the Hebraic mindset of the 23 rd Psalm, thanks Brad and helpers! Pastor Brad, Love your material, Doug and Jackie Perseghetti who are good friends of mine pointed me to your material and I have enjoyed many of your teachings. In following along in my own translation and about 12 other translations I looked at, none of them translate that way. Which seems to fit the context of the things leading them away.

The Path of Righteousness

I understand where you take Psalm 23 and the paths of righteousness, but I am curios if you could shed a little light the translation used by Nogah? Robert, I would love to, and will do so in the final episode. Thank you for submitting this question. Such a great practice to have. They have made them turn aside on the mountains; They have gone along from mountain to hill And have forgotten their resting place.

Nogah of blessed memory was the foremost authority on flora and fauna of the Bible and lived in Israel. He knew these hills well. So he had more of a context for understanding what these passages like Jeremiah were likely talking about.

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So for him, the mountains do lead people astray, and when he saw this in the Hebrew, he translated it this way. Hi Brad! Yes, your teachings are definitely helpful and it is always fun to hang out with you.

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So many great aspects. What a shepherd God is!

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Among many things on this series, one that has stood out is the meaning of righteousness. Thank you so much for digging deeper and unpacking the meaning of this important word.

Moreover, it has given me a new perspective on Matthew May God continue empowering you to be such a great guide in our journey through the Text. But not too much. Nobody likes having their email bombarded. Thank you Dr.

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Davis, for "yielding to the temptation" to continue what you began with Psalm Sharp, personal and funny illustrations, a vital, earnest and readable style, deep, nourishing, practical application built on a foundation of passionately thorough biblical, theological and linguistic scholarship. Review Subject. View all results.

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  • Description Dale Ralph Davis plunges right into the middle of King David's hard times with a study that is resonant for our lives. Stump Kingdom Dale Ralph Davis.